Days of Our Lives Spoilers For March 1-5.

In the wake of the aftershocks, there are more surprises to come.

Just when it looked like her life couldn’t get much more miserable, Maggie begins to fear that her condition has returned and will get the better of her. While the mourning Maggie is in need of some support, the Hernandez family starts extending more of their help to Sami’s clan. Gabi is there to offer Will her compassion over the bloody ‘end’ of the Sydnapping.

While the grief factor runs full throttle in Salem, Anna sits in her chalet and gets even more worried. Well, more worried than she already was. It starts to look like EJ’s twisted obsession will end up ruining his plans and destroy more lives than it already has. Will she warn Sami before it’s too late? It doesn’t look that way since Elvis pops in at Sami’s townhouse for waifs and strays and pulls out a startling surprise.

In the wake of her big surprise and the enormous, bloody mess it has made, Carly begs Daniel not to shut her out of things but the doctor may not be willing to listen. Getting further embroiled in the mess, Bo turns to Melanie and attempts to talk some sense into her. Although that, in itself, is pretty much a doomed operation, things are about to get a lot more awkward when Nathan learns that Melanie, the girl he thinks about while having sex with someone else, has been seriously injured.

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  1. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I know I sound like a broken record and that no matter how much I complain about the Sydnapping story it isn’t ending anytime soon. I just need to say how bored I am with it. It’s gone on for too long now. I just can’t figure out exactly how EJ plans on making this right when he decides to announce that Sydney is alive. As for Melanie. What a fantastic actress Molly Burnett is. It took me awhile to like the character of Melanie, but wow! She is great!! I don’t blame Melanie for hating Carly. How is it in these soaps that you can attempt to murder someone, get off on bail, go to a hospital and be allowed to be in the room alone with your victim? Even if it was an accident? There is no truth to that whatsoever. I hope Melanie and Dr. Dan never forgive Carly. What a b&tch she is!!! Still love love love Victor. He is just the best thing on the show. Very entertaining, funny and charismatic. I am kind of wishing that Melanie and Viv join forces to kill Carly. That is it for now.

  2. From MsBoulder-CO

    What condition for Maggie? We know she’s an alcoholic and can get mentally depressed. Of course Days will have her succumb and take back to the bottle.

    I love that Carly’s only friend is Bo. She’s turned Daniel against her holding back that he’s Melanie’s father so she has no one in her corner. Okay, stupid Hope is going to help her fight against Vivian and Victor, that doesn’t mean she likes her. Hope is all about justice.

    EJ is going mad trying to ruin Sami’s life that he’s going to slip up. I think he’s going to kill Anna before she can tell Sami what’s going on. Sami needs to put that hideaway key some place else.

    Like everyone else, I’ll be watching to see the outcome.

  3. From Lissa

    The punishment should fit the crime, & what EJ is doing to Sami far surpasses what she did to him. I know he’s trying to punish Sami & Nicole together through this, I just don’t get how he expects things to work when he disappears with Johnny. Worst is he’s punishing his children the most, robbing them of a normal childhood & of family who loves them.

  4. From Tiffany

    I have to agree that the whole Synapping story line has gone to far. First switching and now the kidnapping……Everyday is the same old thing with this story….I fast forward through the entire thing.

    But I do have to say I enjoy Victor right now and his lovely one liners. I laughed hysterically when he was on the phone with Daniel and said somethign about the gestapo coming in to question him…..Hilarious. Victor is what brightens up the show right now!

    It is nice to see Maggie have a lead role for a while since it seemed the aforementioned story has totally dominated for what seems like a year or more (maybe it has been more?). The veteran members need show time and Chad/Mia/Will/Gabi and Sami and everyone else in the web are just not doing it for me!

  5. From Tiffany

    PS….Did I miss somethign about Daniel being Melanie’s Dad….or is this just speculation?

  6. From Lissa

    Also not to mention Johnny’s twin, even though they are half-sibs they still share a twin connection.
    This whole Lawrence haunting Viv is getting old. He expects her to ruin the rest of her life to carry out his vendetta while nothing will bring him back to her. He chose to marry Carly so he really did this to himself.

  7. From Lissa

    Daniel could be Mel’s father but it hasn’t been determined yet. Carly doesn’t seem to hint or clue us in that this is true which I find odd given the circumstances. If he is, Carly seems to have no regard for him in this.

  8. From Kino


    I don’t think Elvis can be redeemed at this point because as soon as Rafe finds out the truth, it’ll all be over for him and his plans to make Sami pay for Grace’s death will backfire on him.

    As for Carly, she didn’t mean to shoot Melanie at all. The bullet was intended for Vivian as she grabbed a rod in the hopes of killing her. She was trying to throw Melanie over the ledge and Carly came in to rescue her. I don’t blame her for hating her mother, but I hope she forgives her soon. Especially, when she starts remembering how odd and creepy Vivian was acting around her. I don’t think Dr.Dan would hate Carly as much as Melanie does right now.

  9. From kelli

    I don’t know what “illness” they are referring to with Maggie. She wasn’t able to walk without crutches when she met Mickey but it was because of an auto accident, not a disease. Bill operated on her and restored the use of her legs (after a brief histerical paralysis following surgery). Oh wait…she does have a disease. I just remembered. The actress actually has the disease, too. That’s why they wrote it in. I believe it’s a muscular dystrophy-type illness. They wrote it into the story line because her mouth had drooped and speech was slurred while her docs in real life were finding the correct meds to contain it. I totally forgot about that!

  10. From NeeNee

    Yeah, Maggie will turn to the
    bottle again. However, the silver lining in that storyline would be the possibility of Lucas coming back to be her AA sponsor.

    THEN—just for the Lumis—Lucas could be the one to expose EJ. Sami would melt in his arms, as her hero. Don’t know how to resolve the Rafe/Sami coupling, but perhaps he could gravitate to Dr. Manning, who saved him from drowning in the Salem River. After all, aren’t Bo & Hope going to reunite?

    Poor Anna is probably a disposable character. But they do like to bring her back every so often. So maybe she will skedaddle and the evidence will just point to an anonymous woman being Sydney’s keeper. But . . her DNA should be on file from previous events over the years in Salem. Meh, I’m sure the writers won’t let a little thing like factual history stop them!

  11. From Brookie0425

    I am so sick of the kidnapping story line. Its been going on for over a year and its really getting boring. I am glad I DVR it and can fast forward through alot of this junk.

  12. From Jen

    I really hope that the news about Melanie is not going to break up Daniel and Chloe. I started watching the show because of them. I can’t believe that the writers would work so hard to bring them together, only to break them up!?!

  13. From Melissa

    Will someone please tell me why did bo and carly break-up the first time and how did she end up marrying victor and how did that go? Victor and bo are so much apple and tree doesn’t everyone agree!

  14. From Linda

    I agree this kidnapping is getting so borrrring. I think Bo and Hope belong together.Maybe Carly needs someone just not Bo.

  15. From sharpshooter

    It’s starting already with Chloe being jealous of Carly. Chloe is acting a little over the edge. I see another story with that now. Viv is the crazy one seeing Lawarence. I hope Mel forgives Carly. She married a psyco, but he wasnt’ that bad when she first got with him. I don’t blame her for turning to someone else,I’d do the same if I were her. He was just creapy. Sammi whining again today. My husband said to me, why is that girl always whining about something. Every time I see her, she’s crying. I know what he means. I just can’t stand her. Why does Rafe keep letting her treat him bad. I hope he dumps her. I don’t like seeing people unhappy & keep coming back for more. Life is too short to be treated like that. Rafe is good to her. What is wrong with her.
    in her shoes.

  16. From Kelly

    So the Dayscafe site spoiler said that Daniel is Mel’s bio-dad & is going to keep it a secret for right now! Love that he is daddy, but I don’t want it to be a secret. If Hope & Bo do get back together (Hope that they don’t) than I want Dr. Dan & Carly to be together.

  17. From sharpshooter

    Oops, sorry. Don’t know what the in her shoes was. Mistake.

  18. From Catherine

    Maggie had a disease years and years ago which disease the actress suffered from in real life. She is in remission both her character and in real life. The disease will return, being brought on by stress. Its not alcholism. I read on another site what it was but don’t remember name.

  19. From Kelly

    I would love to see Ariana join the police force & be a totally hot cop & show Hope how to take the bad guys down!!! LOL

  20. From Marilyn

    I can’t believe the Sydney story is still going on. Enough is enough…… needs to end and end soon otherwise I will have to find another program to follow. It is absolutely ridiculous how long it has been a story line.

  21. From babs

    someone asked about maggie’s condition. She has MS. the actress really does have MS and has been in remission.

  22. From Precious

    As a total romantist, I hope Rafe comes through for Sami, and learns the truth about EJ kidnapping Sydney. Maybe Anna will turn to Rafe for the last hope of ending this fiasco, or when Nicole somehow “hears” Anna’s voice, she puts two and two together, and tells Rafe…just hope it all ends soon…very tired of this on-going nightmare!!!

  23. From dc

    i think when nicole gets back her and sami will tie into ej for what he has done (making them think sydney is dead)..
    arianna would be great on salem pd or even working with rafe on fbi..
    i’m ready for sami and rafe to get back with sydney. after all ej has johnny (even though he and sami share him)..
    love victor and stefano. not so much vivian.
    and if daniel is melanie’s dad, i wonder what that will do with his and chloe’s relationship.. stay tuned for this..
    i just saw in my new tv guide where alison sweeney (aka sami) is going to be on an episode of mercy. boy she sure has alot on her plate..

  24. From Precious

    #2..Maggie will again be suffering from myasthenia gravis; treatable, but incurable neuromuscular disease. She has this condition in real life, but is in remission.

  25. From Missy

    let daniel & carly more closer & bo & hope finally be reconnected. as for ej let him be redeemed, & bk w/ sami please,

  26. From DOOL fan

    Daniel is not Melanie’s dad! Trent Robbins is. It’s been known and shown on the show!

  27. From PamPam

    Remember when Sami’s twins were born and they did the DNA? EJ wanted another DNA and Sami and Lucas said no. Then the nurse(?) came in with the results of the latest test (which EJ ordered) and said Johnny is EJ’s. EJ was smirking. I just never have believed it.

  28. From DOOL fan

    sorry folks–you have been misled somewhere. Daniel is not Melanie’s father. Trent Robbins is. Their relationship has been aired on the show many times.

  29. From PamPam

    I also think Daniel and Chloe are not a believable couple. I like Sami and Rafe, but I think Sami and Lucas were the best together. He kind of kept her under control and not screaming all the time.

  30. From Melista

    Done with the watching the show. the kidnapping is stupid Rafe is smart enough to follow EJ or Anna. espechially since he tried quistioning Anna.

  31. From Billy

    As much as I wish the kidnapping was over, I wish even more that the complaining people would get over it…It’s a Soap Opera People! Some of you sound like a broken record!

  32. From Amy:-)

    I am watching today (Tuesday’s) episode where EJ & Sami are sitting on the couch talking & just noticed something on the set that I think is quite funny! There is a framed picture over EJ’s shoulder on the end table of Sami & Brady… only it’s the OLD Brady not the new actor that is playing Brady LOL It’s the Brady that has really blonde hair & is now married in real life to the actress who plays Nicole. Hehehe So I’m wondering did someone make a mistake & grab the wrong picture for the set or are they gonna bring back the old Brady???
    Something to think about…

  33. From patti

    lucas was always whining and being a whimp…they could have wrote him better scripts. I think daniel and carly/chloe story line will develop after mel finds out who her parents are. I don’t see how she could hate carly…the shooting was Viv’s fault. That is how soaps frustrate me…but yes i keep watching…I would like to see bo and hope back…but in a stronger way and not so wishy washy kissy kissy…just let them be a supercouple…and bring back their son Shawn D. and his wife/baby….and jenn and jack were good for adventures..and laughs….anyways…i had wanted EJ back with sami…now i wish sami would just be a strong independant woman raising her children the RIGHT way for awhile.. let her have a few guys on a string…and pick and choose for a change.

  34. From Jeannie

    Maggie has myesthenia gravis, not MS. She does have it in real life, too

  35. From Kelly

    Wow, Rafe did an amazing acting job at the end of Tuesday’s episode! It made me want to cry too. Sami needs to realize that everyone has their own way of grieving & Rafe’s is to find out what happened to Syd & bring that person to jusice & I hope he does get EJ & Anna thrown into the slammer next to Nicole!

  36. From Cherie

    I agree with Kelly……Rafe did a great job agonizing over Syd’s possible death. And so glad Sami walked in and saw him. Now maybe she will realize he really cares and loves Sami so much he will work till he has the answers. I too am really sick of the whole thing and can’t wait for it to be over. EJ needs to be punished for what he has done to Sami and all the family. He is just plain EVIL. NEVER should they link him up with Sami again. How could they after what he has done.
    I have been watching this show since the day it started back in 1964? If there is one thing I know it is that they drag things out FOREVER and loose a lot of viewers over it. I stopped watching for a while and am about ready to again if they don’t gt this baby thing over with. FINALLY Carly told Mel she was her Mommy and hope they can get that
    straightened out. Then it is Viv’s turn….let Victor get back at her. He is a crack up…his one liners are the greatest.
    So writers……listen to your viewers for a change.

  37. From Leigh

    I told myself that if the Syndey Kidnapping story is not over by April, I will leave the program. Im just sick and tired of this storyline.

  38. From Cindy

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the Sydney story. I like it. Nicole went through amazing changes when she had Sydney and EJ is showing his true colors. These things take time or it is too jumpy. You can’t expect soaps to be realistic or you would see a bunch of people sitting around watching TV and on the computer! I never like the new people, but they usually turn out okay. Give them a chance. Phillip/Sami/Brady/Chloe/etc were all the new young characters at some point. The thing that bugs me is the bad spelling and grammer and punctuation in the comments! Make a complete sentence people!!

  39. From myrna

    omg – i’m beginning to really hate ej – he is so sadistic – can’t wait till he gets his a–kicked. i’m still crazy about rafe – i think he’s great – and sami needs to get her head straight and really realize what she has w/rafe. also my applause to victor – he is so cute – his dtr jennifer should be very proud of her dad.

  40. From Stacie

    Okay, I’m going to join the bandwagon and say, get the kid home to her mother already!! As for EJ he is showing that he is a true DiMera. Daniel and Carly will grow closer when he finds out that she is his daughter and since Chloe can’t have kids this will drive a wedge between them. Now, since Carly can hook up with Daniel then Bo can quit being such a wimp and Hope can get back to being that strong woman she once was and tell Carly to get out of her house and stay away from her husband or else.

  41. From Bev

    I thought the picture was of New Will and Sami??

  42. From Clear

    I didn’t think we had to worry so much about spelling and grammar on these, but do our best to communicate. I have trouble getting my computer browser to work correctly at times cutting me off. Other people may have similar or other problems. It is more important not to insult each other, even if we disagree. On this box I have no spell checker or syntax checker, and now I cannot see what I am writing anymore below the box. Oh well!! For the record, no more Sydney for me either.

  43. From Becca

    To Amy # 24
    I saw the picture you are speaking of. It is not old Brady, it’s New Will!

  44. From purpleghost

    I have watched the show on & off for over 30 yrs. & enough is enough. This Sydney story has got to end, it’s going on way to long.The Bo & Hope storyline sucks, how can he be so cold when she was supposed to be the love of his life. He’s not even likeable anymore. I now read the recaps online I don’t even watch anymore

  45. From reed

    i hope mel can forgive carly for what she had done because she was just doing what she thought was best.. As for dan being mels father i think that is great i figured he was .. I hope he dont stay mad at carly for long ,i hope he tells mel he is her dad..

    I am sick and tried of the kidnappying story get it over with plz .. i hope ej and sami get back together

  46. From kappyblu

    I saw the Soap Opera Digest in the store earlier. It is revealed that Daniel is Melanie’s father. He will know, but I don’t know how long it will be kept a secret from everyone else.

    Also…BRAVO to Galen Garing in his performance today! When he was crying over Sydney, I started crying. It was very sad, but he did a great job.

  47. From PerfumeGirl

    The condition they are referring to is myasthena gravis, which Maggie had many years ago.

  48. From PerfumeGirl

    I am also fed up with the Sydnapping storyline, and with the way Sammy mistreats Rafe. She and E.J. deserve each other, although I am hoping her and Rafe settle down together.
    And I hope E.J. “gets his”. He is such a spoiled brat. Can’t stand his upturned sneer.
    Oh, and Maggie had myasthenia gravis in the mid-eighties.

  49. From RACHEL

    I will like to see how Hope react when Bo admits his love for Carly. After all these years could this be the end of Bo and Hope. Hope left the door open for Carly to walk in she should have went to counseling instead of walking out with Ciara. Then again maybe she was right because it didn’t take much for Bo to move on. Then again after rejecting Bo time after time what a man to do?

  50. From A

    Can’t wait to find out what will happen when nathan finds out about Melanie hope he goes to her and leaves stephanie behind hope he tells her how he feels and he finds out about the letter – the kidnapping storyline has to end

  51. From L

    #32 Nathan leaves Steph, than what? He horns in on Phillip’s wife?

  52. From mary

    Rafe’s grief didn’t impress me!
    There is no comparison to the grief
    EJ displayed in the morgue when he
    thought he lost a child he didn’t even know he had, thanks to Sami & Rafe. James Scott’s acting abilities are so superior to the
    Rafe character that there is no
    comparison. I actually cried over
    that emotional scene but Rafe’s
    boo hoos didn’t impress me much.

  53. From Mike

    1. Don’t have Maggie relapse!
    Maggie is in AA, she works her program and the death of a spouse would not send her out–been there, done that myself, know where of I speak–have Maggie be a positive role model–she can walk through her grief without relapsing.

    2. Sydnapping–get it over with already, too contrived, completely sick, and predictably BORING.

    3. Have EJ lose custody of both of his children due to his sick scheming–remember, Sami did want to tell EJ of Sydney’s existence, was interrupted first by seeing EJ and Nicole doing the deed then seeing the mayor assissinated–EJ is just being a pathetic, spoiled jerk.
    4. Have a memorial service for Alice Horton–bring as many faces from the past back to town–long time viewers need to experience this and “Alice” deserves it.
    In general, Days writers these days (and often in the past) drag their plots on and on and on and on to the point of utter boredom–it’s the fast paced 21st century Days writers, get with the program already.

  54. From karen

    ENOUGH ALREADY – I am SO tired of the Bo and Carly thing and the EJ and kidnapping and Sami changing her attitude toward Rafe every 10 seconds – it’s RIDICULOUS.
    If the writers can’t write any better story line than these, than they need to find a new job. . . . . .and they fired the ‘old’ writers because they weren’t doing a good job. Go figure!!!!!!
    The best part of Days I’ve seen or heard in a long time was the other day when Victor was bashing Vivian for messing up and told her the Three Stooges on crack could have done a better job!!!
    LMAO ! ! ! ! ! !

  55. From Ellie

    I agree with 9–Neenee. How nice it would be to have Lucas and Sami back together. I do like Rafe with Sami too, but Lucas has always been good to Sami. I also think that Rafe and Carly would be a Good Match. Bo will finally wake up and be with Hope and his family. Of course this won’t happen, because these writers just want the fans to be frustrated and stressed. I would just like some happiness on Days, because there is enough sadness. I can’t believe how Chad’s Dad never told Chad that Mia told him she was going and that is why he called off the trip for him. Well I could go on forever, but the writers are just going to keep on disappointing us. That is the only thing we can be sure of. I read that Bo was going to tell Hope that he really loves Carly, please say it isn’t so. How much more ignorant can they make Bo, they just make him look like a big jerk who cares about himself and not his family. I enjoyed his Mom Caroline telling him off a month ago. Let me know if anyone else is getting as frustrated as I am.

    could go on forever, but the writers are just going to disappoint us.

  56. From Kim

    Just read on another spoiler site that Stuart Damon (ex GH Alan Quartermain) is coming to Days for 5 episodes. He arrives March 19. His character is philandering Govenor Jim Ford (a guy with lots of secrets and can’t keep his pants zipped) who comes to Salem for a fund raiser, and runs into Anna Dimera. He has had a previous relationship with her and she knows a thing or two about him. She asks him to pardon Nicole (blackmails him actually) and he does!!

  57. From cindy

    i think it might be possible the picture amy is referring to while ej and sami are on the couch could be sami’s twin eric, not brady. really couldn’t get a clear shot of it though

  58. From Clear

    How interesting! I was wondering how they could ever get Nicole out. What does she blackmail him with I wonder?

    I would like to see Sami happy with Rafe and Sydney back immediately if not sooner!!! Let EJ get distracted by something else for a while–Arianna, or other interests. A June wedding for Sami that actually comes off without problems would be nice too. Sydney will probably have rapid aging by then anyway, and she can be the flower girl dropping rose petals.

  59. From Angie days

    I love Days!

  60. From Olive

    The only thing funnier than EJ is a rage (or in grief for that matter) is Phil in a rage (or in grief)…they both make me laugh out loud! Completely unbelievable!! EJ gets that thin-lipped snarl and Phil gets a wild-eyed sneer – hysterical!!!

    Rafe, on the other hand is amazing! Totally sincere and engaging.

  61. From Lois

    It time for Nicole to remember the voice to be Anna and for her to tell Rafe. If Daniel is really Melanie father that is going to be wierd didn’t they have an affair when she first came to Salam?

  62. From Svetlana

    @ #29 Cindy

    I find it HILARIOUS that you were complaining about the poor spelling and grammar here in the comments when YOU had trouble spelling the word grammar. Just take a deep breath (or a nap) and enjoy the comments for what they are. :)

  63. From Svetlana

    @ #29 Cindy

    I find it HILARIOUS that you were complaining about the poor spelling and grammar here in the comments section when YOU had trouble spelling the word grammar. Just take a deep breath (or a nap) and enjoy the comments for what they are. :)

  64. From twitchy

    I jusyt don’t understand anyone wanting Sami with
    EJ. He is suuch a scum!
    I want her with Rafe.he is loving and caring.
    I’d love to see EJ pay for what he’s doing…it would make all this waiting worth while.
    And when Is Nicole coming back?
    AdrienneZuker started again on January 25th.It shoud be soon?
    I hope :)

  65. From sharpshooter

    I don’t know why people think Bo is acting selfish just because he does not want Hope anymore. That’s called real life. People get divored all the time in real life, leave their families but get visition to the kids. That’s not selfish. Bo is sick of Hope and all her drama. Just because he has been with her a long time doesn’t mean things can’t change and the need to move on. He loves his daughter & still will, just not with Hope in the picture. That’s ok by me, I think he needs to move on. With Carly or someone else. Dont’ matter to me. Never liked her with him. Too over dramitized.
    Yes that would be a great story line for Anna or Nicole to become a cop. We need someone other than the tired ones on the force.

  66. From kelley

    What I would like to know is while Sammy has had to bury one child and greive another, there hasnt been one call from her Mother to support her during this tragic time. And if Rafe was as good a detective as he claims to be,why would he have put a tail on Samatha and EJ while Sydney is missing. Even if he doesnt suspect EJ, maybe he should be thinking the kidnapper may want to be in close proximatey to keep an eye on them. And even though Hope is really working my nerves, I cant see how the writers have Bo acting like he and Hope never had the greatest love story of all. Im mean she has suffered a head injury, but as soon as Carly’s in trouble, he leaves Hopes bedside and is completely focused on her. Lord a Mercy!!!!

  67. From MsBoulder-CO

    #24, Sami is a twin. I haven’t noticed the picture but I think the guy in the picture with her is her brother Eric and not Brady.

    #40, Daniel had an affair with Chelsea not Melanie. Melanie was involved with Nick when she came to Salem.

  68. From crm1964

    Just an FYI – somebody mentioned that both the character of Maggie and the actress (Suzanne Rogers) has MS. That is not the case – Maggie may have MS, but the actress has MG – Myasthenia Gravis – a neuromuscular disease. The symptoms can be very similar to MS, but fortunately, MG, while not curable, can be controlled to a certain extent with meds (my 24 year old daughter has this disease).
    As for the show – I can now watch it in about 20 minutes since I FF through all of the teeny bopper scenes and the other boring parts.
    I absolutely hate the way Hope is being written. And Melanie – what can I say – I hated her character at first, but she has really grown on me.

  69. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever

    I’ve started watching Days on hulu and can FF through most of the show too. Can’t stand the site of Carly…woman can’t act. Same with Melanie. I know some grow on you over time, but still don’t care for these 2 characters. LOVE Victor & Vivian. I hate what the writers have done to Bo & Hope, but I can still see that Bo does love Hope. That has been very evident in the last couple of days. After all Bo has put her through, I want to see him have to win her back. He may have to loose everything before he realizes what he has lost. I really don’t want to see Hope hook up with anyone else (including Justin). We’ve been there, done that. It doesn’t work.

    I agree with the other poster that Chloe is already showing signs of jealousy over Carly…and it hasn’t begun yet.

    I will definitely miss Lucas. He is still the one that Sami calls when she truly needs someone. I will always prefer Sami with Lucas (Brandon second).

  70. From Annie

    I am so sick of the kidnapping. I tevo Days and when Sami and EJ are on, I fast forward right through it. Good grief, let EJ get what’s coming to him and move on to some other crisis, please!!!!! This has gotten sooooooo boring.

  71. From susan

    Sami belongs with Lucas. EJ has become like Stefano so he should be alone, or with Arianna, she serves very little purpose on the show, kind of like Stephanie. I am tired of watching Rafe being walked over by Sami. He was such a bully with Nicole, but Sami has him acting like a wimp. I like Gabi on the teen scene. She is a good actress.

  72. From RON

    Here’s a thought. It was once thought that maybe Daniel could possibly be Victor’s son. So if it turns out that he is Victor’s son, and Daniel turns out to be Melanie’s father, that would make Melanie and Phillip half brother and sister. I assume the writer’s won’t quite go there though.

  73. From mary

    I always feel like I’m watching
    the three stooges when Bo, Abe, and
    Roman are working on a case, but
    now they have added a fourth stooge, Rafe. He needs to fix his
    goofy hair, maybe be should get the Moe look like Bo always wears!

  74. From Tess

    This has been cool. I just read the blog to know what is going on so I don’t get upset and put a shoe through the tv set. I wouldn’t do that but I get so annoyed with some of the characters especially Sami and Stephanie. What gets me is why Rafe hasn’t questioned Nicole again about the “familiar female vice of the kidnapper and why he didn’t give Elvis a lie detector test since he gave Stephano a lie detector. He tries to cover all bases but doesn’t think the familiar voice is important? You would think this would be something the police would be pursuing but as far as I know they have ignored this lead. It makes no sense to me. Go figure. I do like Rafe a lot though. I think he and Carly would make a good couple. I also think that Melanie is one terrific actress. Can’t stand Sami and Elvis though.

  75. From mary

    I always feel like I’m watching
    the Three Stooges whenever Bo, Abe,
    & Roman are working on a case. And
    lo and behold they have added a
    fourth stooge, Rafe!! He needs to
    fix his unkempt hair its beginning
    to look really goofy. I guess he could get the Moe look like Bo always wears – then he would truly
    fit the part. No comparison with
    his acting and that of either Philip or EJ. Facial expressions when greiving or in anger come across unplanned in real life so
    your facial contortions have nothing to do with acting. When they look perfect, that’s then it
    look phoney! It always easy to like
    the so called good guys who are so
    boring, and a challenge to see through the dark side of the bad guys who keep the show alive!

  76. From Lisa

    The scene with Rafe crying over Sydney and Sami walking in to find him was so good! He did a tremendous job with that scene. I cried watching that. Please let Sami and Rafe stay together. Never did like Sami & EJ and I can’t wait till EJ gets what is coming to him. As for Bo & Hope…PLEASE OH PLEASE do notlet them get back together. I really like him & Carly together.

  77. From judy

    the person Sami is with in the picture is actually “new Will ” they have to keep reminding us who he is , see it worked a lot of us were confused who the picture was the three stooges on crack just about applies to any three characters currently on the show I’m wondering why I bother to even ff any more

  78. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I would love to see Sami and Lucas back together but it will never happen with Kate on the show. It will turn into another poison the fiance storyline…been there done that.

    Sami and Rafe did not keep Grace from EJ, Stefano did. Sami told him several times that she did not want her children in that house with Stefano and you would think that after all the Brady’s had been through because of Stefano, EJ could have respected that and found other living arrangements, so I do not blame Sami or Rafe.

    I believe Rafe to be the worst FBI agent I’ve ever seen. My first phone call when Syd was kidnapped would have been to a PI to tail ALL the Dimera’s, she’d be home by now, and EJ would be in jail where he belongs. EJ never did time for trying to put the freeze on Lucas either. EJ should get his somehow, someway.

  79. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I fast forward through the Carly/Bo scenes, I just can’t stomach them being together YUCK!!!

  80. From Lisa/St. Louis

    Has anyone heard about how they are going to write Gran’s death into the storyline? I’ve missed a couple episode’s but I don’t believe they’ve metioned it yet???

  81. From sharpshooter

    I really would like to know why some think Bo is at fault. Even the actors on the show keep telling Bo he is ruining his marriage. How is he really doing that? I would love to know. Hope is the one who left several times,& Bo not once wanted to leave, or wanted her to leave. He kept saying what did I do! It’s like she’s making things up as she goes. Stuff in the past is being thrown in his face. She should have worked that out long ago. He is a great husband. Really, would any one like to tell me what he has done so wrong, that wasn’t in her best interests. I am all for him. She really needs help. And if they were such a super couple, why is she behaving this way instead of working it out, why does she leave so many times. That is not a good relationship at all.

  82. From Jill

    #53 I used to write for the show. From my contacts I understand that it isn’t going to be addressed for a good while yet. They’ve been keeping her inabsentia for some time already. She got hard of hearing and couldn’t walk hardly at all. Frances Reid was a wonderful person! The backbone of the show. I hope that they give Maggie a chance to step into that “Matriarch” role.

  83. From Katherine Hamilton

    I really would like to know when this e.j. and sydney will end. it is getting to the point where I don’t want to watch it. I was very sad about Francis’s death but I have been watching this show since the its started when it was only a 15 min show anyway If what I read earlier and this will be over in the first week in Mar. that will make us all happier

  84. From TENA

    wouldn’t it be something if Hope befriends Melanie. Wouldn’t that just chap Carly’s a–? Carly would have Hope’s husband, but Hope would have her daughter.

  85. From TENA

    Whatever became of Bo’s “visions” anyway? I must’ve missed something.

  86. From Doris JJ

    I think the producer said that Alice is going to get sick and some of the old characters will come back and visit her. Then sometime in May (I think he said) she will pass away and they will have her service.
    Maggie did have MG but she is still in remission. The show has decided to bring it back because of her stress with losing Mickey.
    The real Maggie didn’t want to go through it again but she said she was glad to still be working.
    Alison Sweeney fans, she will be on the tv program Mercy March 3.

  87. From Jennifer C

    Ok 1st I am with all of you, the Sydnapping has been stretched out and needs to come to an end. Sami and her flip of a switch attitude is driving me nuts and did anyone else notice that regardless of who Lawrence is haunting he’s always dressed the same?!?!? I guess bith Viv and Carly picture hime the same way now…stupid.
    I think the part that I’m having the most trouble dealing with is Bo and Hope. What happened? One minute they are this fabulous couple and 1 hiccup and a slut later they aren’t together anymore. When you are married, you stick it out, plus it seems so far fetched! He has given up his wife, risked his career and for what she doesn’t hold a candle to Hope. All she does is cause trouble. Bo needs to get his head out of his pants and save this marriage. Victor is brilliant and I think he actually respects Hope. Even though working with Vic to get rid of Carly would be the easiest way, she has honor and self worth. I love her she’s the best!!!

  88. From Jennifer C

    #54..In every relationship there are difficult moments. Having your daughter kidnapped is a very traumatizing experience and although I agree with you, she should not have walked away, it doesn’t give him a free pass to sleep with someone else. The reason I blame Bo, is because he is married! He should not have slept with Carly, had her come stay in his marital home, and sleep in his wifes bed. Hope needed some time to deal with what happened to Sierra but she never betrayed him. Just my opinion.

  89. From BopeSuperCouple

    Bo is really going to regret bailing Carly out of jail and putting yet another woman before Hope and Ciara. Hasn’t Bo learned anything in the past? Hope needed some time to deal with Ciara’s kidnapping. I don’t blame her for her reaction. They have already lost one child and Hope was fearful of losing another one. Bo should have understood that. Once Hope had processed everything she was ready to come home to Bo….she didn’t go out and sleep with someone (like Bo has done repeatedly in the past). Bo should have told Hope the truth about Carly from day one. Yet he has kept secret after secret from her. You would think he would have learned from all of the hell he put Hope through with Billie & Chelsea over Zack’s death. I can’t blame Hope for wanting to keep Ciara away from Bo after Ciara cut up Carly’s clothes. As a mother, I would have done the same thing for MY child. It wasn’t to punish Bo. She didn’t want to keep Ciara from her dad…Hope still loves Bo. Bo is making mistake after mistake…everyone is seeing it and telling him (Abe, Caroline, etc). Bo needs to wake up and throw that murdering hussy out of his house. Hope has shown so much class the last few days by standing by Carly with her testimony. That is more that I would ever do.

  90. From Apryl

    I do not like the new Will. I hate when they just randomly sub-in people who have been on there for so long for no real reason. I think the new one has no chemistry with the camera or the other actors. He’s not as believable. The other one had been around all the “drama” of being Sami and Lucas’ kid for so long his angst was believable.

    As for the whole Melanie/Carly/Viv thing. I LOVE it. I think Vivian’s maniacal Lawrence episodes are funny and at some point she will go beyond off the deep-end and it will shoot her in the foot.

    Stephanie annoys me, I never liked this brunette Stephanie and I was a fan of the red-headed race-car driver who first came to Salem. She was much more a child of Patch than this snotty one.

    I miss John and Marlena! With everything that has happened to Sami, and the lost/dead babies, how they haven’t even cameod them I am shocked

  91. From babs

    It was wonderful to see the writers give Rafe some acting to do. When he was crying over Syd’s little dress… wow. great job. I was crying too.

  92. From Carolyn

    hey amy, The picture you saw on Tuesday’s episode was a picture of Will and Sammi. (the new Will)

  93. From Barbara

    Hope just needed time – Bo did not have to sleep with the Carly. Love is patient. Bo and Hope breakup us stupid.

  94. From Mary

    I just have to say, what do y’all expect? NBC is squeezing Days and it’ll all end soon, the entire thing. The story lines are ridiculous and stale, most of the actors are gone, it’s just stupidity. Try comparing Days to One Life to Live and see how bad it all is. Just reading the daily synopses are bad and boring enough without trying to sit through an episode.

  95. From Really annoyed

    OH PEOPLE GIVE IT UP ALREADY GIVE SAMI BACK HER BABY> Put EJ behind bars, bring back Lucas and the old cast. Like Marlana and John. Gees this crap aint soaps its writers with writers block.

  96. From mimi

    I will be so glad when the writers can come up with a way to end this tired story line. I was wondering also why the FBI or the useless Salem PD does track EJ, or Anna home after she gave her statement. Roman and Beau and the rest of the Salem PD are like the three stooges. I think that Hope should just show the Salem PD how to do their jobs. The writers don’t keep up with current technology. The show needs quicker and more believable story lines

  97. From PamPam

    I think the writers should bring in a really smart, good looking man for Hope. Enough of Bo and his wandering ways and putting ex-girlfriends before Hope. Like lying to her when Zack was killed. Wasn’t she going thru enough without him taking up for Billie and Chelsea? He knew Hope didn’t want a divorce now, they had just been thru a tramatic experence with Ciera. No reason for him to jump in bed with Carly immediately.

  98. From brittny

    i like carly and bo together….mel shoudl give her mother a chance,these nothing like a mothers love …i hate vivan and this whole puttin sami through hell should come to an end!

  99. From Alishia

    And in my fantasy:
    Phillip whisks Melanie off to Greece to spend some time romancing her there where she forgets all about her troubles. Vivianne follows them and tries again to arrange an accident for Melanie but is thwarted by Carly, and Bo; who have followed Phillip, and Melanie’s every move to keep them safe. In the process Bo and Carly get closer. Back in Salem Hope finally sees a shrink, and focuses on her daughter for once instead of the various men in her life. Victor and Maggie start seeing each other, and that makes grandma Brady jealous. Ariana and Brady get married. Chloe and Daniel get pregnant but her pregnancy is complicated, and she’s afraid of losing the baby! Chad and Mia fool around and Gabby/Wil catch them in the act! (dramatic music) (This is all just for fun guys I’m just playing out a fantasy here lol.)

  100. From Alishia

    And in my continued fantasy:
    EJ starts to actually feel BAD for the crappy things he has been doing to Sami. He realizes how much he loves her and what a dumbass he’s been; but is afraid of going to prison: so he kidnaps Sami and the kids!!!And then we get a whole series of weeks in Italy where he has taken Sami. He becomes obsessed with making her his “perfect wife” and the guilt of everything he has done makes him literally wacko. Rafe comes in and saves Sami, shoots and thinks he’s killed EJ but…..has he? Dramatic music. Stefano discovers where Rafe has gone, and tries to save his son but gets there too late..or does he? Stefano swears revenge on Rafe, and Sami who is now conflicted about how she loves, because she feels responsible for EJ’s behavior. DUH DUH DUH…..

  101. From Alishia

    Oh yeah and in my fantasy I write for Days LOL =D Sigh a girl can dream! Oh and Nathan, and Stephanie continue to have issues because Nathan really wants Melanie, and Stephanie really wants Phillip but since they were both rather unforgiving of their loves’ faults they can continue to suffer for all I care!

  102. From Alishia

    sorry I meant conflicted about who she loves now how she loves obviously lol.

  103. From Oceangirl

    Dr. Dan is Melanie’s father

  104. From cindy

    #58 i agree, with all going on with sami you’d think there would at least be a ph call from marlena,also i’ve always loved bo and hope together. they’re all we have left of the great couples, i’m sure the writers will eventually put them back. never was a fan of carly even years ago. cant wait for ej to get what he deserves (if that ever does actually happen)

  105. From Carol

    Maggie will have a recurrence of Myasthenia Gravis–a condition that the actress Suzanne Rogers who plays Maggie–had in real life many years back.

  106. From Kathy D

    I was thinking and see if this would be correct…..If Carly and Bo married, Philip would be Bo’s son-in-law and his 1/2 brother, too. Victor would be Philip’s father and his Grandfather-in law, too. Although I don’t want too many new people in Salem, it seems everyone has married everyone.

  107. From cindy

    Dr. Dan as Melanie’s father! How old is he supposed to be anyway! This is getting crazy! Did Carly take advantage of him as a teenager?

  108. From BB

    It’s really a shame when it’s more interesting to read the fan’s comments about the show than to actually view the episodes. Each day, I sit down and “hope” something really great happens to peak my interests for future viewing only to be disappointed. Ironically, I watch another soap on another channel immediately following DOOL that I find much more entertaining. The love triangles on soaps are incredible…Bo/Hope/Carly…EJ/Sami/Rafe…Phillip/Melanie/Nathan…Arianna/Brady/Nicole…Daniel/Chloe/Lucas…EJ/Sami/Lucas…Mia/Chad/Gabi…and soon to be Chloe/Daniel/Carly? Mia/Will/Gabi? The Jury is still out on the Justin/Hope/Bo scenario. I like Melanie better now also, but I did observe how she showed her youth during the initial periods Carly was in the room with her. Her hysteria sounded really childlike. Couldn’t help thinking that a really grown up woman would have been a lot more vocal and/or enraged and could have taken the proper steps to have her unwanted visitor removed. With all the ruckus she was making, is it any wonder the entire hospital staff wasn’t in her room…which is another subject for discussion. lol

  109. From John

    story line is getting boring EJ is getting more like Stephano.Why haven’t they written Grandma Hortons death in yet Mickeys was a big thing this should be even bigger

  110. From Clear

    Dr. Dan is no spring chick, but didn’t Carley say they met at a medical convention. Then Carly was supposed to have introduced him to his wife that died. As for Carly–Cougar!!

  111. From JenniferB

    I can’t stand Carly! How is it that she was a poor, weak, abused woman who had “no choice” but to give up her baby, blah blah blah, but now she’s brave enough to stab someone, fire a gun, etc. If she was so tough, she would not have allowed the man to take her baby. I don’t understand how Bo could be “in love” with Carly-maybe knowing her secret made him understand her actions, but she has done nothing to win his affections-it’s just not believable. Bo just “loves” anyone who makes him feel useful at the time-pathetic!

  112. From sharpshooter

    Yes, I also thought how rediculous Mel acted in that room with Carly. Her crying was really out there,like a child. But she isn’t really grown yet, she is still young. But still, she could have told her off, or listened to her explain without acting like that. Maybe it was the meds. I thought I read that Max was coming back. Where is he then. Maybe he will come soon, & Chelsea will be with him. I want Billi to come too, then Bo could have another woman. That would be funny. Hope needs a dramatic story for why she’s acting so strange. And I know, some think cause of Bo, but really, it’s not him. She is not herself normally. I think she should have some disorder and go wacko.

  113. From kappyblu

    #33 Mary…

    I in no way compared Galen’s acting of grief to EJ’s. I did not mention James Scott at all. I think both of them are great actors as a matter of fact. Read more carefully next time.

    Also…if it wasn’t for Rafe, neither EJ nor Sami would ever have known that Sydney was truly their daughter.

    Some people obviously still have the Ejami fantasy and just can’t flipping let go. Get over it! EJ used to be the scum of the earth…and now I have downgraded my opinion of him even lower!! I can’t stand him and I want to see him punished!

    I have to add this…I actually felt bad for Stefano yesterday. But then I am also relieved to see that Stefano is getting suspicious of EJ….FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling things are starting to heat up. I sense some awesome Days ahead. :-)

  114. From RON

    I like Alisha’s fantasy of the show better than the show. You should write for Days!!

    I don’t blame Bo for moving on. It doesn’t matter with who. Hope left him and for what? Because she didn’t like the way he handled the Ciera kidnapping…he saved her didn’t he? I think her reasons for leaving her marraige are lame. For as much as they have been through together and the connections they are suppose to have, if she had a problem, she should stay and work on it…not move in with Victor! I agree that I don’t know why everyone keeps blaming Bo.

  115. From beanie

    45 I totally agree with you brandon and sami were great together I wish they would bring him back and they could get together again. I do like rafe but would prefer him and sami just good friends!

  116. From Doris JJ

    kappyblu- I couldn’t agree with you more. Since the beginning I haven’t liked EJ. At first he seemed nice to Sami and then he started the crazy stuff his father wanted him to do to the citizens of Salem. That s/l with the murders was pretty stupid and that took amost a whole year to end. Then they did the dumb Santos and Colleen s/l and that took forever to end and that is what it did just end.
    Sami hasn’t done half what EJ has done and that smirk of his every new evil thing is getting to me. I hope they lock him away sometime soon. I don’t think he is that attractive and when he has his shirt off, it is not sexy. The only thing going for him is his accent and that is wearing thin.

  117. From sharpshooter

    Oh brother-I just watched todays episode. I couldn’t believe that sammi was in bed with rafe when E.J. came in, then when he left, she told rafe will should be home soon. If will was going to be home soon, she would have been sleeping if not for seeing E.J. What was she thinking. She was cutting her time pretty close. And E.J. seems to be loosing it, ranting to Anna and all. I guess he’s not leaving until he breaks up her & Rafe.

  118. From babs

    Don’t know why it’s so unbelievable that Dan is Mel’s father. He’s the same age as carly. They worked together and have been friends for years.

  119. From barbie

    Sami should have been rehiding that key after she found out EJ knew where it was or better yet, change her locks. It was darn creepy the way he stood there and watched them yesterday. Melanie’s screetching is scary, her voice goes up several octives when she’s agitated. Almost poodle-like. I do like her a lot better but that is yiping is disturbing.

  120. From kellyann

    Dr. Dan is Melanie’s father…that’s CREEPY and GROSS!

  121. From susan

    #45 and #70, I am also a Brandon fan. He should have stayed on the show, he was the best looking guy they had,imo. Although, I preferred him with Lexie.

  122. From barbara

    don’t get rid of anna! she’s got so much more ability than the other females. don’t want ej to take her along to wherever as a governess, but that might be interesting. dan, melanie make a good pair. carly needs to go away and take bo w/her.

  123. From cindy

    i don’t understand why anna doesn’t call roman and give up ej. all she has to do is tell him she has important info on the sydnapping and demand happens all the time in the real world. i guess she’s still hoping for the 5million.

  124. From Lilly

    Melanie BUCK UP! Oh I am tierd of her winey little voice & will someone please make her lay straight in that hospital bed?!

  125. From Carol

    Maggie does not have MS. She has Myasthenia Gravis and in reality so does the actress Suzanne Rogers who plays her.

  126. From Carol

    The writers are making Maggie have a recurrence of Myasthenia Gravis, though Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) is not having an actual recurrence in real life.

  127. From renee

    kappyblu#69 I agree with you I felt sorry for Stefano also.But I can’t wait to see what is going to happen when they found out what EJ has done. Have a nice weekend.

  128. From Caroline

    LOL..I agree with Lilly..Melanie looks so uncomfortable in that bed, staighten her up a little..I love Vivian, she does add that needed humor to this crazy show, I think they need to finally reach a conclusion and perhaps dear Anna would sneak off with Sydney and return her to Sami, EJ would be led off in handcuffs, only after Rafe beats the crap out of him and pleeeze…change that pink shirt EJ and that suit jacket, I am tired of seeing it, OMG..I cannot believe they actually are making Daniel the father of Melanie!!!
    Also, yes, I agree, a new guy on the block needs to come in a sweep Hope off of her tired of Bo standing up for carly..they just do not look like a match made in heaven, not at all!

  129. From mary

    #69 Kappyblu
    If it wasn’t for Sami’s lies about her pregnancey to begin with, Rafe
    would not have had to be invovled at all(which would be a good thing). None of this would have happened had she told EJ the truth from day one, he would not have flipped out the way he has. If EJ
    is the scum of the earth, so is Sami, for she has done
    as many terrbile things as EJ from
    kidnapping to murder attempts & everything in between! That’s why
    us Ejami fans want them together
    they are alike! Saintly boring Rafe
    and her just don’t have any chemistry no matter how many times
    we have to watch them rolling in the sheets.

  130. From sweetazzcanbe

    The writers have totally destroyed the EJ character and so many of the EJAMI fans. Many EJAMI fans are now SAFE fans because they think EJAMI won’t ever be. One good EJ script and everyone would be EJAMI fans again, and one good script and we would all hate SAFE. It’s all in the writer’s hands. I am an EJAMI fan forever. Too much chemistry and history between those two. The game isn’t over until the fat lady sings — I hope she has laryngitis, because I’m an EJAMI fan until the end.

  131. From ren

    Hey DOOL fans……I just watched Friday’s episodes but missed a few others. What happpened that Sami doesn’t believe Syd is dead now?

    #78 LOL….I agree that Melanie’s head slumped is annoying, and her voice.

    Why wouldn’t Rafe suspect the Dimera’s and have them followed…..problem solved,Sydney found!

    I’ve been watching for 20 years, so many stupid story lines….hence it’s called a soap opera. But the worst was everyone getting killed with the circus/Tony story & then they were all alive:(

  132. From ren

    Hey DOOL fans, what did I miss, why does Sami now NOT believe Syd is dead?

    And why has Rafe not suspected the Dimera’s and have them followed…..problem solved..Sydney found FINALLY.

    I’ve been watching DAYS for 20 years and there has been some stupid story lines…..hence it’s a soap opera. But the worst for me was when everyone was killed with that Circus/Tony story line then they were all alive:(

  133. From Clear

    The only thing that really puts me off about Rafe is the PINK, PINK lipstick on him when he hasn’t even kissed anyone!! It didn’t show up so much a couple days, and then it was back!

    Sami may have done some rotten things, but she isn’t a drug lord and a criminal with on-going criminal interests splitting up the city at 14th street!

    Victor and Stephano both belong in jail from the sound of their conversation–is their no justice??
    Are the officers of the Salem PD never to arrest and see their lawbreakers convicted?

    Brandon, the actor that played him was really cool! He would be a great asset if they brought him back somehow.

  134. From Jennifer C

    I can’t stand Carly! All she has done is make everyones life miserable, and then she has the nerve to be all “poor me”. Screw u lady! You’re a cheater and a murderer who has no respect for other peoples marriages. She put Bo’s job on the line when she went to go see Melony. Now Daniel is going to have to break this news to Chloe,who has been through enough. Its like everything she touches turns to crap. She needs to woman up take some responsibility for her actions, step to the side and let Bo make amends with his wife. She should also stop thinking of herself and her need to be a “mom” to Mel and let her have one good parent-Daniel.

  135. From Kelly

    I would love to see the Salem PD actually do a good job, catch some bad guys & see some good court trials with some great attorney’s…oh wait do we have any good attorney’s in Salem? Do we have any detectives in Salem?

  136. From bigjam

    Vivian should do something with her hair. What kind of style is that?

  137. From fancycat

    I think Stephano has the real Hope held captage somewhere. and I also think we all need to take up a collection and get Ej a new shirt (that isn’t pink).

  138. From fancycat

    Part of Melanies problem right now is the fact that she is scrunched up in that bed. Why do soaps do that, I don’t see how she can even breathe.

  139. From marlenann

    I love Victor..he is so funny! Gestapo. Got to love it. And what hospital has such pretty sheets? Everyone i have been to has boring white sheets. And I am sick of the synapping too. It’s time to get that story line over for once and for all. And how about bringing John and Marlena back?

  140. From Clear

    Vivian was looking quite fetching today on Friday compared to how she looked at first, but yes her hair could certainly use a new style–maybe some layers insteaed of the upside down Medusa V cut. Hope might have actually said something meaningful, but she was too prideful to stop Bo and say I’m sorry, or I still love you, or I should never have left home–any of those would be a start. She has a better chance to reconcile, now Dr. Dan is going to protect Carly!
    Does no one still have a tail on EJ or Anna? If there were, surely someone would know by now what EJ is up to, but maybe Stephano or even Rafe now will get a clue?

    I thought Viv and Mel’s characters were really good today with how they interacted showing just how nuts Vivian is, and how warped Melanie’s lifeview has become. Vivian needs jail, and Melanie needs therapy! I’m lookiing forward to seeing Nathan’s reaction when he finds out about Mel.

  141. From Loretta

    So Carly’s a c*nt and Daniel is a cheating dog! Are we to assume he cheated on Rebecca with Carly? Or are they saying that Carly and him did the deed and then she set him up with Rebecca? I missed Friday’s show due to the Olympics. Ugh! I never really liked either of these characters before, but now I REALLY do not like them. Gee, he does ‘em all! Any horny women in salem know where to go. Daniel is having a fit that Trent was “pimping out his daughter” when he was busy pleasing all the girls that are as young as Melanie. Aren’t Mel and Chelsea about the same age? Gross!

  142. From Clear

    Carly told the story on Friday about how she and Dan met and then she introduced him to Rebecca. After that ONE time they were just good friends, ha! Her story is that she was so afraid of ruining his life and of lawrence killing him that she didn’t tell him. It is going to be interesting to see how Chloe takes the news when she finds out!

  143. From judy

    Please bring nichole back–would be much more interesting

  144. From Clear

    She’s coming back in March. Maybe she will end the Sydnapping thing by remembering Anna’s voice. Or is the big surprise going to be EJ claiming to Sami that he paid the ransom and then bringing Sydney to her to be the “Hero” for her trying to get her away from Rafe again. Maybe after that he will be found out because Nicole remembers Anna’s voice that leads to EJ–or Stephano finally gets him!! I still think if Rafe were not so distracted that he should have picked up on a big clue the day Anna was wearing the leopard print right in front of him at the interrogation room that matches the boots!! Enough already of the Sydnapping!!

  145. From sharpshooter

    I don’t get how these make up people can be so great as to work for the soaps. Some of the make up is too much, & some of the clothes are awful. I don’t get why they can’t just wear normal things for everyday. Who goes around all dressed up in dresses & heels just to be in the house or at the pub, or hospital.And the hair is like they’re going to a big benefit.
    But I guess we want to see that, instead of everyday boredom.But it’s just a little to perfect for the normal person.

  146. From mary

    It’s true Sami is not a drug lord,
    but she posed as a man and tried to
    supply John Black with drugs when
    he was going through his addicition
    problems. I can’t remember how she
    was able to get her drug supply, but her intentions were to destroy
    John and hopefully kill him. Almost
    as bad a being a drug lord but a
    little more personal. A little like EJ, perhaps? EJ and Philip do
    it for money, thanks to their father’s business, Sami did it out
    of hate and a need for vengeance.

  147. From Barb

    Personally, I just love Melanie! She has really grown into a very likeable character – but for the life of me, I just can’t see a happily ever after for her with Philip! She’s in love with Nathan and he with her! I don’t like what the writers did with EJ’s character either- he’s a DiMera but he had alot of heart and compassion – especially for Sami – until he got \screwed over\ by Nicole’s lies and Sami not revealing that she was pregnant. I sure hope they don’t put EJ & Nicole back together – I’d rather see him with Sami or Arianna. What’s up with Mia??? Will should be with Gabi – at least she seems \stable\! Mia doesn’t know what or who she wants! Please bring back Jack, Jennifer, Shaun-D, Belle,JOHN & MARLENA!!!!! This soap has really been a bore lately…you’re losing alot of viewers!!!! Bring back the Days we all love……

  148. From Cat

    By the way,…….”Patch” is now on Y&R….I like him better on that show. He’s a bit of a stinker but likable.

  149. From Paula

    I love reading the posts on here, but for god’s sake…please make up your minds! When Nicole was still on, everyone was complaining how tired they were of watching “the Nicole show” as they put it. Now that she’s gone, people are saying “bring her back” and “the show would be more interesting” with her. I like Nicole myself and would love to see her come, but I wasn’t one of the one’s screaming to get rid of her.
    As far as the new “Will”, you guys need to give him a chance. I read of few entry’s where people are complaining about him, when all they did was complain about the old one and how the show needed to get rid of him…”he’s boring…he’s monotone, he shows no emotion…he can’t act…he needs a haircut…and on and on. And now that he’s gone, no one’s giving the new Will a chance. The kid has barely had any acting time on the show yet. Give him a chance to fit in. I’m sure he’ll do just fine.
    I do however, totally agree with how annoying Melanie’s whinny voice is while in the hospital. It’s bothers me like someone scretching on a chalk board! I like Melanie alot, but that has to stop!
    I waited all week for them to bring Nathan back into the picture and very disappointed when Friday came and went without Nathan finding out she was shot. I would have loved to see him bolt out of bed and leave Stephanie with her head spinning.

  150. From Clear

    Hey Paula, I think you are right, and I enjoyed Friday’s show myself. I like the new Will fine so far as I can see. I didn’t dislike the other actor, but did think he needed a serious haircut! I hope we get to see what you described about Nathen next week when he finds out about Mel!!

    Regarding the evil villains, the Kiriakis drug runners and Dimeras, they are in business every day without a thought to what happens to the drugs and
    who takes them. At least Sami has somewhat redeemed herself and has openly regretted and asked forgiveness for some of her most conniving schemes that mostly failed because she couldn’t go through with some–somewhat like Vivian trying to kill Melanie.
    Viv is nuts, but funny with Victor and others. She has some redeeming qualities herself, he,he! By the way, no where have they shown how Caroline feels about Victor having Viv as his house guest and love interest have they?

  151. From Doris JJ

    I know that Sami isn’t a saint but I still don’t think she is on the same level as EJ. If I remember she did try to tell him a few times. She went to the mansion to tell EJ when she saw EJ with Nicole and left and that is when the mayor was shot. She tried a couple other times like at the church and Philip was shot. That is when she made the decision that she didn’t want her child raised as a DiMera. I don’t blame her becasue they are all evil and think they are always right.
    I might be in the minority but I like Carly. I understand why she kept it a secet just see how Lawrence’s ghost is talking to Viv and that is reason enough to keep it a secret. He would have killed Daniel if he knew so she thought she was saving them. Not sure if Trent was picked by Carly or Lawrence. Knowing how mean Trent was I would assume he was a friend of Lawrence.
    I would love for Nathan to tell Stephanie he just wants to be friends.
    I haven’t seen Thurs. or Fri. shows but would like to see the new Will do something more then what he did at the wedding. At the wedding his part was kind of silly and disappointing but that is probably the fault of the writers.
    The writers need to stop making the police and the FBI so stupid. It is really getting tiring.
    I want EJ to go down so bad, I think he has gone over the bend and will need some major help. You know that Stephano will step in to help even though he is mad at EJ now.
    I know Ejami fans really want them together and Safe fans want them together. They have made EJ to evil with the murders, drug dealing, kidnapping (twice), stealing body parts, etc. They have made him to far over the norm to be with Sami. My main reason is being a victum of rape when I was 16 I would prefer that they not put Sami with EJ. Some say it wasn’t rape but when you are forced to do something that you don’t want to do is rape. There is a movie star that recently talked about consenting so this guy wouldn’t hurt her and her friend. It wasn’t her choice but she did it to save a life. So did Sami! When you are in that situation, you don’t know what you would do but most people go to survivor mode to live.

  152. From Clear

    Good for you Doris. I for one agree with you. There are different kinds of abuse, and if Carly or anyone was in the situations the flashbacks show, no matter how talented, educated, or beautiful a person is, a spouse that is mean and allowed to be controlling can ruin a spouse’s mental health and life. As I said earlier, Daniel being a doctor, should understand that better than some other people that would never have come in contact with it where it concerns him not finding out about his daughter.

  153. From Fred

    as for maggie she will be diagnose with myasthenia gravis she has the disease in real life she has been in remission for several years

  154. From janeycake

    I agree with whoever said it, the comments about the characters and storyline in this posting is better than the actual soap. Personally, I’m still sad Kate got away with everything, amazing to me! But EJ is crazy over the top now, good grief!! It’s time for this main character to be put away for awhile, maybe adjoining Nichole for awhile.

  155. From Annie2

    I am one of the few who still want to see E.J. redeemed. Maybe He could get hit on the head and have amnesia back to the very short time he and Sami were happy together! I think it was one episode, lol. I am a big fan of Victor, Maggie and Melanie. I cried when Melanie told Vivian “go ahead and kill me, ” so sad. I hope she and Nathan find her way back to each other. I noticed a little bit of sparks between Victor and Maggie the other day. That would be interesting, the good and the evil. Anyway I am really enjoying “Days” right now.

  156. From luvtoread50

    The Sydney kidnapping is causing me to become way too familiar with my fast forward button
    I think Crystal Chappell (Carly) is one believable and fantastic actress. How about Days giving her something encouraging in her life. She is an abused wife that has suffered enough. I would like to see her find some peace. It’s getting unbelievable how much suffering one person can put up with.
    Melanie has been a terrific actress. I love the scenes of her and Vivian together. Finally, someone has reached Vivian’s heart .

  157. From Rolphine

    1st the sunapping story has to go EJ is getting on my nerves. If he wasn’t such a bad person this would’ve never happen. Bo and Hope needs to get back together and soon before the relationship gets worse and he does something stupid like marrying Carly. Nathan what is wrong with him, him and Melanie had the greatest chemistry and they should get back together and what would be very interesting to see is Ari and EJ together their couple name could be RJ. JK but writers do not mess up Brady and Arianna please. They are actually cute together.

  158. From EJ all for Myself

    I know that EJ wont get awway with what he’s doing in the long run but he’s really not doing anything worse than what Sami did to him! Plus I think in his own sick twisted Dimera mind that he’s doing it not because he hates Sami… but rather because he wants her… cant have her… so doesnt want anyone to have her espicially Rafe. Love EJAMI they have such exelent chemistry always bringing the best acting out in each other! EJAMI <3

  159. From Sammikins

    Been watching the show for the longest time. Love reading everyones comments. I for one and one of the ones who don’t really care for Bo and Hope, didn’t care for them back when they were first paired…always watched for Jennifer and Jack then, much more realistic with tender moments and funny reparte’. Also, I liked Sami with EJ. They ruined it by having him coerce her into sex, but before that, she really was able to bare herself to him as who she really was–good and bad–and he seemed to be looking for the same. Two people wanting to be good but always ending up doing stupid, sometimes cruel things. Plus there was a passion and chemistry there that is lacking for either one of them with other partners. I think that is why Ejami fans are hoping there is some way the writers can rectify this mess they have made of both characters. They have turned EJ into a maniacal luanatic and Sami into a whining, crying victim. Dont get me wrong. I like the Rafe character, but in a way, he is too good for Sami. Her character was much more interesting when she we was doing things for the right reasons (in her mind) and screwing up and being remorseful later.

  160. From Chrissy

    I jut LOVE Viv and Vic! Excellent characters.

  161. From Felicia

    I like Samantha and EJ with each other. I am not a Rafe fan. I can say that I do fast forward though most of what is said when he is on the screen. His acting in not on par with the other actors and those brows need a trim and that hair a major cut. The whole cave man I am going to save you attitude is old. Samantha can stand on her own. That is the character that I want back. The Samantha that did not take any crap and did not get talked down to or dumbed up. The one who did not jump in the sack every time things get a little heated and decisions need to be made. That is the Sami I want back. The Ej I want back is the one who knew what she did was out of love and not spite, and deep down EJ knows that and they do belong together. Samantha and Rafe and just a bump in the road just like Nicole and EJ. Please do not reply with hate post this is just my opinion everyone has one.

  162. From Doris JJ

    I don’t think that EJ is capable of loving, I think he has a control issue and that is what he wants, to control his woman. It is a fine line between love and hate and we really don’t know what the writers have in store for them but I see his character as a control freak. He tried it with Nicole and she didn’t like it and when she didn’t do what he wanted, he got mean. I don’t think EJ has ever had love being raised by Stephano, and being taught how to torture people when he was growing up and now he doesn’t know how to give it. I just feel if you truly love someone, you wouldn’t put them through what he is doing to Sami. I hope they don’t put them back together because it would be hard to forgive all that he has done. And what would keep him from doing it in the future! Would you trust him if he said he was taking the kids for a week-end trip?

  163. From Lilly

    #123 Paula THANK YOU! My words exactly!

  164. From BJ

    Daniel and Carly being parents to Melaine just doesn’t add up. How old is Mel, 20-21 and what is the age of Daniel and Carly 40?? so what they had this child early 20s??? i am not buying this. for fans that have followed this show for years should know this doesn’t add up…

  165. From Billy

    So what…it’s a Soap Opera!

  166. From Stephy Lopez

    They need to bring Sydney back. Its getting old. Youd think Sammy would catch on. I hope Anna turns her over, then itmore intersting to me will be .

  167. From Donna

    how long is Nathan and Steph gonna be away? is Nathan so caught up in Steph that he’s not even checking up on his job????? not even checking his messages come on now Dr Nathan.The perfect story line would be , he got Maggie’s call and rushes off the see his one true love Mel, leave Steph the creep on her ass in the room without a second glance, what a jerk she’s turned out to be, and for all the fans piece of mind please let Nathan find out about Mel’s letter before next year.

  168. From fancycat

    Has anyone noticed Sami’s complexion? It looked like she never wore makeup, looks like she finally found something that covers up all those freckles. It looks like she will be getting her kid back Friday.

  169. From Michelle

    #167 (fancycat) – WHAT?! Syd is going to be returned to Sami this week? We could only hope… where did you read/hear this?

  170. From Sandy

    Here’s some interesting date information…do the math “How Can Carly or Dan be Melanie’s parents”
    Melanie Layton Kiriakis –
    11-07-2008 Birthdate (turned 18)
    Carly Manning –
    12-2-1967 Birthdate
    1993 Left Salem with Lawrence A., was gone from Salem for 16 yrs
    Daniel Jonas –
    When dating Chelsia was thought to be 27 to 35
    No history of actual birthdate

  171. From Sandy

    With Melanie being Carly & Dan’s daughter then Max is not her half brother. But didn’t Max have a DNA test done to prove they were biologically related back when Max & Melanie came back to Salem from France? And why has a DNA test not been done to prove Carly & Dan are Melanie’s parents?

  172. From Clear

    Maybe there will be a DNA test. Maybe Max is related, but not a brother–or maybe Carly is his mother somehow too? The writers need to figure that one out and tell us.

  173. From Clear

    PS Where did the name Layton come from too??

    I really enjoyed Friday’s show, but today on Monday it was dull or frustrating. Dr. Dan was unforgiving. Maggie is becoming ill, (fast forwarding through those parts) and I hate that being written in–don’t want Maggie to continue to be unhealthy or unhappy!! She has been through enough.

    Spoilers say the Sydnapping will be over on February 5th!! No more fast forward through the choked up and whiny Sami? A short lived happy ending no doubt till Sami turns to Rafe instead of EJ! Then what will he do to try and get her away from Rafe? Looking forward to seeing what that will be.

  174. From luvtoread50

    Clear: thanks for sharing the that this Sydnapping will be over. Finally, I can say goodbye to the FF button on the remote.

    The dates for Carly/Dan/melanie don’t add up; but hey in soapland a baby can become an adult in a week!

  175. From Clear

    Yeah! Children are victims of the Rapid Aging Syndrome, he, he!

    I was thinking how all the Ejami’s could be happy temporarily. EJ could plot mind control over Sami and have her hynotized slowly to believe she is still married to him. She could disappear on one or two day trips. Then when she is Safe again, after time she could hear the trigger words in the wrong place and revert tipping off Rafe that she may have “Lost her mind!” Meanwhile, Ejami can have romantic evenings, meet people that Sami doesn’t remember the next day in a different setting, have expensive dress up European second honeymoon’s, expensive gifts, flowers and chocolate, etc. Being the good FBI agent Rafe is, he can put several clues together left along the way and trace her behavior and trips to EJ’s mind control booth and Dr. Rolfe, (Yeah, bring Rolfie back!)and then he rescues Sami again until the next evil plot unfolds for the next onslaught!

    Another good idea would be let Nicole come back and be contacted by Dr. Baker–not dead! Dr. Baker can blackmail her to blackmail EJ! Double blackmail–how about that! He can promise to tell her where her baby is that she thought died–rapid aging syndrome again too probably—-but she has to get EJ to pay to find out. Dr. Baker can have a secret location, and EJ cannot find him with all his goons. He’s gambling under another name, he,he! He can contact Nicole leaving her DNA confirmation. Then Stephano can find out about it, and he and EJ both are working together to find out where Baby X can be? Another Dimera! Infinite possibilities are there for another Dimera character.

  176. From Shelia

    I wished the baby thing would come to a end soom. What is Stepheno going to do when he finds out EJ and Anna kidnapped Sydney. i hope Sami takes the children away from EJ. I wished someone would put a tale on EJ. What is EJ going to think when Nocole get out of prison? I want Rafe and Sami to be togeather.I wished she would tell Rafe the truth. I am glad Daniel is Mel father, i have learned to like her ,she has had a lousy life she needs a happy life now.

  177. From Shelia

    On the show the day Dr. Baker was kill . i saw his fingers move. How could he be dead and his finger moves? I hope when Nicole get out i hope she sees and hears Anna voice and she reconise the voice .

  178. From mary

    Could someone explain why its ok
    with Sami that EJ raises Johnny and
    she even admits he is a great father, but yet it was not ok for him to raise Sydney/Grace? Even when little Grace was dying in the hospital, Sami would not tell EJ that she was his. He didn’t even get the chance to hold
    and comfort her. You talk about
    cruel, that’s pretty low down. Instead she made Rafe the instant
    father figure just because of her
    lust for him and folks thats all it
    is for now, not real love. Sami
    always mistakes easy for being love.

  179. From Clear

    She probably doesn’t like it, and will like it less as he gets older. Sami probably would never have told EJ that Johnny was his if she had a choice. I’m sure she doesn’t want him to grow up to be a drug dealing criminal, liar, and a murderer–at least an accomplice to many of Stephano’s plots too. EJ at times tries to go straight and leave the Dimera influence, but he has never succeeded. In the story line, she did what she rationalized as best for her family–even if she was deluded at times, or mistaken about what would happen as a result of her decisions.

  180. From cindy

    to luvtoread50 time has no meaning
    in the soaps. EJ was born in 1997, does he look 13 to you?

  181. From Lisa

    The Sydnapping story is just tired. Reminds me of when Sami – kidnapped and hid Belle. It seems that everytime Sami has a child there is some issue:
    1. Will – pretend he’s Austin’s child
    2. Allie & Johhny – who’s the daddy? Oh never mind here’s one for each you!
    3. Grace – gets sick and dies…btw she’s not your daughter
    4. Sydney – surprise I’m your daugther…now I’m missing

    For once can’t Sami have some normalcy?

  182. From Tired

    So tired of the Sydnapping. Reminds me of when Sami kidnapped Belle.

    Seems Sami’s children always have issues:
    1. Will – Pretend he’s Austin’s child and lose custody to Lucas
    2. Allie & Johnny – Who’s the Daddy? Nevermind each of you take one!
    3. Grace – Deny her father and hide her away. Then she gets sick and dies…oops sorry not your child
    4. Sydney – Who’s the Mommy? Surprise it’s you…now let’s take her away again

  183. From Tired

    So tired of the Sydnapping. Reminds me of when Sami kidnapped Belle.

    Seems Sami’s children always have issues:
    1. Will – Pretend he’s Austin’s child and later lose custody to Lucas
    2. Allie & Johnny – Who’s the Daddy? Nevermind each of you take one!
    3. Grace – Deny her father and hide her away. Then she gets sick and dies…oops sorry not your child
    4. Sydney – Who’s the Mommy? Surprise it’s you…now let’s take her away again

  184. From Tired of it

    So tired of the Sydnapping. Reminds me of when Sami kidnapped Belle.

    Seems Sami’s children always have issues:
    1. Will – Pretend he’s Austin’s child and lose custody to Lucas
    2. Allie & Johnny – Who’s the Daddy? Nevermind each of you take one!
    3. Grace – Deny her father and hide her away. Then she gets sick and dies…oops sorry not your child
    4. Sydney – Who’s the Mommy? Surprise it’s you…now let’s take her away again

  185. From Kat Moore

    Enough already of the Syndney saga. This deceit/trickery/kidnapping has gone on for more than a year and a half. Resolve it and move on!

  186. From Sandy

    #176 Hey Sheila…I remember seeing Dr. Baker’s finger move also, he’s got to be alive. I’m still thinking Nicole’s baby did not die & I’m thinking Stefano has the baby. Remember how he was having her followed, he even knew about her visits to the Convent. So it’s conceivable he knew about Dr. Baker’s clinic & arranged for Dr. Baker to call him when she went into labor.
    This is all similar to when Billie & Bo’s baby was still born in the Bayou in 1996 but showed up as Chelsea after being held by Stefano as a child. Stefano’s capable of anything and so are the Dool writers.

  187. From nancy

    How does Sami financially survive?? I have been watching for many years and can’t remember when she had her last job

  188. From pattypat

    I love reading the above comments. So much I would like to add. anyway did anyone see John Aniston (Victor) recently on Cold Case? Also the lady who plays Caroline Brady was on a segment of Cold Case. They must not get enough work on Days and have to work elsewhere. Both did a fantastic job. I can’t wait for Nicole to come back and stir up the hornets next with E.J. and Sami. Keep the interesting comments coming.

  189. From pattypat

    Me again, I can’t spell either. I meant to say earlier that Nicole needs to come back and stir up the hornets nest with E.J. and Sami.

  190. From JOYCE ANDRY

    i thank mel will forgive daniel because he didn’t know about her untill now but it will make things worse for carly & it should,carly needs to leave so bo & hope can work things out & Daniel & chole

  191. From sharpshooter

    I noticed that Sammi looked like she had a good tan. She has alot of freckles, but I don’t know why they would have to hide them. I like freckles. Also, I think that would be great for Sammi to be under some kind of mind control from E.J. Stephano did it to Marlena. Any thing goes on the soaps. I think it is awful for the writers to want Maggie to have that disease back. She had it in real life & is worried about doing it again on the show. If she is so worried about it then the writers are really awful for making her do it. What are they getting, desperate. Can’t wait for Nicole to come back. I hope she’s her sassy old self,not the one E.J. had her turned into. Sammi’s doing it again, not telling Rafe the truth. This time, he should not take it, and dump her for good.

  192. From Cindy

    The actor that plays Dr Dan is actually 44. So he could totally be Melanie’s dad. Now that just makes him and Chelsea that much grosser!

  193. From Doris JJ

    Sami (Allison) was on Bonnie Hunt today. She was showing a clip of the show and said you won’t want to miss this week. She also said her husband in real life is a cop and he laughs at the Salem PD. He laughs at most of the cop shows because it is never like real life.
    It seems this week EJ is supposed
    to walk through the door carrying
    Sydney and this will make him Sami’s hero. He is really sick!
    Matt Ashford (Jack) is in the traveling Momma Mia and is coming
    to St. Louis. His wife is from St. Louis and they visit a couple
    times a year. He was interviewed
    by a local station and talked about still being recognized as Jack and how wonderful the fans are from DOOL. He said he has fond memories.

  194. From Doris JJ

    Is anyone else having problems with the web site? It took me two hours to get it to accept my comment. By then I got tired of typing it.
    It also shows the spoilers for next week however when you click on it, it takes you back to this week of spoilers.

  195. From barbara

    hope the whole sydney thing is over! too long and drawn out. now let’s see some of the other players besides sami, rafe and ej. i really love ej and hope some miracle will happen to his mean side. like go away! more mel, daniel and cloe, less carly, please.

  196. From JenniferB

    I can’t wait to see Carly go down!! When Bo comes to his senses, and they all run her out of town or to jail! Daniel didn’t buy her story, either-being “forced” to give up the baby, because of Lawrence. I like seeing Maggie being strong and telling off Carly, too. I hope Ariana dumps Brady for good-he’s such a bore! I know Melanie has a thing for Nathan, but I think Phillip is so hot, and he is so in love with her! I hope she forgets all about Nathan-(but that’s unlikely!) Stephanie has become boring too, but nothing is more annoying than Mia-she is an idiot, and maggie better help her grow up!

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