Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For March 9.

Are We Good?

Gabi takes Kate and Stefano’s orders at the pub. He’s grumpy and teases her about shopping. He marvels at how tolerant she is of Mel. “You didn’t even try to kill her,” he points out. She doesn’t appreciate the joke. They get earnest and talk about how horrible the mess with Syd is. He vows to track down whoever kidnapped his grandchild and make them beg for death.

At the mansion, Syd plays with her dolls while Rafe questions Sami about what she knew and when. She admits she lied to him and apologizes, though she knows that doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t lash out at her. Instead, he talks about catching the kidnapper and says that’s the most important thing right now. Stefano and Kate drift in. He’s shocked to see Syd in Rafe’s arms. Elvis orders his father not to touch Syd. Rafe calms everyone down. Sami is eager to take her daughter to the hospital. When she leaves, Stefano says that this is a happy day. EJ insists this changes nothing and orders Kate to pack Stefano’s things. Stefano explodes. He’s sick of his son’s abuse and refuses to allow him to keep him away from his grandchildren any longer. Kate calms her husband down and attempts to rationalize with EJ, pointing out that their legal battle over the house could drag on for years. She asks him to make up with his father for Syd’s sake. “Never,” EJ declares. He walks out and calls Anna, telling her that he is staying in town after all.

At the hospital, Lexi is jubilant about Syd being home. Steph is happy too so they change the mood and talk about Mel getting shot. Steph is kicking herself, claiming she could have stopped the mess from happening. Lexi tells her that everyone has regrets about things. Steph rambles and Lexi gets confused so the young woman explains that she was supposed to relay a message but she didn’t. Sami comes in with Syd. Rafe trails in behind her. Steph thinks it’s amazing that Syd is so mellow. A Fed arrives and Sami has to hand her daughter over for a minute so she can be checked over for evidence. Lexi takes the baby away and Sami starts hyperventilating and asks Rafe if he’s mad at her. She moans about what a torture it is to lie to him. “Are we good?” she asks. He tells her that the only thing he cares about is getting Syd home and then leaves to track down the kidnapper. EJ arrives. Sami tells him that Rafe is disappointed in her. He apologizes if he’s caused problems between them. “Are you sure that isn’t what you’ve wanted all along?” she asks. He pretends that couldn’t be the furthest thing from his mind. As Rafe returns, EJ tells Sami he’d like to spend the night with her and the kids.

Mel turns over in her hospital bed and is surprised to see Nathan there. He tells her she’s doing great. She stares so he guesses something is wrong. Sobbing, she tells him her life will never be right again. She fills him in on Daniel being her dad. Once again, she blames everything on Carly and then rambles. He gets confused. She tries to explain but that makes things worse. When she brings up the letter, he’s baffled. Nate gets a call and has to leave. Mel wonders what happened to her letter. She guesses Steph must have lied about giving it to him. In the corridor, Nate bumps into Steph. He tells her he’s confused after talking to Mel. She assumes the worst but he has no idea why. They kiss and he wanders off to work. Steph decides to make sure he never knows that she kept the letter from him. She goes in and asks Mel how she’s doing. “How do you think I’m doing bitch?” Mel answers.

Ari and Brady run off to a place by the lake. He tells her that they are there to go ice fishing. She makes faces. He’s joking. They have sex. He gets dressed and bustles out to give orders to the staff and stares at the ring he got for Ari. He drops the ring in a glass of champagne. Staring at the glass, he fantasizes about giving Ari the ring and popping the question. She accidentally swallows the ring and chokes. Brady snaps out of it and decides this is a bad idea. He returns to his room with the breakfast tray and proclaims that he’s loved her since she first scalded with coffee. Pulling out the ring, he drops to a knee and pops the question. “No,” she says.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

“So you lied to me and you lied to Nathan?” Melanie asks Stephanie.

“I should have stopped that wedding when I had the chance,” Nathan tells Maggie.

“Would you mind answering my question? What the hell is going on here?” Rafe asks Sami and EJ.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From suzy

    Is EJ every going to get what he deserves–being arrested and jailed? It is annoying watching him get away with everything.

  2. From pattypat

    Suzy, they have been dragging the baby storyline too long and E.J. need to be put in his place. I would like soem new storylines added. I still watch faithfully.

  3. From Missy

    love for ej spend the night w/ sami. bring her & ej, be bk as thier wild side bk, hey,

  4. From Kino

    #1 & 2

    I agree. Elvis so doesn’t deserve to in Sami and their children’s life after all the trouble he’s caused. Rafe had suspected him from the start and when he releases Nicole, they’re going to team up and knock him down for good.

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