Days of Our Lives Spoilers For April 1-2.

More awkward moments.

Rafe interrogates Nicole about Anna. She’s not exactly forthcoming and tells him why she is back. “I came back to take what’s mine… What’s always been mine,” Nicole says. Meanwhile, EJ turns to his old henchman, Bennie, the co-Sydnapper who we rarely saw or heard from. Starting to worry that he will be found out, EJ continues to show his wisdom by handing the dude a loaf of cash instead of silencing him. “I can’t have anybody connecting these dots,” Elvis warns. Benny wanders to the airport bar and promptly gets plastered until Rafe arrests him. Sami gives the Fed a kiss for his hard work.

Although he’s been trying to shield her from her familial chaos, it looks like Nathan has beaten Philip to the punch. Philly catches the indecisive intern comforting Melanie on Salem’s romantic pier. After he departs, Melanie asks her husband if he’s jealous. “Should I be?” he wonders.

Just to make things merrier, Vivian surprises the couple with some news of her own which should keep her around for awhile. Viv could have other problems brewing, especially since Kate starts showing her claws again after she learns of Victor and Vivian’s latest plans.

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  1. From dc

    boy, what a cat fight today.. it’s been a long time coming though.
    and the moment between daniel and carly was just wrong. carly has runied too mayn lives, but i guess that is what she does.. i wonder how muh longer she will do it. she may have met her match when it comes to chloe because i think victor is on chloe’s side. and i’m sure vivian will agree..
    i sure don’t want ej and sami together, she needs to be with sami..

  2. From NeeNee

    Refresh my memory . . .
    is not Carly a sister to
    Frankie Brady? Back in
    the days when she came on
    the scene, it was written
    that she & Jennifer were
    college friends. Carly was
    “Katerina von Leuschner” and
    Frankie was actually her
    long-lost brother. Lawrence
    had raped Jennifer, as I

    This had to be 15+ years ago
    and I know people change
    and most of us put on the
    pounds. But there’s just
    something so smarmy & snaky
    about Lawrence in these
    manifestations Carly &
    Vivian have. As a middle-aged
    heart-throb, he’s NOT!

  3. From babs

    I just don’t understand why people (Here and the ones on the show) think Carly is the reason for EVERYTHING.
    Did she invent ice and push Dr. Dan to the ground with it? come on people.

  4. From Missy

    let nathan, finally be w. stephanie. philip bk w/ melanie, bring them bk on thier honeymoon.

  5. From Lo

    I love Philip with Melanie! They have fantastic chemistry with each other. I’m getting tired of Nathan’s obessessing over that dumb letter already. Move on, man!

  6. From Lo

    I love Philip and Melanie! They have fantastic chemistry with each other. I’m growing tired of whiny Nathan’s obssessing over that letter and using Stephanie. Move on, man!

  7. From CJ

    I agree – Let Philip and Melanie be together. Remember Mel is not this innocent little flower. She needs someone that is “mature” enough and “sneaky thinking” enough for her. Nathan is not that wordly for Mel.

  8. From SL

    Nathan and Mel belong together! But who knows what lurks in the minds of the DOOL writers – after all, look at Bo and Hope – they have Carly being absolutely predatory, intentionally or not – she falls right into the \other woman\ role no matter what man she is talking to.

  9. From Kate

    I haven’t missed Days in about 26 years and I’ve never before felt so strongly about two characters having zilch amount of chemistry. The entire Melanie and Nathan storyline just makes no sense at all.

  10. From Jolie

    Please whatever is in store for Carly, don’t just don’t make us see she and Bo in bed rolling around again. And I agree that Lawrence needs to stay dead. He did look rough. But Carly looks a bit spoiled by the good life too.

  11. From Jolie

    When Sami finds out, and she will, about EJ and the Sydnapping, she’ll give EJ worse than she tried to give Nicole. Nicole was giving back too. I think Nicole could really scuff Sami up in a real fight. Nic has had it tough all her life and is a scrappy personality. She wouldn’t go down easily. I wish one of them had blacked Rafe’s eye to make it a bit more interesting.

  12. From Kino


    I’ll look forward to the day when Rafe exposes Elvis, Benny and Anna for the whole Sydnapping fraud. I bet Sami would fell angry and gullible for putting her trust in the wrong man to bring her daughter home.


    I think the writers need to reunite Bo and Hope by doing extensive damage control on them.

  13. From tarau

    I don’t know why some people dislike Carly so much? She DID NOT break up Hope and Bo. They were separated way before she came to town and that was b/c of cranky old Hope who has to open her nasty mouth about everything, besides placing taking a good look in the mirror at herself. When she was presumed dead, Carly and Bo had a wonderful romantic relationship and she was there to help raise Shawn D. Give the woman some credit, everyone on this show has made some major mistakes and some how has been forgiven or forgotten! I am pretty sure Hope has cheated on Bo before and I am pretty sure no character on Days is flawless!

  14. From Becky3jc

    I didn’t watch Days when Carly was on before so all I can go by is what I see now. I am disgusted with Bo. After everything he and Hope have been through, I couldn’t believe how quickly he jumped into bed with another woman. And now Carly is the love of his life and he would risk going to jail for her. Give me a break. Their relationship is so unbelievable. Every time Bo calls Carly \princess\ it makes me gag. But like I said, I never saw them together before. Maybe they were a good couple in the past. But they sure aren’t now. I’d rather see her with Daniel. I hope that one day, the writers can redeem Bo because he used to be a great character. Now he just comes across as a jerk who doesn’t care about his family. I wish Shaun D. would come back and knock some sense into him.

  15. From Priscilla

    I have watched Days for 20 plus years. Even the demon possessed Marlana wasn’t as bad as the Syndnapping and Bo & Hope delima. This is totally ridiculous. Bo & Hope are one of the greatest couples on Days, they are totally ruining it. Enough is enough, get that witch Carla out of Salem and get back to the real life. Bo is being an idiot. Carla and Bo had there time.

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