Days of Our Lives Poll: So Long Lucas.

The days of Lucas Roberts, er, Horton, are over.

He had his last scene last week. Sami used him as her own enormous kleenex while she was weeping about Syd’s supposed demise. Do you even believe that this will be the last of Lucas?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have selected? Why not tell us what you would have picked in the comments section below.

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  1. From Barbara

    It sucks that Bryan’s gone and without a proper send off but this wouldn’t be the first time after all as far as I know Steve and Kayla just vanished one day. I can think of others I wouldn’t mind seeing go but Lucas isn’t one of them.

  2. From Lisa

    This is the worst thing writers put these…Lucas and others except Shelle didn’t say that they be LEAVING actors and characters that is..Stupid writers JMHO

  3. From Kino

    That is a big mistake. They should’ve used Lucas more and let him help with finding Sydney. The person they needed to get rid of is Stephanie.

  4. From Dave

    They could have given him better stories…..they could have made him a DiMera, with Kate and Stephano’s past….half the cast now should be let go, getting some of the vets back like John,Doc, Jack and Jennifer, Belle and Shawn, Steve and Kayla, Kim and Shane, Max and Chelsea…..I would love to see Eric,Greta, Peter Blake,Austin,Carrie, Cassie and Rex, Kristen….the show needs these characters back in order to survive

  5. From Clear

    I don’t understad is the Lucas character leaving or the actor playing him. I like the Lucas character, and am neutral on the actor though he seems quite capable.

  6. From dc

    sorry to see lucas gone. it appears he never got a chance to be a good character. is his character going away or are they again hiring someone new??
    i could not have seen him as a dimera.
    good luck bryan in anything you do. you will be missed by this fan.

  7. From cheryl

    never been a lucas fan..he’s been a non-character for sooo long, hardly matters…just like all kates kids…billie, austin, rex,..and whatever the girls name was?…who cares?

  8. From Sandra

    I loved Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Roberts Horton!! He really had the character of Lucas down. He and Ali Sweeney/Sami really had fun chemistry! I loved it when their storyline was going strong. They were so funny together and really “bounced” off each other well.Can’t believe they let him go after all these years. Big, big mistake letting so many of the beloved veterans go. Whoever is the “person in charge” of DOOLS, take a piece of advise… are really offending and alienating your loyal, base audience. Don’t know what planet you’ve been living on, but somebody, somewhere needs to put together a mutiny before you completely ruin this show. Sheesh!

  9. From Tina

    Lucas has been one of my favorites for years. After so many other favorites have had their charactors
    destroyed by the writers thus allowing them to get kicked off the show, I’m jaded and weary from the frustration that no one on the show listens. I’ve only been watching since 1965, so what do I matter

  10. From Caroline

    Having been watching this show for what seems like forever, from the time Marlena was a demon..and Hope was so many different characters, a crazy show, but always kept my attention..I agree that they should bring back some of the old cast members and keep lucas in a different light..he and Samo always had a little chemistry..and by the way, Vivian does keep somewhat humor in the show, Carly and Bo I can do without..I usually tape the show and fastforward their scenes together..too phony, Hope and Bo always kept my attention.

  11. From Steven

    Funny how everyone always spells the doom of the show when the ratings continue to go up. Lucas had a good run, but like every mid level character times have to change. Nothing wrong with shakeups there is only so much you can do with the same character unless that person has the past of john black of course. A good mix of vets and newbies is always healthy, they need to save money to survive its better than cancelling the show as a whole. Im sure we will see some vets back at some point anyways, this is a soap after all no one is ever really dead or gone.

  12. From Casey

    Darn!! I will really miss Lucas’s sarcasm — it was funny and added to the storyline. He could have been used much more and at least have had one good relationship!
    I’ll miss him.

  13. From jessica

    I’m sad to see Lucas go. Couldn’t they at least given him a better send off? That was it?? I have liked the scenes lately with him and Sami because they are very mature together now..and maybe someday would realize they were meant to be together after all. Oh well..maybe the future will hold that for them.

  14. From Angie days

    I still have a VHS tape recording of some of Lucas’ early shows. Fun! I’ll miss him.

  15. From bettyg

    I will miss Lucas, but he hasn’t had a decent role to play in quite a while,(thank you DOOL writers?) He definitely had the best chemistry with Sammy, and his struggles with growing up with Kate and becoming a useful adult were good. Good Luck, Bryan!

  16. From Patty

    So long,farwell. Unfortunately they never gave Lucas a good story line so he will not be missed by me.Good luck though!

  17. From Katy

    I adore Lucas and loved the Lucas/Sami pairing. I will miss him.

  18. From Becky

    I agree, he hasn’t had a decent storyline in quite a while. I will miss him on the show, though.

  19. From Gerry

    Like so many of the current characters, Lucas’ role has had little to no meaning in the show. What has happened to “my” show?! Been watching since 1972 and have never been so bored with it as now. I don’t know why I keep watching. Habit, I guess!

  20. From Leigh

    Gerry, I totally agree with you! They didn’t do anything with Lucas, who I thought was a great character. Now look what their doing to Bo. I really hate him right now. I miss the “Good Ol’ Days”. I’ve been watching since 1985. I didn’t watch for 5 years after Bo chose Billie over Hope. I’ve stopped watching for now. So disappointed.

  21. From Deb

    I agree with everyone! Bryan is a good actor and had some great scenes with Sami but the writers watered down the character and basically made him non-essential to anything. Such a shame! Why they would reduce him to nothing and play up Carly, who I cannot stand to watch, is beyond me. I also agree they are destroying Bo – he has been strong and funny for years; now he is whipped, wishy-washy and a real idiot! The actor must be fuming! Hope seems to be coming back to her old self and Melanie and Viv are also engaging. Sadly, EJ seems to be going the way of many of the other men on the show…

  22. From Debbie

    I love lucas and sami together. I think Bryan is a great actor and don’t see why they are breaking them up so sami can be with ej or rafe I don’t like either with her. Lucas and sami have fire that she only has with him. I hope days changes their minds back and brings him back and sami and he get back together. And they find out all the kids are him that would be great. BRING BACK LUCAS!!!!!!!!

  23. From Joanne wolfer

    I love Bryan Dattilo/Lucas Horton and hope they will be him back to Days forever.Sami and kids need him and so do his fans and so do Salem,bring back BRD/Lucas Horton ASAP 2-27-2011 LUMILY

  24. From Sari

    My grandmother watched Days. My mother watched Days. I watched Days. Its seems a family traditions to stop watching once our favorite characters are booted off. But until Sami is gone, you got me as a fan for life. lol. Uh, in any case, I’m sure we will see Lucas again. Characters on Days pop up back up like daisies. Until then, enjoy your well deserved vacation Lucas… I honestly think we will be seeing you again.

  25. From Elaine

    Please bring back Lucas!! Nearly every comment would like Bryan back!! So please bring him back to the show. We miss him so much!!!!!!!

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