The New Edition Of The General Hospital Wardrobe Q&A.

A fresh batch of answers to fans’ fashion questions has just been released.

The latest edition of the GH wardrobe questionnaire is now available to gaze your eyes upon.

Here’s a sampling:

Amy: Who made Lulu’s red dress from February 15?

A: Lulu’s red dress was by Black Halo.

D C: Where can I get Sam’s blue & black checked shirt from February 8?

A: Sam’s blue & black shirt is by Splendid.

Visit our sister site,, to find more answers from Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital. If you have a fashion question of your own, contact us here and let us know. Please include as much information about the item as possible and the date it aired.

Unfortunately, the new head of wardrobe is unable to find the time to dedicate to helping us with your questions. Therefore, this will be the last GH Fashionista wardrobe article that we will be writing.

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  19 responses so far...

  1. From M

    May 13, 2010 episode I believe. Where can I get Carly’s open black sweater with small white stripes?

  2. From Mary Ellen

    I too would love to know where Carly’s open black or navy striped sweater worn on May 13th GH episode is from!

  3. From alice

    who designed carly’s blue dress with the straps in the back, can i get a picture of the dress

  4. From Lisa

    Who designed Carly’s sweater she wore, it had a open area around the collar almost like a slit? The wardrobe for Carly is fantastic, does she wear one particular designer?Thank you

  5. From Telaryn

    Where can I get the dress that Brenda wore to Luke and Tracy’s wedding in Dec 2010?

  6. From Amy

    I’ve got to know who designed Tracey’s wedding dress and Lulu and Mya’s bridesmaids dresses!!! Episode 12-21-10

  7. From LORNA

    where can I buy the boots Brenda had on aired 01/17/11

  8. From Tasha

    Where are baby Joslynn’s PJ’s from? Episode 1/28/11

  9. From Gina

    Where is the red vneck, long sleeve sweater
    Elizabeth had on, when she went to Windamere to tell Nicholas about the baby’s
    Dr appt??

  10. From Jamie

    Where can I get the black sequin/glitter gloves Brenda wore with her jacket to Luke’s wedding? Episode 12/21/2010. Thank you!

  11. From Julie

    Where can I find the blouse Robin Scorpio wore on today’s episode? 2/16/11

  12. From Mary

    I need to know how to get the dress Carly wore for Brenda’s wedding?

  13. From Mary

    I need info on Carly’s dress where to get it?

  14. From J Smith

    What can you tell me about the beautiful dress worn by Erin Chambers on GH on March 17th for the wedding to Lucky?

  15. From Melissa

    please please please tell me where to get sams grey shirt she is wearing on the April 15th 2011 episode….

  16. From Dane

    Where can i get Carly’s waedrobe?

  17. From Amy

    Where did Sam get her bright white shirt on the July 19 and 20th 2011 episode? Thanks in advance!

  18. From nixi

    On 7/1/13 GH episode, who designed Carly’s black and white pants outfit and where can it be purchased?

  19. From Kimmie

    I would like the same information as nixi about Carly’s outfit. I don’t see many replies here, is this site still active?

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