General Hospital Poll: The Trial.

Sonny’s trial is underway and has a diverse crowd in the jury.

Coleman, Alice and Lisa were roped into jury duty and two of them made up their mind before the trial even started. Diane thinks things are going well but Claire is determined to undermine that. If you were on the jury, which direction would you be leaning in?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Why not tell us what you think should have been on the list in the comment section.

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  1. From Missy

    let robin & dante, carly, micheal jason sam, kristina morgan, to help sonny,at the trial. bring down Claire. let diane, alexis win this victory. but bring down johnny, & close all the mob business. let sonny, find something else too do then the mob.
    bring down jax.let micheal,head off fm the island, to save his dad. please.

  2. From tracy ormes

    dear G.H.
    well i hopeing see jason and sam merried and sunny donta mother back togather but we know carly want to be back sonny if michael run buiness i think teach some resonbilte.

  3. From Pat

    I liked Drew Garrett as Michael and don’t see this Chad guy looking the part as well. Dumb mistake taking Drew off the show.

  4. From Mike Merle

    Are you kidding? If this was the real world, this clown would have been in jail years ago. The writers think they have the Sopranos here. They don’t, and it’s about time that they stop writing such nonsensical storylines. The FBI and the police are not as incompetent as they are portrayed on this soap oprea.

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