Days of Our Lives Video Clip: He Doesn’t Seem Upset.

“A bit more than I’d bargained for… emotionally.”

EJ uses Rafe’s suggestion of a memorial for Syd as another chance to rub things in. After the call, Rafe asks a pointed question to Stefano.

Check out this preview for Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Does EJ sound drunk or just congested?

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  1. From Missy

    say he, maybe congested I, think.
    love to see ej get away fm salem I, think he deserve a new life. & some 1 else raise them & be w/ ej be w/ somw 1 new in his life.

  2. From Kino

    I would love nothing more than to see Elvis get caught. The way he’s been behaving, Rafe was right to have suspected him from the start and therefore he poses a big threat to him. That way he returns Sydney to Sami’s arms and they can raise both her and Johnny away from being Dimeras. Let Elvis rot in jail for once, he’s too unredeemable.

  3. From dc

    i wonder how long they are gonna keep this baby thing with sydney going on (till nicole returns??).
    i can’t believe how gullable sami has become when it comes to ej..
    and i can’t wait to see how victor and chloe feel when they find out that daniel is melanie’s father. and even vivian..

  4. From Kino


    I agree, but Rafe isn’t so easy to fool and was right to suspect that Elvis is up to no good. Looks like Stefano is starting to confirm the former FBI agent’s suspicions about his son. Maybe that’s why Elvis wanted Rafe out of his way as soon as possible. He saw him as a threat and knew if he found out that he has Sydney, his fraud kidnapping will be exposed and he’ll lose everything to Sami.

  5. From Becky

    I loved the scene today in Melanie’s hospital room between her and Vivian. Two excellent actresses at work! I cannot stand EJ DiMeara. He is even crueler than his father ever was, and that’s pretty bad. What a monster. He deserves to be alone-what a role model he is for his “beloved” children!! Also, what is up with his voice (maybe a cold?) but he is even more difficult to understand than usual. I can’t wait to see Chloe’s reaction to Daniel’s news about him being Melanie’s dad! I feel bad for Carly. She’s had a rough life, and even though she hasn’t handled things very well, she is still a good person. Also, I’m ready to seen Nicole back on the show. Hope it’s soon. Sami and Rafe are great together–love their chemistry!!!

  6. From Frances

    EJ is a mess and even more evil than stefano. That is very cruel what he is doing to Sami. I guess Anna is to afraid to rat on him because he is so mean. So no more poor EJ Also, I hate Carly and Bo but I bet the actors Peter and Kristen are happy for some meat to their roles. But please bring back bo and hope and let one couple be happy.

  7. From Clear

    Yesd to KIino and Becky. Whoever said the pink shirt needs to go? It surely does. He’s been wearing it long enough. Did any of you notice how the couples playing in scenes are usually color coordinated. EJ doesn’t have anyone he has to color coordinate with I guess! It was a good show today, and I enjoyed watching it–except when is someone going to follow EJ and find out what he is doing? Since Rafe suspects him, he needs to have surveillance on him and Anna! Hard to believe he hasn’t done it already. I think the actor playing EJ has done great, and I’d like to see him and, or Victor win in those Daytime Emmys.

  8. From Kino


    I think Rafe will put surveillance cams on Elvis and Anna, especially when Nicole comes back and she tells him one key piece of evidence. They release her on good behavior and she goes undercover for the FBI by following Elvis around.

    I wondered how Max would feel if he found out that Carly and Daniel were his parents. It may confirm that Melanie is his younger sister and why he has a connection to her as a sibling. However, that may mean that Carly would have to explain herself to him and he may hate her at first. Eventually he’ll forgive her when he learns about Vivian wanting to kill them.

  9. From Lissa

    I’m sick of the pink shirt too.

  10. From Kino


    We all are.

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