General Hospital Spoilers For March 1-5.

Family chaos reigns in Port Charles.

Following a visit from her two sons, Elizabeth makes it clear to Nikolas that they can never be together. While he mopes off, Lucky stops in to tell her that they don’t have a future together either. She decides to schedule a quick paternity test anyway. While both men urge her to be cautious, she pushes ahead while Helena stays close by.

Olivia and Dante continue to argue over what’s best as he’s pulled into a new anti-mob task force. He makes things even more uncomfortable for his father when he starts grilling Michael over the killing. Carly crashes the court hearing and the judge decides on Sonny’s immediate fate. His bail is not revoked. Jax warns Sonny that having Carly lie for him would be a bad idea and then battles it out with her in private. They end up having sex in the ballroom and she reminds him of what he stands to lose if Sonny is sent down. Jax mulls his choices and Robin offers her support to Sonny, much to Patrick’s annoyance.

After a shootout, Jason confronts Johnny and Ethan. Even with his warnings some additional ones from Lucky, they continue with the plan to destroy Sonny’s organization. Jason has more to be worried about though. Claire lets him know just how badly he could stand to lose and Carly runs to him for help again. It seems that Franco was present in some form at the christening and he is still sending Stone Cold taunts.

On the romantic side of things: Kristina continues avoiding Kiefer, Lulu and Dante try to make love (several times) and Lisa continues getting in between Robin and Patrick.

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  1. From Missy

    let dante,not to get on the stand.
    let dante & sonny closer as ever please make it happen. I, don’t want sonny, get bk to his mental state of mind. make it happen bring micheal, to the courtroom, to tell the truth it will set him free.

  2. From Missy

    let dante, help sonny please I, am begging, let them really bond please ?

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