Dahlia Salem Bio

Name: Claire Walsh
Character Name: Dahlia Salem
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Birthdate: November 21, 1971
Career Highlights in Soaps: Salem first made her mark in Daytime when she played Sofia Carlino on “Another World.”
Claim to fame: She played the recurring role of Dr. Jessica Albright on “ER.”
Trivia: She was considered for the Mena Suvari role in “American Beauty.”

Photo Credit: ABC

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  1. From Missy

    let Claire, leave dante, alone & sonny, & lulu. let Claire,step down
    & diane, win for sonny,bring them closer dante, carly, micheal, morgan,as a family please ?

  2. From cassie

    I like claire walsh, but i think calry gave her a run for the money apirl 20th on the witness stand. i think the truth should come out, and michael be free. so sonny can show Dante . the good side of sonny . be a father to him.

  3. From Courtney

    Claire is so damn good lookin…I think Sonny should give her seed ASAP..I wouldn’t even hesitate !!

  4. From latoya

    i really like dahalia salem on general hospitial this show fits her.

  5. From Jackie

    I would like to see Sonny marry Claire Walsh and have a few kids with her. I don’t want Brenda with Sonny. Enough with Brenda and Sonny. That was the past. And that would be boring and repetition to put them back together again. We want to see something new not the same ol, same ol.

    Thank you,

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