The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For February 15 – 19.

Steffy pulls a fast one.

Katie came home as Bill and Steffy were getting busy in the bedroom. The illicit duo heard her come in, which prompted Bill to throw Steffy out before things went too far. After Bill went to make up with Katie in the living room, Steffy returned from the side door and stole Katie’s engagement ring.

The next day Steffy used Katie’s ring to blackmail Bill into selling Forrester Creations back to her family. However, she presented it as selling the company to REST, which she said stood for Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust. Fearing the truth about what he did with Steffy would end his marriage, he caved and signed the papers. Little did he know, REST actually stood for Ridge Eric Stephanie Taylor, which meant Brooke and Donna were out and their nemeses were in.

Before all this went down, Katie fired Steffy; Katie, Donna and Brooke posed for a new Goddess photo shoot; and the Logan sisters taunted Stephanie about being in control at Forrester. Needless to say, Stephanie, Taylor and Steffy had the last laugh.

Over at the other fashion house, Bridget furiously insisted Agnes take her medication, even though it made her feel ill. Agnes insisted she could handle her pregnancy and her diet on her own, but Bridget forced her to take the medication in front of her and declared she wouldn’t be satisfied until her baby was in her arms and Agnes out of her life.

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