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Lori Wilson gives her view on someone figuring out that Kiefer was behind the beating, the problems in the Spencer family dynamic and Georgie popping up.

Here’s a sampling:

“I’m so glad someone finally thought of Kiefer as Kristina’s attacker. It’s really about time considering his behavior has been off since day one and many have witnessed it. I was really happy with how Carly dealt with her suspicions and talked with Kristina, although I thought Jason was too quick to dismiss her theory. Her scenes with Michael were equally as good, as she persuaded her son to stay on the island instead of going home to help his sister. And the fact that Kiefer was the first person Michael thought of when he heard about Kristina’s attack was perfect, considering he’s had many run-ins with the angry young man.”

You can read more of her thoughts on last week’s episodes in her GH Blog.

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  1. From Missy

    let jason helps sonny & carly, bring down the proccutor. let dante, protect his dad, in def. love for sonny, not be in prison of his condition of his illness.
    bring more fun for diane & alexis, to win this case.

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