Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Terrible Times.

“What am I going to do?”

Maggie is terrified about what’s happening to her and Daniel is terrified of what Carly has done to him and their daughter.

Check out this preview for Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From kesha culpepper

    im so happy that daniel is coming down on carly the way he is because he is right if he wouldve known that melanie were his child he couldve been there for her.

  2. From Stacey

    Wow. An amazing performance from Shawn Christian! Can’t wait for next week.

  3. From Stacey

    Wow! An amazing performance from Shawn Christian. Can’t wait for next week!

  4. From dc

    well, i sure was surprised to find out that daniel is melanie’s father. i just wonder how vivian, victor and melanie will react..
    and sami could not be any dumber when it comes to what ej tells her, doesn’t she remember he is a dimera and you can’t beleive anything he says or does (even though he is the father of two of her kids)..

  5. From Clear

    Right on DC! About Dr. Dan, it seems he is taking the news very badly! Being a doctor, he should understand what it means for a woman to be trapped in an abusive relationship where she is afraid for her own life and for her children and try to look at what is best for Melanie. It certainly isn’t going through life hating one or both of her parents that want to help her.

  6. From Lissa

    Well, Daniel is the Father. I’m not too surprised because of all the speculation about it leading up to this point. I do think Carly has had little regard for him about this whole situation. Daniel is taking the news rather hard, but I guess he’s in shock too. He’s been pretty understanding about every other crazy thing Carly has crimes Carly has committed being such good friends & all.

  7. From heather

    I agree with Daniel. I saw this episode on Friday (Canada). He should have been told and then had the option whether to raise her or give her up. Personally, I think that was the best piece of acting he has done on the show so far. I felt his pain.

  8. From Missy

    hopefully down the line not now but I, hope in time he,willbe forgiving. bring these 2 bk together as a supercouple. thanks,

  9. From raphaelle

    SC finally shows he can be a good actor (unlike others lol) and Daniel reacts totally as he should, he is human, his reaction is totally understandable !

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