The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For March 22 – 26.

Secrets, exes, and new beginnings.

Nick’s insistence that Aggie and Bridget make peace prevented Aggie from spilling the truth about Bridget and Owen’s one night stand. The ladies agreed to be friends again and Agnes even accepted her job back. However, Agnes later told Oliver she planned to keep her eye on Bridget and would expose her affair should she mess up. Oliver then saw Owen and Bridget in a heated discussion about keeping their secret.

When Donna took issue with Pam still being at FC, Eric lashed out at her in front of Pam and Stephanie about how she didn’t stand up for him during the takeover. He then declared Pam could stay, which Donna was not happy with. She went to talk to Katie, but found Bill instead who suggested she should go home to her husband because her marriage would be fine. Meanwhile, Eric told Stephanie he missed having her at work and never should have let her go. She responded that she would never be happy until she was back in their home and in his heart. They sealed their sentiments with a kiss.

Trying to test Taylor’s feelings, Whip set up a dinner between him, Taylor, Ridge and Brooke. It didn’t start off too well, as Taylor and Ridge started reminiscing about the good times. However, she remembered how their wedding was interrupted by Brooke and stated it was actually the best thing that could happen to her. She told Whip he changed her perspective on things and that she loved him. When they went home, Whip proposed to her and she accepted. They made plans to marry the next week.

Steffy and Hope also continued to vie for Oliver’s attention.

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