Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Terrell Ransom Jr. In Playground Politics.

Days’ Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo Carver) popped up in an unusual place.

The young actor appeared in a commercial called “Playground Politics” for the new show, “Funny or Die.” The series premiered on Friday February 19 on HBO.

Check out this video clip and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Clear

    I never liked the Theo character, and fast forward through it usually. I had experience with autistic children, and they don’t have to misbehave, be rude, or violent, and get away with it and have tantrums. They can learn to behave like any other child to certain standards, but they deal with the world in their own way, and fixate on certain interests blocking out other stimuli. There are degrees of developmental functioning and many are high functioning. Glad to see the Theo character has made progress since he was first diagnosed, but hated the scenes where he acted out. If you have him perform, don’t assume you can do just anything with him and have us see it as believable. Your audience is much more informed about the condition than in years past.

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