Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For February 18.

So Sorry.

At Casa DiMera, EJ tells Sami to keep up hope. She asks Rafe how long it will take forensics to confirm things. He makes a call. Sami cries; she can’t even talk about what’s happening. Elvis attempts to reassure her and accuses Rafe of upsetting them pointlessly. Sami tries to be optimistic. She weeps into Elvis’ shirt. He suppresses a smirk. Rafe returns with no news. Sami asks EJ to tell her some Syd stories. Rafe suddenly gets a call saying that the results are in. DNA tests confirm that it’s Syd’s blood on the clothes. Sami sits down and cries. “So sorry,” Rafe offers. He promises to find out who is responsible for this. She doesn’t care about that; she just wants her back. As Sami sobs, EJ fantasizes about Syd’s new life. Sami’s tears shake him out of it. They rehash everything that’s gone wrong. Sami starts blaming Rafe for this.

At the chalet, Anna is packing Syd’s clothes for her new life. Elvis arrives and tells them that he finally has things set up and is ready to give his children a stable life. Anna’s not happy when he explains that he’s let everyone think that Syd is dead. He says that’s fair considering what Sami did to him. He’s sure that she could never give his children a good life. “I have a new life with them. We’re going to disappear,” he says. Meanwhile, Sami goes to meet Rafe at the pub. She went to check on her family but they were all asleep or busy. When he walks off to make calls, she calls Lucas over. When he arrives, she worries about how she will tell Allie, again, that she’s lost her sister. He promises to be there for her. She cries on his shoulder and stares at Rafe. “I can’t stay here. Not with him,” she says, running off.

At the hospital, Vivian is declaring that Carly should be arrested for shooting Mel. Bo tells her to shut up. “Just because you’re sleeping with her…” Viv starts. Abe tells Bo that he better arrest Carly now before they have to find someone else to do it. Carly asks Bo to let her into the OR so she can help. Philip forbids it. Lexi comes out of the operating room and explains that they are doing all they can. Carly offers to donate blood. Philip grouchily allows it. As Bo leads Carly away, Viv begins offering Philip profuse apologies. Kate storms in and begins accusing Viv of trying to kill Mel. Philip orders his two moms to shut up. Viv turns to Victor. He worries about his son and warns her that she’ll be in trouble if Philip loses his bride. Kate tells her son that her heart is breaking for him and she is praying for Mel.

Daniel and Lexi are in the operating theater fiddling with Mel’s guts. Once she’s stabilized for a transfusion, Lexi breaks the news to Daniel that Carly is Mel’s mom. He stares. Meanwhile, Bo takes Carly down the hall so she can give blood. She explains that Vivian had her kidnapped so she could force her to watch Melanie being killed. Bo says Viv won’t get away with this. “She already has,” she points out. She explains that Victor switched the combs and she took Hope’s gun. “I never should have come back to Salem,” she whines. He tells her that it wasn’t a mistake, but she won’t listen. When they return to the others, Victor says, “If she’s done bleeding herself, please escort her out.” Bo defends her. Abe points out that he should actually arrest her now. He then turns to Viv and says she’s being taken in as well. Kate smirks. After Viv and Carly are taken away, Kate begin laying into Victor for letting Viv back into their lives and hurting their son. He thinks her concern for Melanie is rather disingenuous. She accuses him of being responsible for all of this. Philip walks over and interrogates his father about his involvement. Victor assures him he only wants his happiness. They hug. Kate sneers. Daniel and Lexi come out and tell Philip that he can go in and see Mel. When he goes in, he slips her ring on and tells her that she is too feisty to let anyone take their love away from them.

Bo questions Viv at the station. She’d rather remain silent. He confronts her about her crimes and how poorly she’s covered her tracks. “Blah, blah, blah, blah,” she says. He tells her to pray to whatever she worships that Mel survives. He takes a call and then informs Viv that she is free to go. Meanwhile, Carly paces in the interrogation room. Lawrence’s ghost shows up to clap and taunt her. “Next time you want to protect the ones you love, turn the gun on yourself,” he says. Bo comes in an interrupts her hallucination. She hopes for the death sentence if Mel dies because she could live with herself. He reminds her that everything she has done has been for her daughter. Carly prays for her daughter.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Carly tries sneaking into Melanie’s room.

Hope realizes something.

Stephanie destroys Mel’s letter to Nathan.

Daniel attempts to Chloe.

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  5 responses so far...

  1. From Clear

    I surely hope Hope wakes up and corroborates Carly’s story and they rearrest Vivian!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, writers why do you have to have Sami appear so without a brain! I fast forwarded through the crying crap that went on and on. But what reason does she have to start taking things out on Rafe again. He is still trying to find out what happened even though Sami is being stupid again and doesn’t appreciate him one more time. EJ needs to be found out and put in jail instead of Carly!! How much longer do we have to watch EJ manipulate Sami? I don’t like it, and fast forwarded through it, so I don’t know what happened in that part. If it gets bad enough that I’m barely watching any of the scenes like some others have said–why bother at all?

    The best part today was Victor and Kate sparring with Vivian. They are all evil, so I rather enjoyed seeing the infighting.

  2. From carol

    the baby story line has gone on for a year, is it going to be another year before they fine her . the story line is getting boring now , please get it over with let rafe fine the baby and kick elvis butt, and i hate your breaking up bo and hope you really missed up this soap so bad i think it so sad,

  3. From Missy

    no, love for ej to get away w/ this def. bring rafe gone to the wind. anyway, love for ej to be th hero. love for ej & sami, bk together, thanks,

  4. From Jane

    Love DAYS!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Thank you writers and actors and producers!

    My life is so vanilla, the only flavor of the day is to catch up with DAYS!

    Lost my cable, so glad I can read updates on online.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for excellent entertainment!

  5. From Jen

    I am soo mad they are breaking up Bo and Hope after all these years. It sucks. There have been many times I said I am not watching anymore but this is the icing on the cake. I am seriously considering not anymore.

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