General Hospital Weekly Summary For March 22-26.

Dead ends and more doubts.

Ethan broke the restraining order filed against him and ran off to see Kristina in an attempt to convince her to come clean. Sam walked in and called the cops. He was taken down to the station where his father soon arrived to offer his support. He ran interference for his son while Lulu and Lucky filled him in on the darker side of their father’s personality.

Luke went to see Sonny and told him that he was sure his son was innocent. Sonny offered to back off for the moment. He went to see his daughter, who begged him not to kill Ethan. Her pleas seemed to backfire and he abruptly changed his mind and told Jason that he couldn’t hold off on revenge for much longer. After some convincing from Diane, he backed down and agreed to step back unless the legal system failed to take care of Ethan.

Jason voiced his doubts about Kristina to Carly. She went over to see her herself and, after being interrupted and sent away by Alexis, was left with doubts of her own. Carly told Jason her doubts and Lucky questioned Kristina again. She nearly confessed once more. All of the pressure got to her and she begged Sam and her mother to have the charges dropped. Alexis relented and gave in. When Kiefer discovered this, he became angry. Meanwhile, Carly visited her son on the island to tell him everything that was going on with his sister and he automatically assumed that Kiefer was behind the attack.

Sonny’s trial continued. Dante was called to testify, once more interrupting an attempt to consummate his relationship with Lulu. On the stand, he was forced to suggest that Michael was a witness. He ranted at Claire about this after and she accused him of going soft. She took a few more digs at the detective and decided to call Johnny as a witness. After interviewing him privately, she began to doubt this choice when he proved to be too volatile. Reaching further, she served papers to Jason, calling him to testify, and accidentally witnessed Sonny flying into a rage after being informed that Ethan wouldn’t be prosecuted. Meanwhile, Maxie’s health continued to deteriorate to the point that she got a visit from her dead sister, Georgie.

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