The Young and The Restless Spoilers For February 26 – March 1!

An unexpected kiss takes place, while others are trying to assure their own happiness…

What would happy if Cane wasn’t in Lily’s life? She may just find out… Cane informs his wife that the immigration agents want to deport him back down under to Australia. Since Cane and Lily are married, won’t that be enough to keep him legally in the US? This isn’t reality, folks… In soapland, the agents feel as though since Cane has been impersonating a US citizen that’s grounds enough for deportation.

Billy and Victoria have had their fair share of disagreements, business-wise, but today they’ll find themselves lip-locked! Billy makes his move and plants one on Miss Viki, who slaps him for his spontaneous gesture. But wait… Victoria is only fooling herself if she thinks she can forget it ever happened.

Phyllis refuses to give up looking for proof to prove Adam’s guilt, and she finally finds what she’s looking for. Her and her wanna-be detective husband find Skye’s, Adam’s murdered girlfriend, journal – which contains proof that Adam knew Dr. Taylor had molested her! Will this finally be the last nail in Adam’s coffin? Nick heads over to tell Sharon about the goods, and Phyllis, who wants to give Jack the heads up, finds herself faced with an old rival – Diane Jenkins!

Victor and Jack are about to go head to head once more, as Jack takes a stand and challenges him in court! Too bad for Victor that Tucker won’t be able to testify and agrees to let Adam do so on his behalf  – because Adam is nowhere to be found… While Jack is fighting for Jabot, Patty is fighting to keep her new free life. However, when she goes to Emily and warns that she’s going to finish the job she started, Emily gives Patty a real eye-opener – literally! Don’t think that scares Patty though, she just grabs a handy dandy pillow and begins to lower it onto the doctor’s face!

Next week Phyllis accuses Diane of trying to ruin Jack’s latest marriage, as Sharon is forced to face the truth. And while Jana’s situation turns more dangerous, as Kevin gets a call thinking Jana is leaving him, Jill and Billy set out to take Tucker down!

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  1. From Missy

    being kevin & jana,bk together & cane & lily, bk together billy & chloe, bk together please ?

  2. From missy

    love billy & victoria bk together not chloe, & kevin bk together w/ chloe. thank’s,

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