General Hospital Spoilers For February 24-25.

New alliances and old problems.

Jax continues his bid to actually get Sonny out of his life for good when he has Federal Prosecutor Claire Walsh take over the case against the mob boss. Seeing how things are stacking up, Alexis wants to join Sonny’s defense team. Diane won’t let that happen, however, unless Alexis also agrees to join Diane’s law firm. While Sonny sends Jason off to keep Michael away from the courthouse, he takes Diane’s advice and changes his plea to not guilty. Claire immediately requests that his bail be revoked and Jason instantly makes plans for Sonny’s escape. Meanwhile, Dante continues to be conflicted about what to do when he’s subpoenaed to testify.

If these legal machinations weren’t enough, Jason also has to deal with the mob war that Johnny is starting to ignite. Stone Cold’s feelings about the situation prove to be decidedly mixed, but Johnny is determined to seek revenge. He tells Olivia he’s moving ahead with his plot and leaves their future up to her. He turns his attentions to Ethan and lays out his plan to beat Sonny at his own game and leave him with nothing.

At the hospital, Lisa manages to do the nearly impossible and score some points with Epiphany when she gets her concert tickets. Soon after, Steve and Lisa realize that they share a mutual affection for country music. After Steve asks her out, Patrick goes into shock and lashes out at Robin after he learns that she’s been trying to talk Dante into defending Sonny.

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  1. From Missy

    let robin defense dante big time but let him reconect w/ his dad. please don’t let sonny, away he needs to be w/ his children don’t let jax or johnny win, let them get caught. & bring dante, & sonny bond. let him stay in port charles,
    running away is not the answer for ssonny. dante & lulu, bk together please ???????????????????????

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