The Young and The Restless Spoilers For January 26 – 28!

While the Newmans are engaging in a power struggle this week, the mystery surrounding Daisy, and her motives, heightens!

What does Adam do when he’s feeling jolted? Go against those who jolted him, of course. In this case boy wonder, who quit Newman after being branded daddy’s second favorite son, takes a trip to Chancellor Enterprises, introduces himself to Tucker as Victor Newman’s son, gives him some inside info then accepts a job offer! Look for Tucker to shock everyone with an announcement about how he plans to run Chancellor Industries. What will Victor’s reaction to finding out that Adam is working for the enemy be? We’ll tell you…

Like father, like son, like son, like father, whatever, it’s neither here nor there, but Victor takes a page from Adam’s book, after hearing that Adam is no longer in need of unemployment, by going to Billy and offers him an exclusive on Victor – to include his feelings for Adam. Though Victor made a truce with Billy’s brother, Jack, the two are at it again and engage in another face off… didn’t take those two long to revert back to their cat-fighting ways, and the fun doesn’t stop there. Victor overhears a private conversation. Wonder if the black knight will be able to use the information to his advantage? Will he share with Jack? It might not matter because Jack will be getting a treat of his own when Emily hits him with a surprise. Good or bad, you’ll have to tune in to find out.

With Eden in Paris, Noah asks for permission to join her, and Lauren offers Daisy Eden’s room at the Baldwin apartment. I think we all agree that Lauren has been a little uptight lately, and with all the rats running around her feet, who can blame her when she flips out after coming across some old newspaper clippings of Shelia – and a receipt for a rat – in one of Eden’s drawers! Jana, who’s always been suspicious of Ryder, sees Kevin’s estranged brother in a new light. Even if Ryder is trying to change, Daisy makes it hard when she asks him to plant something for her at Fenmores. Will we be seeing a new department opening soon, maybe a petting zoo?

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  1. From Lisa

    TODAY is the day I get get to Stephen ( Ex-Patch from Days ) on coz I have Day ahead for YR! Welcome back, Stephen!

    I hate DAISY! She needs to go!

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