Days of Our Lives Video Clip: No Deal.

“Do you really think that I would make some kind of disgusting deal with you?”

Victor doesn’t pull any punches when he tells Hope where her attempts to play the good one have gotten her. Meanwhile, Elvis drops by Sami’s just in time for the latest Safe reunion.

Check out this video preview for Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. How will EJ react?

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  1. From Cherie

    How did Rafe get back with Sami? And sure hope EJ is furious. And Sami and Rafe don’t let him break them up again.

  2. From Linda

    This EJ – Sami – Rafe storyline is getting so old. Let’s get moving on to something else — please. It’s is so slow I am totally losing interest. I tape the shows and I am finding myself fast-forwarding through most of it. Come on Days writers, please make the storyline a little more interesting.

  3. From justafan

    i am really liking rafe with sami now i think ej is too evil he needs to be punished for what he is doing. i hope rafe finds out sydney is alive. rave reviews for melanie what great acting i really felt she had been shot great going molly

  4. From Kino


    I think Rafe will pull through for Sami and finds out the truth about Sydney’s whereabouts. When he does, Elvis will be back on thin ice, especially when he learns that she is trusting him again. He saw the former FBI agent as a threat to him and knows if he finds out that he has Sydney, he’ll lose everything. Rafe visits Nicole and she clues him in on one key piece of information on Anna. He believes her and has her released from prison on good behavior. While he gets the Salem PD and the FBI working together to bring Sydney home, Nicole uses her expertise in disguises and follows Elvis around. She soon discovers where Sydney is being held in. Making sure that her ex-husband hasn’t seen her, she calls Rafe on the cell phone he loaned her and tells him that Elvis has her in Chicago inside Anna Dimera’s house. She also informs him that he’s planning to take both Johnny and Sydney out of the country. Rafe and the FBI heads to Chicago where Nicole is waiting for them and they arrest Anna and Elvis.

  5. From Debbie

    Someone do something please. The show needs to know they are losing alot of fans with this Bo and Carly Stuff. Get back to Bo and Hope you have really ruined Days.

  6. From Debbie

    Someone do something please. Doesnt Days know they are loosing fans for the Bo stuff? You have lost me as a fan. I have watched days since before Bo and Hope. And I am sadden about it. But it makes me sick.

  7. From Missy

    let ej in, bring them to shine. let ej, redeem himself. let this not to continue, of the baby switch. bring ej, the hero please.

  8. From Kino


    No they shouldn’t, Elvis is too far beyond redemption and besides he only cared about his own happiness. Rafe cared more about Sami’s happiness and he’s willing to fight to ensure that Sydney is returned and safe in her arms. He suspected that her ex-husband was up to no good with the way he’s acting and thinks that he’s involved. Why do you think Elvis is doing whatever he can to get rid of him? He didn’t like the threat that Rafe posed to him and his plans in making Sami pay for Grace’s death by keeping Sydney away from her. Even though she isn’t his daughter, Elvis is still bothered by her untimely death. He knew that if the former FBI agent found out the truth of his fraud kidnapping, he’ll lose everything.

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