General Hospital Comings And Goings For March.

Here’s the latest on the comings and goings in Port Charles for this month.

Penny Peyser plays a realtor who meets with Johnny on April 21.

Mark Costello will appear as an alternate juror on April 22.

Drew Garrett is leaving the role of Michael. Chad Duell will take over the demanding role beginning on April 20.

Adrianne Leon will be reprising the role of Brook Lynn. She begins taping in April and will appear onscreen in May.

Pat Lach will appear as Principal Danforth on April 8.

Doreen Calderon will play Mrs. Grayer on April 8.

Christian Alexander will be leaving the role of Kiefer behind this spring.

Salina Marie Carter and Dani Thorne will play Ashton and Britney when they pop up as some of Kristina’s school friends on March 25.

Jess Rowland will appear as a restaurant employee Conan on March 26.

Robin Christopher will be returning as Skye Chandler Quartermaine beginning on March 31.

Annie Ilonzeh has been cast as Maya Ward, the great granddaughter of Edward Quartermaine. She comes to town to take an internship at GH. Her little sister, Zoe, will appear later.

Lindze Letherman
will be returning briefly as Georgie. Since the character died in December 2007, she will be back as a ghost and giving some advice to her sister, Maxie (Kirsten Storms). She will return on March 26.

Bradley Cole will be coming to town as Keifer’s dad, Warren, on March 17.

Kiefer’s mother, Melinda Bauer, will be played by Lisa Waltz. She will also make her first appear on March 17.

Jan Devereaux will be appearing as Iris starting on March 5.

Barry Saltzman
will be playing a lab tech beginning on March 3.

Rick Overton will portray Robaire starting on March 8.

Hazel Calderon and Kristina Joy Gutierrez are going to be the U5 Casino Girls beginning on March 11.

Jennifer Lyons will be appearing as Jennifer Biles on March 3.

Donald Agnelli, Carolyn Hennesy’s (Diane) real life husband, will appear as a biker in Jake’s on March 5.

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