Aaron Refvem Leaves The Cast Of General Hospital.

More surprising GH casting news.

In another bit of unexpected news, it looks like Port Charles isn’t just going to be getting a new Michael Cornithos. Aaron Refvem, who plays Michael’s younger brother, Morgan, will also be departing from the cast. The young actor is going to be replaced by Aaron Sanders. Audiences can expect to see the change on screen beginning on April 15. A scheduling conflict has been cited as the reason for this recast.

Soap Opera Fan Blog wishes Refvem all the best on his future endeavors and welcomes Sanders to the cast.

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  1. From soapsk

    What are they going to change Molly next? I loved Morgan and Molly scenes. GH better know what they are doing!

  2. From terry

    this is bs! seriously the pilot is not picked up or green lighted it’s just a pilot they could have worked out the conflict if they at gh wanted to keep aaron refvem and were sure no one could replace him better luck to the new morgan we’ll be watching and aaron refvem you better find better representation who is guiding you? geesh!

  3. From Kathy

    Oh my gosh, I’m in my 50′s and what makes you think that its fair to swap out kids. Morgan was a cute smart young man, and bam you swap him out, same with Michel, I just started to like this one, and bam, he’s gone, guess I won’t get to attached again.

  4. From jean miller

    I have not watched after they fired Drew Garrett and will never watch again! Now they fire poor little morgan! I HATE Jill & Brian BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. From Keisha

    The new Michael and Morgan looks funny – Morgan was the bomb.

  6. From grelsm

    I can’t believe they let Drew Garret and Aaron Refvem go! They were great and super charismatic. I honestly don’t like the new Michael and Morgan. I’m sorry but I don’t like how new Morgan acts. He seems like a little whinner. And the new Michael… not as dedicated as old Michael… and soooo not as hot!

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