Days of Our Lives Spoilers For April 5-9.

Family foes and feuds.

Since he’s doing his best to be reliable and straightforward with his fiancée, Brady agrees that he and Ari will be making joint decisions about things from now on. While they attempt to work out their power dynamic and live with each other, lonely Elvis continues to pout. He confides once more in his sister that he still has feelings for Sami.

As Elvis is busy pining for Sami’s whining, Anna fills Stefano in on more details of the Sydnapping fiasco that rocked the house of DiMera. Will her latest revelations send him through the roof and someone else under ground? It looks like the battle that has been brewing between father and son could start getting a whole lot uglier as they kick it up a notch and begin to play a deadly game.

Across town, the pitfalls of living in a felonious family continue to haunt Melanie, though she does her best to try and bond with her newfound parents as they all get to work picking up the pieces of the people of Salem at the hospital. As the family settles in, Philip does his best to reassure Chloe that Dr. Daniel only has eyes, and other organs, for her. Even if he manages to convince her with his smooth talk, that could all go out the window when they stumble upon a warm family moment between the doctor and the new women in his life.

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  1. From Missy

    pray it would be carly, love for thm to a family & also there for melanie. bring them closer. bo hope bk together. ej sami, too rafe, w/ nicole. thanks,

  2. From paula

    are you going off the air? you have changed the characters so much its like a scifi show what happened to the family show?

  3. From Sandy Allen

    Look why cant they let Sami And Rafe b e together. I am sick of EJ.

  4. From Precious

    Rafe and Sami…YES!!!..Nicole DESERVES NOBODY after all the dirty deeds she’s pulled on people.

    I hope EJ gets what’s coming to him from none other than his own father!! EJ doesn’t deserve anyone but a jail cell for what he’s done to Sami.

  5. From Ellen

    Isn’t it ironic after all these years and all the nasty things Sami did to everyone else that we are now rooting for her??

  6. From dc

    amen to what you said, precious.
    i think in the end ej will get what is coming to him. maybe he will even decide to make up with his father, wouldn’t that be a hoot.
    i wonder when bo is gonna be gone from the show and how long he will be gone. does anyone think carly will go with him or maybe even hope? i read he was going to be away for awhile with family. could he be going to london to see billoie?

  7. From Anita

    Let me just stir things up a bit around here……Sami has done at LEAST as many horrible things in her past as EJ and Nicole combined! Give me a break! EJ and Sami are absolutely delicious together and they make sparks fly! EJ doesn’t deserve anymore punishment than Sami does, by any stretch of the imagination.

    I love Rafe too, but he and Sami just don’t burn hot together. I’m worn out by Rafe and Sami breaking up/making up all the time. By the way, we still don’t know the story about how Rafe’s ex-fiance died.

    One more thing about Bo and Hope…I think Hope should stand up and fight for her man! She needs to remind him why he fell for her in the first place all those years ago.

    I’m just saying….:)

  8. From judy

    today made it all worth it EJ with the light finally dawning that he still loves Sami was pricless now off with his head, let the games begin Stephano will return to his former powerful self and for once EJ will be his target and we all know how Stephano can make a trapped rat squirm suffer EJ you evil demon suffer

  9. From Dolly

    I see the EJ and Stephano war, but when EJ is fingered for the Syd Napping, Father will save Son in some way that his money and bad guys can do.
    EJ has loved Sami for so long, tried to have her in his life/bed in so many ways, it is bound to happen. The difficulities along the way are what make the story that we watch daily.

  10. From Kino

    #2 & 3

    I agree with that Elvis should pay for what he has done, along with anna for the fraud kidnapping. I would love to see Sami slap him around and she stays with Rafe. How about a treat, he finally tells her the whole truth about Emily and how she died. He explains that he was afriad she would suffer the same fate as his fiancee if her ex-husband, Elvis hurts her. Sami finally understands, but she tells Rafe that she’d risk it all for him because he brought Sydney back to her. Let Elvis rot in jail.

    I think Chelsea should’ve returned to Salem with Max. She would’ve been able to get through to Melanie. Chelsea tells her that she could relate to her because when she learned that Billie was her biological mother, she too hated her as much as Melanie did with Carly. It wasn’t long until she discovered that Bo was her father, that she finally forgave her mother. Chelsea does give her the option to forgive Carly or let her go to jail.

  11. From Rayray

    I think regardless of what ej has done, he should be with Sami!!!! They would be a powerhouse couple!!! It would bring her out of boring Rafes arms, he is too nice, no fun……also should keep Mel and Phillip together another powerhouse couple as for the rest let them go back and forth!!!

  12. From Jack Kanov

    Just a little overreaction from Justin don’t ya think? How could he be so upset with Hope? He doesn’t butt out of her binezz. Justin is a chump!
    Kinsey looks like a caricature with her one big eye and one smaller eye. They make her out to be so stupid and radically annoying just like all the other kids like Chad, Mia, Gay Will, Stephanie.
    Melanie needs to grow up and she acts like a little girl who loves attention. It was so nice with Nicole out of the picture now she is back and ridiculous as ever. I do not find her attractive at all. Mopey Mia needs to go back to the meadow where all the other field mice hang out. I like Victor and his quips, Daniel is cool but doesn’t know how to fall. Chloe can’t act worth sheet. I am still crackin’ up from a comment from one of the people on here chimin’ in about how she is the love child of Delta Burke and a Siamese cat. Now that was funny and that’s all I think about when I see Chloe the slow talker. Pronunciate this!
    Elvis the Pelvis over acts with his bloomin’ bloody corny British accent. Mr. Rico Suave’ claims to love Sami but he really loves himself. Why doesn’t Stephano does something about his disrespecting son?
    I love how Carly doesn’t take any crap from anyone. She is very ahem healthy too!
    Bring back Lucas and John and get rid of some these wannabe actors I mentioned above. I don’t miss the anorexic Chelsea either.
    Philip cracks me up when he gets angry. They make him look out to be such a badass and he walks funny when he is upset too! I like him on the show.
    Agent Herandez need not go back with drama queen Sami.
    Rack me, I’m out. Peace!

  13. From LindaLu

    Among the many things we’re asked to believe (such as the rapid aging of Salem’s children, and the equally rapid growth of cobwebs in the getaway cottage less than 24 hours after Anna and then the cleaning crew did their deeds and left) we now have Dr. Dan slipping on ice in Salem (presumably still cold winter) but then a quick plane ride away there’s a hurricane blowing toward Santa Domingo (definitely a summertime event) Ah well, keep ‘em coming writers – obviously we’re still watching…

  14. From NeeNee

    Gee, isn’t it time to add
    another young actor to the

    Nicholas Alamain has been
    mentioned of late. Evidently
    Carly is estranged from him.
    I’m guessing he could be
    between the age of Philip
    and Stephanie.

    I don’t know about you guys,
    but much as love my summers,
    I DREAD Days’ summer storylines.
    Always have to suffer through
    the young herd soaking up the

    Agree, Jack Kanov—bring back
    John Black, Marlena, Jennifer,
    etal. I’ve heard Shane Donovan
    will also be coming back to
    Salem to stay. Unless they
    reunite him & Kim (Patsy Pease),
    I can’t imagine who they’d pair him with. Perhaps Carly?

  15. From B

    I think it would be interesting to see Sami take a break from Ej and learn what a dumb blond she is always falling for his scheming ways. Rafe doesn’t deserve to get stuck with her. Lucas needs to come back and crash on the couch with EJ and then EJ can wake up one morning and find Sami going at it with Lucas! Wouldn’t that be a riot!!!! Payback is a b………….!

  16. From Vivian

    Just watched Tues episode…Melanie is still my favorite character..but Kinsey is now my second favorite character..loved the way she “conversed” with Chloe and Nicole…

  17. From Clear

    Good punch, Sami! I am looking forward to the rest of the fight tomorrow!!

  18. From Anna

    Enough hospital scenes already! As soon as somebody gets out, somebody else goes in. How about some scenes at the Brady Pub, or Titan, or Chez Rouge, or SOMEWHERE besides the hospital all the time.

  19. From Lola

    Sounds like a slow week. Again.

  20. From SL

    first of all, i have to say that the writers could have come up with something better to postpone the wedding than a hurricane – we are still two months from hurrican season, and they were making it sound like it would be on them any minute – seriously –
    If anna is spilling all to daddy dimera, then i can so see ej and nicole eventually aligning against him – i still want to see EJ & Nicole together – as much to leave Brady & Sami alone as because they have good evil chemistry together -

  21. From Doris JJ

    Since Melanie is so against Carly for “throwing her away” what will she think when she finds out her husband did the same thing with his child.

    I don’t think EJ loves Sami either, it is a control thing with him. Interesting to see what the writers have instore for him and his dad.

    I don’t want Nicole with Brady because she was cruel to him when she was seeking EJ and now since she doesn’t have anyone else she wants Brady.

  22. From Aliyah0502

    EJ and Sami belong together..two of a kind. They will do anything to be with the person they love, even if its breaking the law or hurting others. They can cause mayhem to Salem as a pair. EJAMI all the way!!!

  23. From sharpshooter

    I agree, Nicole wants Brady now, when she was going to prison, & now that she’s back & has no one.Ari is showing to much worry, & should instead stick it to Nicole. Her & Brady should elope someplace else before they go back to Salem. And why don’t they have the jet? They could get away from Nicole on it & go elope. So simple. That Kinsey is so annoying. To teen for me. She acts like she’s in kindergarten. I hope Fay will be back too. Keep her daughter in line once & for all.

  24. From Patty

    Does not Sami recall that she was RAPED by EJ?!?! Why she even converses with him is beyond me.

  25. From Beth

    Doris JJ: Excellent point on Phillip’s baby (with Mimi)! Bet the writers with forget about that too! LOL!

  26. From Beth

    Sorry, “will forget”

  27. From sandy

    Here’s a thought! With Daniel trying to get Melanie not to turn away from Carly, his feelings also seem to be softening for her. Those little looks & comments we’ve been seeing could make one think there may be a hook up between Daniel & Carly. By the way Daniel is having blurred vision in the hospital, maybe that’s how it will happen he will mistake Carly for Chloe and have some “nooky” with Carly while in a dazed moment. Chloe will walk in and see them, running into Phillips arms as she bolts from the room where Phillip has just come from seeing Melanie and Nathan together while he and Stephanie we’re leaving a Hospital Board meeting. Don’t you just love it when a story comes together?

  28. From justafan

    loved sami smacking nicole brady why are you calling her? i think daniel and carly would make quite the couple hope melanie forgives her soon. justin is just too whoosie he deserves to be alone can’t stand him with hope she belongs alone for awhile she hurt bo first oh yeah stephano can’t wait til you know about ej

  29. From Michelle

    I liked the posters above idea about Daniel’s blurred vision leading him to mistake her for Chloe and… But, where does that leave Bo? True, he could then be free to reconcile with Hope, but he has professed his love for Carly, so will that then result in (yet another) love triangle of Bo/Carly/Daniel? (I left Chloe out cause I hope she does end up with Philip and Mel with Nathan)
    And with Victor’s words of wisdom to Chloe today, she just may end up learning more from him than is good for her and take a somewhat of a Nicole route and fake a pregnancy or something… Who knows
    I am one that likes (loooves) EJ, and I thought his scene when he was alone with Syd just realizing his love for Sami was genuine, and that’s what upset him so much, it is going to keep him from carrying out his dastardly plan. I think Sami is the ONLY one that could ever make EJ go “good”, but I hope they can still be bad together… hehehe
    And what was with Rafe hauling Sami and Nicole off to the station because of a fist fight? People get rq441 rq441 away with murder and so much other stuff, yet the police are carting Sami and Nicole (and Philip and Nathan) off to jail for fist fighting??? Come on!

  30. From Lo

    I love Philip and Melanie! They have fantastic chemistry with each other. I’m growing tired of whiny Nathan’s obssessing over that letter and using Stephanie. Move on, man!

  31. From sandy

    #29 Michelle…
    I did leave a thought out in the #27 scenario above. We know Carly and Daniel have good sperm & eggs, they did produce Melanie in one night, so of course after one episode of “nooky” in the hospital Carly will get pregnant by Daniel for the second time. Then there comes Stephanie with a Horton baby bump…. after Melanie and Nathan get back together.

    After today’s show I sure hope Daniel doesn’t go blind. I did love the knock down drag out between Nicole and Sami. I really like these characters, I know others don’t, but they are great at actors. Also EJ’s “deer in the head light look” when he realized he was in love with Sami was exceptional. Stefano would not be happy if EJ and Sami got back together. I think he could tolerate Nicole more than Sami. Similar to Victor being able to suddenly tolerate Chloe more than Carly…the least of the two evils. And finally Kinzee isn’t she just about as clueless as they come? Where will her story line go other than being the town “busy body”?

  32. From michelle

    put sami and ej together finally. do not like her with rafe. do agree that putting him with nicole could be great!

  33. From cindy

    looks like daniel getting hurt might bring some peace between carly and melanie..she sure seems to be softening up. i’m really starting to like melanie, she seems to be a genuinly nice person. a far cry from the spoiled brat she started off being. the fight between sami and nicole was the best scene “days” has had in a long time. it was great and even looked pretty authentic. considering these actors don’t get any rehersals, they do a pretty dog-gone good job of acting. at least most of the time. i’m not an ej fan, but he did look sincere when talking to lexie about his feelings for sami. hope it doesn’t go anywhere though, because he will just end up hurting sami again and she’s had enough of that. also, it’s hard to get past the whole rape thing (or coersed sex, or whatever you want to call it; it certainly wasn’t consentual (sp?).

  34. From judy

    so many people talk about EJ and Sami being so great together but seriously didn’t they only have sex like twice when the forced sex which resulted in Johnny and when Sami thought Lucas was never coming back to her (remember that was kind of interrupted by Lucas )which resulted in Sydney good God please keep them apart the last thing Sami needs is another kid for Grandma Brady to have to watch Grandma’s deserve a life too

  35. From Lo

    I love Philip and Melanie and hope they keep them together! I wish they would drop this letter nonsense already, and just give them a shot. Melanie and Nathan put me to sleep.

  36. From Niteowl

    #24 Patty I guess the reason Sami can converse with her rapist, EJ, is because she is a rapist also. I guess when you have done it all, you can overlook the bad things you yourself have done? Sami’s rape of Austin was done without him having any control over the act, at least EJ gave Sami a choice and then fulfilled his promise to save Lucas, which he could have refused to do after he had committed the dastardly deed.

  37. From kristen

    Please put EJ and Sami together!!They are hot !!!! I love Philip and Mel together!! I have been watching the show for 24 years and I love Days Of Our Lives!!!

  38. From Apryl

    Even if Daniel went blind, you know it wouldn’t be permanent…look at Abe!

    And I think that they whole Philip backstory has been completely wiped…they forget he was a Marine who lost his leg, that he gave up a baby with Mimi, that he thought Claire was his…was married before…

    Can’t stand Chloe. She needs to get over herself.

    I miss the old people like Jack and Jennifer and John and Marlena, and Carrie and Austin. When are they doing the Alice tribute and bringing back the REAL people of Days??

  39. From Doris JJ

    I don’t think Johnnie belongs to EJ’s, I think he belongs to Lucas and hope something happens in the near future where a blood test is done. That would be wonderful!

    I think this month, past characters will start coming to visit Alice. May is when the producer said they would have the memorial service.


    Also in last posts, a couple people said that Nicole adopted Grace. Did that happen? I don’t remember her going to a lawyer to have papers signed or even anything said to Mia about drawing up papers. I just remember Nicole delivering the baby and then taking it to the clinic. She told Dr. Baker he needed to go see Mia and then she switched babies and EJ showed up. Was there legal work done?

  40. From sandy

    Rumor has it Carly will be moving in with Daniel and Chloe…..why why why ! This is obviously working up to a relationship between Carly and Daniel. Where will this leave Chloe and Bo…I can see it now a family dinner with Daniel, Chloe, Melanie, Phillip, Carly & Bo. UK!

  41. From Michelle

    Wow, Nicole sure came out of prison with a bang. She’s not holding anything back in anything she has to say to anyone! Talk about an attitude! I guess maybe she figures she has nothing left to lose now that she’s lost Sydney, EJ, and Brady is engaged to Ari.

  42. From Renee

    I want Daniel and Carly together for sure!! Put Chloe with Phillip. he is going to need somebody to lean on after Melanie hurts him.

    I say bring back Lucas for Sami. Put Rafe with Nicole.

  43. From sandy

    The writers need to complete Rafe’s story line about Emily Hudson his former fiance. What really happened with the car crash that took her life. There is still a secret to be told here, like maybe Arianna had something to do with the wreck since Rafe & Ari never want to talk about the subject!

  44. From starkiss0910

    Loving Nicole being back on the set. Good bye arri…nicole is gonna take your man. Nicole and brady are the hottest couple on the show. Let Daniel and Carley be together. How about Arri getting together with Ej. I think they would be hot together.

  45. From Vivian

    Doris #39: I have said since Day One that Johnny was Lucas’ and so is Sydney…she was with Lucas when he first came back from jail. Ari spent time in jail…so figure a Little Fight between her and Nicole would be interesting LOL Sammi needs to be with Lucas and I am not sure the writer’s problem with it. Don’t forget Sammi was raped by one of those boys that Lucas went to military school with. I agree with having Ari and EJ together. Maybe Rafe and Hope?…they both are dedicated, by the book, law enforcers…! Still think Maggie and Roman would be a good match… My BIG Question is what is in it for Victor to legally marry Vivian? He wants something that she has or is entitled to have! I still hold firm to my belief that Melanie is Lawrence’s!!

  46. From Paula

    I’m still stuck on the fist fight between Sami and Nicole…loved it! I must have replayed that fight 5 times!..and laughed just as much every time!
    I don’t understand the amount of people that want Brady and Nicole together…personally the scenes between them make me ill. I like Brady, and for him to overlook everything she has done is rediculas. For pete’s sake…she stole Sami’s baby which is his neice! Has he no boundaries?? And besides that, I like him with Ari.

  47. From sunflower

    I’d like to see Rafe and Sami reunite and have Rafe’s past revealed Sami deserves to know that and then hopefully they will be be able to move forward and not all this breaking up and making up

  48. From sharpshooter

    Ya, what comes around goes around for Sammi. She did rape Austin. He was drugged. Maybe she should go to church & confess all she has done & move on. Admit all those things were really bad. Maybe than can I see her redeemed in my eyes. I don’t like when they do so many bad things then act like a saint & judge others for something.They all have done things, yet they all judge. Like Sammi, Mel, Kate, Viv, the list goes on. It’s so funny to see Kate trying to warn people about what Viv was going to do to mel, yet she once tried to kill Chloe. Makes me laugh at all the hypocrits.

  49. From wildwoman

    And what about Mia? come on!!!!!! She can team up with Chad’s sleazy father! yes!! Make her nasty! Already I can see the beginnings of it! She is slanty eyed and mean! We don’t want to see any more “dream” sequences! Let’s see….Mia gets pregnant off of Chad’s father and slithers into chad’s life and says the baby is his! More drama! Then Mia gets the opportunity to go to law school, becomes an ambulance chaser, and makes a fortune…runs for governor and then she controls the whole thing. “Mousy Mia” becomes a wild uncontrollable woman causing problems even more than Carly does…except she is pretty!

  50. From Doris JJ

    Mia with Chad’s dad is a little sick, after all he is an older man and that would just be gross.

    I think Sami has apololized a few times. She did to John and told him she did love him. It seems like she did some soul searching when she was in the convent after Grace was born.

    Yes Sami did take advantage of Austim but she was a kid and mixed up because she didn’t have her parents around. I didn’t like Sami then and thought someone should put her over their knee but gave her some slack because of what Stephano did to her family. EJ is a grown man and knows what he is doing and I can’t give him any slack for that. It has to be his way or not at all. And please don’t even think about Nicole with Rafe. He is a good guy and she has gone back to being a nasty whitch.

  51. From Clear

    I thought Sandy’s scenario was good–#31. I agree with #43 and others about developing and finishing the Rafe/Em storyline too. I don’t like the idea of the children’s fathers being found out to be others than what we have been told now. I enjoyed watching the show this week and am glad to see Nicole back.

    I really don’t want to see her break up Ari and Brady now since Ari has finally shown some backbone and isn’t the wimpy character she used to be c I think she and EJ should be together again because she truly loved him and was as evil as he is in her own way bar murder maybe. I loved the Sami/Nicole fight. Why didn’t they let Sami get in some of her martial arts kicks? I believe Allison has a martial arts background doesn’t she? Maybe she can go to martial arts training now as Sami, and then become an ISA agent like her daddy, SuperJohn, and kick more b#$$! Perhaps put the drug dealing Dimeras and others away and help out the poor Salem PD. They could use the help, he, he! Then she can hold poor Rafe down and make him do whatever she wants! I have lost my browser window!

  52. From Clear

    I was trying to say I like Ari better since she isn’t crying and wimpy like she was on Passions, and she is going to stand up and fight for her man! Also that I would like to see Nicole back with EJ–perhaps Stephano will arrange it for some future reason, he,he!

  53. From renee

    I really enjoyed the Sami and Nicole fight. I think Nicole will find out what EJ did before everybody else does. Wonder why they are not showing Hope or Bo much this week. Where is their daughter at we have not seen her much either.

  54. From joan

    Glad Nicole is back. She has gotten a raw deal all around. Hate Bo and Carly. Hate Carly altogether. Vic and Viv. Like Philip and Melanie. Done like Setph and Nathan. Go Stephano put ur boy back in line and take the reins. Dont think Sami deserves Rafe, too many kids and complications for anyone to handle. Dont really like Brady and Ari.

  55. From sandy

    #45 Vivian…Quote from your blog “My BIG Question is what is in it for Victor to legally marry Vivian?”

    Remember on today’s show when Victor was on the phone asking for someone to check on the Alamain property and Vivian walked in jabbering about the wedding invitation. There was a big hint there; Victor must be after Viv’s connection to the Alamain fortune, business and property, which is a little confusing. When John Black was thought to be Forrest Alamain the half of the Alamain business that was run by Vivian at that time was turned over to John. Here is another place in the Salem stories where the writers took some liberties; Lawrence had DNA run to prove John was in fact his biological brother. We now know John’s father was Santo Dimera and mother was Colleen Brady. So does John still have the Alamain fortune he was given when he was thought to be Forrest? I know he eventually gave up all claim to the Dimera fortune.

    I haven’t found any where in history where Viv was re-instated as a holder in the Alamain business. Maybe when Carly killed Lawrence his fortune went to Vivian. If not Carly is a very rich lady, the entire Alamain fortune should include Carly’s family fortune from her father Henri Von Leuschner. I believe at one time Lawrence, Victor and Stefano were after the Von Leuschner fortune. Maybe someone could clarify these conundrums for us!

  56. From Clear

    Interesting questions, Sandy. I noticed the phone call and wondered if Victor was checking to find out what to put into the prenup, he,he–or additional marriage contract!
    I did enjoy Days today. The Maggie and Victor scene was really good too I thought. The Maggie, Victor, Viv triangle isn’t as far out as some might think. I laughed out loud and chuckled all the way through it! There were some good lines in there today and the acting was funny and, or interesting. Looking forward to next week.

  57. From sharpshooter

    Oh, what’s wrong with poor Sammi. She couldn’t get her way with Rafe today so she’s pouting. Rafe is the only sane person on the show. He rationalizes things & no one can deal with that. I like Nicole. She needs to kick it up a notch, like she used to. Rafe is being very condisending with her. He’s the one who will be in trouble.
    And poor Anna. Stephano found her now, now what will happen to her. She’s going to spill about E.J. and make a deal with Stephano.

  58. From Clear

    What’s wrong with Sami is that her character is too stupid to see that Rafe isn’t coming back with EJ camped there. You would think she could figure that out without him having to spell it out!

    Stepahno is going after EJ soon, and Sami would be better far away from EJ!

  59. From Vivian

    You know they tell you that DNA is 99.9% correct? Well, the writers on DAYS use that .1% to re-write the storylines. I have stopped paying any attention to the DNA stuff…as they write over it later…like with Max and Melanie…Max did DNA with him and her!

  60. From Leah

    So so looking forward to an Ejami reunion but I have to say these writers are so predictable and gutless. I love Ejami they just have the “it” factor. They have both committed so many despictable crimes and pain on others and each other. They deserve each other and I for one want to watch them continue all their games and mischief. They are unpredictable and so much fun to watch together. Love or hate each other today, fight or make up? You just never know what your going to get. I also love them as parents – both James and Alison are natural with the kids who play their children. So get rid of stiff old Rafe and bring on more Ejami.
    PS: Couldn’t the writers have had Sami chasing EJ this time? Another missed opportunity writers – make it interesting and maybe your ratings will go up!

  61. From justafan

    i like nicole standing up to ej he deserves it but can’t wait for stephano’s plans afainst ej Am i the only one that thinks daniel and carly would be a hot couple and little melanie quite the family
    love phillip with her

  62. From janiebell

    Dr. Dan, Carly, Melanie and Phillip leave the country to begin family life in a new place with no reminders of anyone’s past.

  63. From patsy

    I think that if EJ wants any resept from Sami and ejamie fan he is going to have to come clean and tell every thing and why. I love EJand Samitogether THEY ARE EXITEING AND HOT But Ialso love Rafe andSami they are so good together and BELIVEABLE. SOeither one is good.LUCKY SAMI!!!!

  64. From Mary

    I love the idea of Hope going “cougar” with Rafe!! I want EJ & Sammi back together. They where hot together and Sammi was good for EJ therefore making her a better person. Keep Phillip & Melanie together they’re great together. Nathan & Melanie are sooo boring. Drop the H.S. kids..boring. Carly & Roman?????

  65. From Paula

    When someone first mentioned the possibility of Maggie and Victor together, my first thought was no way! But after seeing them interact with each other, I’m thinking it may be worth a whirl. It’s a little hard to imagine with Victor being as “mafia” as he is and Maggie being such a “good” girl, but hey…could prove to be interesting. I’ve seen stranger things happen on this show!
    I have to say I was really impressed with EJ’s revalation of his love for Sami. Kudo’s for his acting ability.

  66. From Shanna

    I have watched Days since I was 3 years old, thats 25 years for those that gotta know lol. I think for a perfect show…..Carrie, Austin, MiMi,Belle, and Shawn need to come back!!Bo and Hope should get back together. Brady should be with Arianna, Sami with Rafe, Steph with Nathan, Melanie with Philip, and Chloe with Daniel. I like Nichole, and Carly but I think fresh storylines are needed for them (it could be done, look how many times Stephanie’s has changed!!) Mia now shows she needs to go, after fooling us all. Chad hasn’t turned out so bad but Will deserves only the best good girl so he and Gabbi should hook up. Victor needs to use his wedding to Vivian as a way to destroy her but keep her around at his mercy. Nicole needs to stay sober, Maggie needs to get better, EJ needs exposed but he needs to stay around. I never thought I would say it but I think I liked EJ and Nicole together actually.

  67. From Carol

    What is going on? Day’s is getting disgusting anymore. They should call the program “crime pays.” EJ continues to get away with everything and anything. How can Sammi be so stupid,as to let him stay with her. When does he work? Pleaseee get back to some sense in the storyline. It is beginning to look like reruns of the Godfather. Help!

  68. From Christy

    I miss the old Sami & definetly perfer her with EJ. The chemistry between her & Rafe is predictable & boring. It’s a soap opera & it’s supposed to be exciting.If you want to watch a normal lil’ show with nothing but happy lil’ endings I’m sure their are reruns of 7th Heaven you can find on some sappy cable channel.

  69. From sharpshooter

    We need these bad guys to get back to the way they used to be.Victor & Stephano. They were great when they were evil. We need a good kidnapping, like when Marlena was in that big bird cage. That was great. And when they held Hope above that vat of acid. I really loved it when Hope was trapped in that mansion by Stephano, and I think it was John & marlena that came & rescued her.Any one remember that, maybe refresh me on who it was. It was so long ago. Those were great times. Yes, get rid of the H.S. gang. Or give them a life other than meddling. I still say Kate needs to give Mia a dose of her own medicine-A little Kate style.

  70. From babs

    #68, Christy
    hahahahahahaha…….7th Heaven
    Love it!

  71. From Tess

    Sami is a whore and she hates her children. Look what she did to Will when he was a baby. Sent him to Switzerland. And today she was just terrible to him. You never see her with Ally or Johnny. How can anybody stand her? She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She is as stupid as they come. Please get rid of her!!!

  72. From bb

    Where is Bo? Is he really on vacation or did he get axed like many of the original crew. Is that the reason they’re having Carly do so much bonding with Daniel? Where will that leave Hope and Ciara if Bo isn’t coming back?

    I notice a lot of fans saying they want many of the original cast members back, but I thought the reason they were released was because of a lack of funding to meet their salary requirements. I’ve seen a lot of them on other soaps…Shawn, Mimi, etc.

  73. From Kim

    Holy geez!! Will really gave it to Sami today! She so deserved it! I can’t remember another character giving it to her so straight like Will did today. Right between the eyes!! I absolutely loved it. I hope that it wakes her up, but knowing how stupid the writers like to portray her….I doubt it!! Kablamo!! Ouchies!…. :)

  74. From Clear

    bb, if you have been reading the posts, someone said that Bo has had too much exposure and has to stop taping for a while. That is why he is getting ready for a trip to go help Kimberly with a bone marrow transplant in the storyline or something.
    Sami is so clueless! If she wants Rafe, she should be moving EJ out of her apartment and letting Rafe know that he is numero uno! Letting your Ex stay at your place to see the children—ridiculous! Like any man is going to put up with another alpha male that isn’t even related to him taking up space in his cave in order to be near his woman and her children!

  75. From Renee

    OMG what a bitch Chloe is!!! I am hoping more than ever now that Daniel and Carly get together!!!!

    Bo and Hope need to get back together.

  76. From cindy

    i also read bo had to help one of his sisters with a bone marrow transplant, but was only gone a month and is back taping already. doris #50, i agree with everything you said about sami. i’ve been thinking the same thing./ sure she did many terrible things when she was young. she even hid belle away for awhile when she was a baby cuz she was john’s. but like you said, she was a mixed up jealous kid (she was so jealous of carrie and belle) and i think she’s gotten more than her share of bad karma to make up for those things. sharpshooter, i remember marlena being kidnapped y stephano and held for a VERY VERY long time, but i thought when hope was held (they all thought she was dead) she either escaped on her own or was released by stephano brained washed to think she was someone else so she could reek more havok on salem and especially bo.

  77. From cindy

    also renee, your right. i usually like chloe, but she’s been horrible lately. just when melanie and carly at least begin to make peace, she throw’s that nasty remark in there about “some good coming out of daniels accident”, wasn’t it actually daniel that said it.

  78. From Paula

    I wanted to slap Chloe and that smirk on her face when Melanie told off Carly again! I have a feeling when Danial realizes how she is setting Melanie and Carly’s relationship up to fail (and he will) he is going to kick Chloe to the curb. And yes Cindy…Daniel was the one who first said it.

  79. From mk

    I think that Chloe and Phillip have always belonged together…I’ve thought that since back when they had their high school dance. I love them!!

    Lucas and Sami forever-I wish ej never came to Salem…I don’t think i’d even mind rafe, brandon, or any other guy she’s ever dated…just ANY ONE but EJ…ANYONE!!!

    Loving Carly and Bo :) Forever…

    Justin and Adrienne…

    Hope and maybe Rafe??

    I could do without Dr. Sleazy… I mean Dr. Daniel

    Please get rid of Mia and Stef…I can’t stand them. But especially Mia…

  80. From sharpshooter

    Yes Sammi is really a bad parent. Not only doing those things a long time ago, but she is still doing the wrong things. Didn’t Marlena teach her anything. I loved Carrie. Bring her & Austin back.
    Boy I am going to have to refer to my old soap books to find out about the time Hope was imprisioned by Stephano. I remember her being locked in a room, and she was really pretty then. But someone came looking in the mansion, & found her I thought. I’m thinking John & Marlena. But then I think Princess Gena was there too. I’m confused. I’ll find out though. Someone must have watched Day’s today already, maybe on another coast. I never saw the part about Will giving it to Sammi, only previews. They must be on California time or something.

  81. From Doris JJ

    I know people want Carly gone but I would be surprised if they did, at least for a while. She has a very large fan base and she brought them with her. And someone else said Sami should go, that would be another big shock because she also has a big fan base. This show is hanging on by a thread because of the money and I don’t think they will get rid of people that will work for less. John and Marlena would not take a pay cut and so they were written off. It was on a blog last year. And Bo was on so much that he hit the end of his contract so he has to be gone a few weeks. I had no idea they went by time on the air I thought you would have a contract for so many months not how much time you are on. That is very interesting.
    Since Sami or Allison is on so many other shows, she must have taken a pay cut.

  82. From TS

    #45 People keep saying that they think Sydney is Lucas’s but Lucas and Sami NEVER HAD SEX AFTER HE GOT OUT OF PRISON so that can’t be, even in soap-opera-land.

    Also the thought of either Rafe or EJ (again) with nicole makes my stomach turn. Rafe is way to good with her. I don’t want him with sami because she and ej belong together, but I would never wish Nicole on him. She should never return to EJ either. Nicole was such a wimp with EJ. She let him yell at her, mistreat her, keep her seperate from parts of his life, and even physically harm her. That is NOT love. EJ didn’t really love her either. He didn’t even share his thoughts with her, and he thought about another woman constantly. That’s not love either.

    EJ and Sami are not just hot together, they have the potential to have an all-around relationship, a deep love, because they have the ability to forgive each others’ faults and still improve each other, which I think is rare for soaps.

  83. From cindy

    #81, i guess steady under-paid work is better than no work at all!! i do remember hope being missing once before (i think she might of been gena at the time (not sure) and being held in a tower or something and she was pregnant (maybe with zack?) and they weren’t sure who the daddy was (turned out to be bo of course). not sure who saved her then but think it was bo… they sure have a great love story even if it’s a little corny and unbelievable sometimes. hope the writers put them back together soon.

  84. From Shelia

    I use to like Chloe but on today show the way did to mel and carly was mean and hateful/ just when they was beginning to get along. I hope Carly ends up with Daniel so Mel will have both her parents. I hope Stephoe put the hurt on EJ now he knows EJ with the man kidnapper. I feel like Stephoe will still do away with Anna. I would like to see Rafe find Anna phone and let Sami hear what she played for Stephoe today .Yes i liked the fight between Sami and Nicole. If Stephoe does’nt do any think to EJ for the kidnapping and keeps it quiet he still will have Sami in his life too if EJ ends up with Sami.

  85. From Niteowl

    Will brought up a good point when he tore into Sami. Sami never can have a lasting relationship with so called nice guys, they will get burned everytime and can’t trust or forgive her. There’s only one guy out there that can accept her for who she is, mistakes and all, and thats EJ, who also happens to be the father of two of her children.

  86. From Niteowl

    #50 Doris JJ PLEASE! Sami was hardly a “kid” when she drugged and raped Austin. She was out of high school and was probably in her 20′s, certainly capable of knowing right from wrong! As for her upbringing, her twin Eric and Carrie were raised in the same manner and they turned out fine.So maybe even back then, she has had personality issues? Kind of like EJ being cloned and groomed by Stefano. Even though EJ is a man now, he is still thinking like a DiMera because that’s what was drilled into him. Maybe he can overcome this in the future hopefully. This would be to the dismay of Rafe fans who think it is so impossible and insist that Sami belongs with Roman, Jr. (Rafe). However, the writers may have a different idea?

  87. From Melissa

    To cindy hope was presumed dead from 91 to 95! In 95 you have to remember they had another bo, Robert Keller something played him, and bo was married to billie, Chelsea mom before Chelsea, billie spotted her at maison blanch in new Orleans. The gang was there for someones wedding, I think kristen and johns. John found her but bo didn’t believe she was hope. The woman in white at the mainson was not princess gina but

  88. From Melissa

    rachel Blake kristen mother who stefano feared. Anyway hope was proven to b hope when she open a puzzle box owned by alice that hope played with as a child (notice they relief on hopes ability for opening puzzleboxes last month with vivian) however bo didn’t buy it but when a letter written by hope to bo on there wedding day( first one in London wear hopes wearing a ton of make-up) hope was able to recite it and match fingerprints onletter.

  89. From Melissa

    Years later stefano put a chip in hopes neck to reprogram her back to princess gina which caused havoc cuz in 1985 john black and gina were lovers and planning an escape to Paris with a escape kit and flee to P gina’s chatue! Hope, having princess gina’s memories, went on with this plan and kidnapped john on his honeymoon w marlena took him on a submarine gave him a shot of something were john thought it was 1985 and slept with him

  90. From Melissa

    Wait there’s more! Stefano of course found h & j and, like the first time in 85, was furious put john back in Salem (which explained why john whent there in1985) and took hope prisoner. Trying to escape hope seduced stefano!!! So stefano locked hope at P gina’s chatue were the real P gina was held for like 15 yrs. Hope worked with P gina (stefano reversed hopes brainwashing cuz she proved dangerous) and turned the tables on stefino

  91. From Melissa

    And imprisoned stefano in the turret of the chatue but wait P gina double crossed hope threw her in the turret w stefano and went to Salem to take over hopes life! Yes hope turned out being pregnant!! Stefano wasn’t sure if the baby was his or johns so he took care of hope (this is why he has a softspot for hope A BRADY) stefano & very pregnant hope were found by john ( knowing bout turret being there bfore) when the gang went there for P gina’s furnaral ( shewasshotbybo@ thief

  92. From Melissa

    At thier millenium wedding when P gina tried to kill shawn d & marlena cuz they knew she wasn’t hope! I’ve watched dool for over 35 yes!!!! & been inlove w bo Brady since 1983 so if anyone have any questions pls feel free to ask!!! By the way carly will screw over bo probally w Daniel that what she does (she married his FATHER) she’s flaky & indecisive & can’t make the right decision to save her life!! I never liked carly!! Peace

  93. From Affinity

    Sami and EJ Forever.

  94. From Shelia


  95. From Kim

    Quite the blast from the past!! Thanks Melissa, for the memories!!

  96. From theo

    Niteowl- Wouldn’t the difference with Sami/Eric/Carrie be that Sami being Marlena’s bio child walk in on Marlena with John??? Wasn’t that the start of her “evil” downward spiral?

  97. From Melissa

    Yes samy saw marlena & john! What bout carrie? Do u know the trama a her first yrs a anna! and didn’t carrie pine over mike horton and leave austin ?????

  98. From bb

    #74-Clear, I do try to keep up with my reading of the posts when I’m not busy, but there are so many that I often miss something. I recently picked up a copy of Soap Opera Digest and read all about Bo as well as a lot of the other characters but I do appreciate you for briefing me.

    Woods is lieing about Rafe because he is on the DiMera’s payroll. I’m almost certain that EJ paid him to let that guy out of jail and to blame Rafe for assault to get him put in jail so he can’t pursue the Kidnapping.

    Melanie doesn’t seem to want to be a wife…she spends a lot of time with her “daddy” and um…Carlymom. Since Will is staying with Kate and Stephano, perhaps he will overhear something about EJ being the mastermind of the kidnapping and tell Rafe or Sami. Just ironic that he has ended up in that particular location…or has it already been established that the revelation will come to Rafe and Sami in some other manner.

    What are Sami and Hope thinking? For months they have pushed their men away and all of a sudden when they’re being rejected, they suddenly realize how much they LOVE and want them back. I really don’t blame Rafe for holding out because as soon as he goes back, Sami will find some reason to break up with him again.

    I wonder what Doc Baker is going to be up to when he returns. Bet it’s going to be explosive; and, I can hardly wait for his scenes to begin. I sure hope it won’t be a big disappointment to the fans.

    Nicole started out with a big comeback bang, but needs something to keep her storyline fired up besides this love triangle thingie. Too many of THEM going on already. Geez!

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