Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For February 24.

You Pig.

Philip calls Carly and tells her that Mel wants to see her. Bo forbids it. She ignores him. He offers to go with her. As they rush over, Philip is busy in her room, trying to get Mel to rest. That’s hard since she keeps remembering getting shot. Carly and Bo arrive. Philip stands guard and Bo walks out. Mel forbids Carly to ever call herself her mother again. She asks her husband to give them some privacy so they can get this over with. After he leaves, Carly explains that she never knew what a monster Trent was. She tells her about her awful marriage to Lawrence and how she cheated on him and then was forced to give her away. Carly remembers Lawrence letting her say goodbye to baby Mel. She tells her that she killed him when he snapped and vowed to track her down. Mel thinks this is all her fault: Lawrence’s death, her shooting, Bo and Hope’s marriage being ruined. They scream at each other. Carly explains that Trent isn’t her biological father.

Hope is at the station doing paperwork since no one will give her her old gun back. She gets the call that Syd is dead. She gasps and runs to the hospital. In the waiting room, Hope walks up to Bo and breaks the news about Sydney. They remember what happened with Ciara and hug. Hope suggests they have dinner with their daughter. He can’t; he has to look after Carly. Hope isn’t thrilled and points out that he could go to jail for what he’s done for the other woman. She accuses him of sacrificing everyone for Carly. “I hope to hell she’s worth it!” she declares, plodding off. Philip comes out and tells his brother that he is angry at everyone, including him. Bo claims he couldn’t have let the secret out. They bicker about who is a bigger threat to Mel. Philip refuses to let him use him to twist the facts for Carly’s benefit. Meanwhile, Hope heads over to the mansion to question Victor about the attempt on Mel’s life. He suggests she focus on her true enemy, Carly. He suggests she get Carly out of their lives forever. She refuses to make some ‘disgusting deal’ with him. He shrugs and has a drink.

At the chalet, Anna frets about how awful everything is. EJ orders her to get Syd’s things ready so they can leave Salem for good. He needs a break from the stress and he’s taking the other kids for ‘moral support’. As Anna tells Syd how much she’ll miss her, EJ taunts her about her failed maternal instincts when it came to Carrie. He tells her that his children will never be torn between two families. “They’re DiMeras, through and through,” he says. After he leaves, Anna tells Syd that she’s worried EJ’s plan is going to blow up in his face.

At home, Stefano receives the news that Syd is a goner. Kate comes in and tells him that Mel is going to recover. He weeps and explains that the bloody clothes were found. Kate comforts him. He’d always thought the child would come back safely. He stares. She tells him he can’t blame himself. He vows to find whoever was behind this. “God only know what will happen to them!” he swears. Elvis saunters in. Stefano calls him a ‘swine’ for never telling him what happened. EJ tells him he has always been an outsider in his life. Now he is taking Johnny and leaving. “You pig” Stefano says. EJ can’t let his child stay there with all the ‘bad vibrations’ in the house. He leaves to have his things packed. Stefano can’t shake the sensation that there is ‘something amiss’ with his son. Victor calls and asks Stefano to meet immediately.

Rafe sits in his office and weeps over Syd’s clothes. He can’t work. Sami watches him crying and pounding on the desk. She starts to cry too. Walking over, she realizes that he’s just been trying to be strong for her. She apologizes for pushing him away. He tells her he broke his promise to get Syd back and he can’t forgive himself for failing. Sami says he can’t take all the blame and she can’t get through anything without him. She wants him forever. They hug and cry. He vows again to hunt down the Sydnapper and get justice. She wants that too. They leave together. When they return to the townhouse, he tucks her into bed. She asks him to stay with her. As they settle in, EJ comes to the door. He knocks but there’s no answer so he uses the hidden key to go in. He walks into her room and sees her sleeping in Rafe’s arms.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

“Death to whomever did this,” Victor says. “Death…” Stefano agrees.

“Carly, leave me alone!” Melanie screams.

“Melanie Layton Kiriakis will die tonight,” Vivian decrees.

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    I can’t belive EVERYONE that Sydney is gone which she isn’t thx to jerk EJerk!!

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