Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Should Nicole Be With?

Being crammed in the slammer with Lois helped Nicole realize just how much she loves Brady.

The first thing she did when she was free was track him down. Too bad for her that he was in the middle of marrying someone else. Will Nicole be just as unlucky in love this time around?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Why not tell us who you think should have been on the list in the comment section.

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  1. From Yasmin

    Remembered Nicole dont want to be with Brady instead of married EJ DiMera so Brady do the same Brady has to marry Ari because he love her so much..Nicole is worse criminal and dont deserve Brady. Im glad Brady said get butt and knocked Nicole out.. I like to hear. and Im happy Will and Chad dump Mia for playing 2 guys..Sami is stupid for beleive EJ..She will learn truth and crush it for not doubt to Rafe.

  2. From Kino


    I agree and when Sami discovers the truth that Elvis kept Sydney hostage in order to make her pay for their legal daughter Grace’s death(though Nicole originally adopted her from Mia, she later turned her back on Grace by raising Sydney instead because she was Elvis’ daughter). I would love to see her smack him around and kicks him out of her mother’s penthouse.

    As for Will, he should be with Gabi. I think the writers need to let him inherit his mother’s spitfire, scheming ways. They should cause a lot of trouble for Mia. I wished they brought back Kinsey and have her hook up with Chad.

  3. From dc

    well, i don’t want to see nicole with brady, maybe she needs a new squeeze..
    i would love to see gabi with will, that would show mia. her trying to play (2) guys at once is just mean.. chad ia about as stupid and gullable as sami when it comes to ej..
    sami needs to get back with rafe and find out what ej really did.. he was just cruel. i wonder what ej will do when nicole comes back to town..

  4. From Dolly

    Can’t stand Ari, so want Brady with Nicole. Brady has never stoped loving Nicole, just used Ari because she was there and easy. Ari is a very short time romance, but he left her everytime to run to Nicole, just to help her out. NOw Nicole will give him the chance to really love her, she realizes how much he has always loved her.
    Brady just feels bad about going back on his word to Ari, Ari will break it up soon, she always has.
    She will realize once more, why whould she want to be married to Brady when the real love of his life is Nicole?

  5. From Casey

    Would love to see Nicole and EJ back together, they’re the perfect couple. Nicole fits in with the DiMeras, Sami never would.
    Brady and Ari are a good match – hope they get married.

  6. From Lee

    Brady and Nicole belong together. They love each other bottom line! Can’t wait to see her take him from Ari. It will be a fight!

  7. From Clear

    I suggested Nicole and Justin, the lawyer. She’s always needing one, he,he! Let Adrian stay in Salem and find a new man. Who is going to be the main squeeze for Donavon the ISA Agent when he comes to town?
    I don’t remember his history? Who was he with before?

  8. From Cindy

    #7 Clear – Shane was married to Kimberly Brady. They must have gotten an off screen ‘soap’ divorce if she is not coming back, too.

  9. From Betty

    Give Nicole a break and mate her with the one man thatloves her for who she is and will take herjust the way she is…Brady Black.Nicole has been through a lot growing up and deserves to be happy.Those who have been watching days a short time would not know her life but us veterans that have watched for over 43 years know the story behind Nicole.Give her a break and start socking it to Kate,Vivian,Carly the home wrecker,and now Stephanie and Mia are getting evil.Give Nicole a break….

  10. From Leigh

    I loved Shane and Kimberly! But maybe they’ll try a Shane / Hope pairing…. might be interesting….

  11. From dinky

    Remember Eric? Sami’s twin brother. Nicole and Eric had a thing at one time. I can’t remember how it ended but he was her first love on days. I think? Bring Eric back for Nicole.

  12. From mo

    nicole should be alone, thats what she gets 4 all she done.

  13. From twinny

    Yes. Eric is “the only man who ever truly loved” Nicole, not Brady. Let’s hope Brady remembers that the last time Nicole came after him; Chloe ended up with flesh eating disease all over her face.

  14. From julie

    Casey Sami if she wants can totally fits in the Dimera, back in the day she was way more badass than Nicole !

  15. From vicki

    how about Roman !!! What a story that would be

  16. From susan

    Ari and Brady are boring. Nicole and Brady are a great match!

  17. From michelle

    I use to be a big fan but now i hate your show. Nicole should go back to prison and leave Brady alone. What can i say your writer sucks and needs the good guys to win.

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