The Young and The Restless Video Clip: Who Should Live At The Ranch?

He wants it back, but she doesn’t want to leave…

What will happen today when Victor confronts Ashley about leaving the ranch – or relocating to another adjacent building? Watch this video clip preview of Thursday’s episode on Soap Opera Fan Blog!

Who do you think has the most right to live at the ranch? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  1. From Missy

    way to victor, love victor & nikki, move bk into the ranch. ashley, bk to the abbott household,
    w/ jack. let victor,finds out that the baby belongs to nick & sharon.

  2. From MsB

    As agravating as he is I think Victor should have the ranch. Ashley has the means to provide a beautiful home of her on for the children. After all only one of those girls belong to her. I so much hope that Sharon will get her child back. I have wrestled with this part on the show. As a mother I think another storyline would have been much better than having her child stolen from her. Return Faith to her birth mother immediately.

  3. From MsB

    This new Tucker is probably an excellent actor but I really liked William Russ. He is a class act and truly nailed this part. What a shame to let an actor like William go. What is he doing now. I would like to see him re-cast in another part on the show. Maybe, a partner of Tucker’s that was done wrong. Someone that will team up against Tucker and Victor.
    Bring back Jo Jo only in a sensible role and with manners and good grooming. Maybe, someone that knows Tucker and would turn on him for Mrs. Chancelor.

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