General Hospital Spoilers For March 31-April 1.

New suspects and new prospects.

When Kristina has questions, Carly attempts to convince her that Sonny would never actually harm a woman. While Kristina worries about her father’s character, Olivia does her best to convince Dante that he inherited none of Sonny’s negative traits. Meanwhile, Robin attempts to paint Sonny in glowing colors when she takes the stand at his trial, but that doesn’t stop Claire from pushing her to speak about his nastier side.

Dante continues to probe into Kristina’s case. When Kiefer interrupts his interview with her, Dante begins to become suspicious of him. As he and Lucky are gathering evidence, it becomes even more clear that Kiefer was behind the beating so they question him.

Edward’s great-granddaughter, Maya Ward, arrives in Port Charles and takes her place in the Quartermaine mansion. She instantly gets off to a rough start when she bumps into Ethan but things go rather differently when she meets Lucky. Tracy suggests to Luke that they usher Ethan out of town for awhile but he quickly puts the kibosh on going with them after he discovers that Skye is back in town.

Patrick goes to Shadybrooke to take Elizabeth home. When she gets there and receives the results of the second paternity test, Helena shows up. They soon learn that the second test backs up the results of the first and state that Nikolas is the father. Liz remains clueless that Helena has changed these results as well.

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  1. From Missy

    bring down helena, let jason the baby’s father. but He, def be there for sonny, as well. let him out of the organization, but be there for ea other. they need ea other like he needs to be w/ his son jake. wed liz,

  2. From Amanda

    Am I the only person who thinks it’s rediculous that Ethan doesn’t know who beat up Christina? How many times did he see Keifer getting too rough with her?

  3. From Arkadii


    Бизнесмен из Вас отличный…

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