Days of Our Lives Video Clip: EJ’s Cup of Tea.

“Rafe is beginning to show his true colors.”

EJ really digs in and tells Sami that Rafe had no real connection with Sydney.

Check out this video preview for Tuesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Is Sami swallowing what EJ’s offering?

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  1. From dc

    ej is trying to fill sami with doubts about rafe. this is so wrong. rafe needs to find sydney and show sami that ej was the cause of all that has happened.
    ej is such a dimera (just liker his dad). i will never know why sami can’t see that.

  2. From dona

    ej is evil just like his father and saying rafe is showing his true colors is terrible. Rafe is trying to be strong for sami and ej is using everything to try to break them up. Rafe and Sami are meant to be together their love is true and ej can’t stand it. Sami needs to quit letting ej manipulate her

  3. From Kino

    This is what Elvis has wanted and if I were Sami, I would’ve gotten suspicious and demand to know why is he talking so lowly of Rafe. He risked his life to prove that Sydney was their child.

  4. From Missy

    least they are together & stay together. love them everyday they are on together.

  5. From Caroline

    I cannot wait until they take EJ away in handcuffs.
    Was hoping Anna would have a change of heart and spill the beans to Rafe and finally return the baby to Sami.

  6. From twinny

    EJ doesn’t realize that Sami knows Rafe better than that. Rafe should quit listening to his sister and tell Sami what he’s really thinking and feeling.

    I can kind of see the torment Rafe is going through here. He doesn’t believe Sydney is dead, but because of the bloody chlothes, things don’t look good. He doesn’t want to give Sami false hope, but he doesn’t want her to lose all hope either.

  7. From Kino


    I agree and that’s why Elvis wants Rafe out of the way. He knows that if Sami continues to trust him, the former FBI agent will figure out the truth to where Sydney is and he’ll lose everything. With Rafe out of the way, Elvis will be free to continue tormenting her by keeping Sydney away from her as long as he wants until he’s sure that she’s paid for Grace’s death. It doesn’t surprise me that even thoug she wasn’t their daughter, he’s still bothered by it.

  8. From susan

    Really how am I suppose to believe that Sydney’s clothes with blood on them was found in the river… Wouldn’t the blood wash out…….

  9. From susan

    am I the only one that wants Sammy and EJ to get together.

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