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It’s a new week and that means it’s time for a new edition of the weekly GH Rundown over at our sister site,

Lori Wilson is back to offer her take on Jax and Carly’s latest split, Ethan’s penchant for randomly drifting, the Liz pregnancy and the return of Helena.

Here’s a sampling:

“First up was Carly and Jax who celebrated the love holiday without each other. He found her with Sonny and assumed she was already sleeping with her ex. It was quite a leap on his part really, but they later decided it was time to start planning their futures separate from each other. However, they later both revealed they were forcing each other’s hand because they both knew how much the other liked a good fight. I understand this on Jax’s part, since Carly was the one to walk out on him, but I’m confused as to what Carly is doing. It seems to me if she wants to stay with Jax all she has to do is say so. I also don’t understand her quick turn around on her feelings regarding what he did to move Dante’s investigation of Sonny along. Has she forgiven him for it? I was glad to see Morgan get so upset about their separation though, as it acknowledged how close he and Jax are, instead of ignoring the bond the two have formed over the years.”

You can read more of her thoughts on last week’s episodes here.

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  1. From Missy

    love for dante & sonny bk together as a family as well hopefully not for dante, not to teastify against sonny, his dad. love for them reunited. & get to know ea other.
    love to see sonny, out of jail this wk. I, feel for him def love to not see his mental illness not coming bk to him anymore, love for him to love not hate. bring johnny, not to bring sonny down. please ?????????????????????????

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