Days of Our Lives Video Clip: EJ’s Latest Scheme.

How to burn an old flame.

Since his plan to decimate Sami’s life has hit a hiccup, Elvis changes tactics and decides to ruin her life in a new way. Will this be more successful?

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on February 28th, 2010 |

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  1. From Kino

    No, Elvis can’t forget that Rafe is on to him and suspects that he is involved because of the way he behaves. Stefano has already confirmed his suspicions towards his son. Lets hope that Rafe and Nicole nail Elvis soon.

  2. From Missy

    no He, will not get caught. don’t let this happen please for ej & sami bk to together, as asupercouplelove for rafe, to leave salem for good this time. thanks,

  3. From Kino

    Elvis will get caught because Rafe suspected him of foul play. Why do you think he wanted him out of his way in the first place? It was clear that not only Elvis didn’t like how he suspected him, but also the threat he posed to his plans. He knows that if Rafe finds out that he has Sydney, his fraud kidnapping will be exposed and he’ll lose everything.

    Besides Elvis doesn’t care if Sami suffers because he cares about his own happiness and he’ll continue torturing her by keep Sydney away from her until he’s sure that she has paid for keeping Grace away from him. Even though she isn’t their daughter, Elvis is angry about her death. In the end he’s a Dimera and will never change. Elvis is too unredeemable and Sami deserves better.

  4. From Becky

    EJ’s behavior is unforgivable. I’m beginning to find him repulsive to even watch sometimes.
    To put, not only Sammi (who definitely needs to get a brain) but poor little Sydney through this is sick and cruel. Let Nicole hook up with him when she returns-they deserve each other. EJ is one creepy guy.

  5. From Kino


    I soo agree with you, Becky. I would like to see Nicole follow Elvis around, but never take him back. Let her do something good for once.

    Let Rafe discover a link that is similar to what Sami is going through with Sydney being gone and finally tells her the truth about what happened to his deceased fiancee, Emily. She and her abusive ex-boyfriend had a son together out of wedlock and had undergone a custody battle with him. She never told her younger sister, Meredith about it because she was afraid that she’ll resort to killing him, given her past history with her mental condition. She was determined to raise her son away from him even if it meant death. That way Sami realises that Rafe carried the guilt of not being able to save Emily’s life when her ex-boyfriend shot her on the day of their wedding and he was determined to protect her from the same fate with Elvis.

  6. From raphaelle

    Lame Kino ! lol
    Rafe for being interesting has to have an edge, with your story he stays a vanilla boring hero lame lame lame !!!!

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