Days of Our Lives Spoilers For February 25-26.

Baby news and a death sentence.

Now that Mel is adjusting to her maladjusted new reality, she probes Carly for the details about who her real daddy is. Carly’s bedside manner is almost as bad when she’s trying to be a mother as it is when she’s being a doctor. Mel freaks out again and screeches, “Carly, leave me alone!” Meanwhile, Daniel and Chloe discuss how much Carly has managed to bungle her life. The diva worries that her relationship with the doctor has come under too much strain. Little does she know it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Carly demonstrates more of her delicate social skills when she breaks it to Dr. Dan that he’s the daddy. As he flips out, she makes excuses. “I couldn’t tell you,” Carly says. “You couldn’t? Well why in the hell does that not surprise me?” Daniel replies.

Across town, Bo shows that he seems to have caught Carly’s habit of saying things that he shouldn’t. He flatly admits to his wife that he really does love Carly and then they suggest that they drop their personal problems and just work together as cops. While they try to get to the bottom of Mel’s shooting, Philip continues to come undone and throw blame around. “You wanna make sure somebody gets punished… she’s your target,” his father tells him, pointing him at Viv. As Philip fumes, Bo and Hope plan to pick up Gus and Viv sneaks past the guards to try and kill Mel again. “Melanie Layton Kiriakis will die tonight,” she vows.

Elvis walks into Sami’s townhouse and finds her curled up in the arms of “Old Bean” Hernandez. EJ throws a fit when it’s clear to him that the couple is back together again. Rafe heads over to Casa DiMera to question him but runs into Stefano instead. They each remark on how odd EJ has been acting lately and it’s not just the grief. Stefano starts to wonder what’s really going on, but that doesn’t stop him from discussing business. He and Victor have a meeting and then decide to declare a death sentence on whoever killed Sydney. Meanwhile, Elvis has run off to the chalet and started to hatch a new plan.

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  1. From Kino

    Looks like Elvis is starting to get desperate again. When Rafe figures it out thanks to Nicole and Anna, his time will be up and he’ll go down. Looks like Stefano is starting to confirm Rafe’s suspicions about his son.

    Carly needs to do a DNA test to make sure if Daniel’s the father of her daughter. Also, I think what will happen is that she may learn that not only she was carrying Melanie, but she may have a twin brother she wasn’t aware of during her pregnancy. If Carly discovers that Max was her son and her twin brother. She will have to explain herself to him and I know he’ll hate her for it. If Daniel’s the father of both him and Melanie, then it could tie in to how Trent got a hold of the twins and kept them away from their mother for so long. I would be surprised if Carly learned that Lawrence was the father.

    Also Bo should tell Hope what is going on and reveal what happening

  2. From Pauletta

    It would have been a better storyline if Victor was Melanie’s father and made more since too! That would mean that Phillip & Melanie would be brother & sister, making their marriage null & void. This would stop Viv from trying to kill her, as well. Melanie & Nat would be back together again.

    their little valentine

  3. From Pauletta

    That is… if Stephanie is not pregnant after her & Nat’s little valentines weekend.

  4. From Pauletta


  5. From Missy

    bring bo hope, bk together. daniel, w/ carly,reunion. celebrate, their newcome teenager melanie, before they go on their honeymoon. nathan & stephanie, all the way.

  6. From pat graves

    It is time for Rafe to follow EJ and find Sydney. I am really tired of Sydney not being with Sami.

  7. From Lisa

    Well I think Melanie’s father is Daniel because you could see the reaction when Lexie and Daniel in OR with Mel..hmmm..

    Also Max’s mother died years ago when he was a baby I don’t think Carly is the mother didn’t she brought Frankie ( her brother ) and Max to Salem?

  8. From Sandra

    It wouldn’t surprise me if EJ is not really EJ…..wasn’t EJ’s mother a twin? What if the “present” EJ is the evil twin? :) LOL! I guess I am trying to get him off the hook, because he can be so darn likable at times….which then makes me feel guilty for liking him!!
    Anyway, I knew ‘ol Dr. Dan was going to wind up being Mel’s dad since the first scene where he and Carly meet up in the hospital!

  9. From Lisa

    Carly would have sense Max is her son but he’s not..I am glad that Max is back next month he will be heartbroken when he learns that Mel isn’t the sister he always hope to have…

  10. From Brenda

    I would like to know how early the spoilers are released and how I can read them. So I know where Max is Melanie’s twin story came from. I know the “I was a Day’s writer” may have an inside track but what about the rest of you guys. Most of the websites I go to do not work. Well some of the cancelled soaps actors are already starting to come here. Good for them. Good acting is excellent. Perhaps they can give a few new story lines to our writers.

  11. From Marcia Wilson

    Such a stupid story line – everyone knows that in a case where a child is missing, the parents are the first suspects. It is totally unreal that nobody has been following Mr. Horrible EJ and found Sydney by now. Hard not to ff most of the show these days.

  12. From Mary

    What is with the “old bean” comment in the spoilers when they are referring to Rafe? Isn’t that somewhat offensive toward Rafe’s character and heritage??? Who writes this stuff?

  13. From Sue

    Max is older, and can’t be Melanie’s twin. I love EJ, he’s the current day Love to Hate character. I hope this storyline does not remove James Scott from the show. I’ve always been a fan of EJ and Sami as a couple, though I think the writers have managed to ruin that. Time to bring Nicole back and turn EJ and Nicole into the Dastardly Duo. It would have been soooo perfect with EJ and the Sami we used to know….

  14. From NeeNee

    Sue, you’re right about the Twin
    thing of Melanie/Max not being a possibility.

    Interesting possibility on the “EJ is a Twin” though. Guess it’s been long enough that Andre/Tony, Marlena/Samantha and Sami/Eric twin storylines have been played out. How cool would it be to have the other EJ be a dork like Susan, his mother! I will never forget the day Kristin’s false teeth (when she was pretending to be Susan) launched into Vivian’s champagne glass!!

    Hope the writers check out sites like this. Many times we have better storylines than they come up with!

  15. From Mindy

    Sandra, EJ’s mom was not a twin she was a quad. I think it would be really cool if Melanie ended up being Lawrence’s, then Vivian would keep trying to kill Melanie anymore.

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