The Young and The Restless: Adrienne Frantz Out As Amber Moore…

What will Genoa City be like without Amber?

Soap Opera Fan Blog regrets having to report that The Young and The Restless actress Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore Romalotti) will be leaving the show. Though we may not be seeing her in Genoa City, this may not be the last of Amber – definitely not the last we’ll be seeing of Adrienne in Daytime…

Though there are no further details at this time, the actress announced, “I will be leaving Y&R and joining another show. I will keep you posted on the details…”

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep our readers posted as soon as more details are released. What is your take on this news? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below.

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  1. From Michelle Dugal

    I am so sorry to see Amber go why would Y&R let go of such a good actress and I think they could have gone far with the story of Deacon’s son her and Daniel could have had an adoption story here not too many soaps have adoption stories

  2. From cozett

    I will so miss Amber on Y&R she is one reason I like watching and the link bewt Daniel. Amber has such a closeness with Mrs C and Lauren she is going to be so so missed.

  3. From keith

    I love Amber and Adrian Frantz. She is an extraordinary person. The show is crazy foll letting her slip away. She and Graz (Daniel) are HOT together. They made for a great team. The fans were really pulling for them to stick together. I hate that she is leaving and wish her all the best.

  4. From Kelly B

    I love the character Amber, and Adrian Frantz has been one of my faves since B&B. I truly hope they reconsider, because Amber and Daniel work too well together to be separated.

  5. From Brittany

    I am so sad to see amber go. I wonder why she has made the decision to leave. If amber is going to be leaving the show, what’s going to happen to her and daniel????

  6. From Bits

    Oh thank god. Crap actress and annoying character.

  7. From Nancy W

    I am really sad to see Adrian Frantz leave, she is an amazing actress (she will win an Oscar for her performance on May 5th show) and her and Daniels relationship is too hot to just let it disolve in a single breath of goodbye. He should be following her to California, let her Mom come to Genoa City, find them gone and be done with that. Then they can come back and be a comfort and help to Kevin with Janna.
    I will miss her terribly, the show will not be the same without her. CBS should get her to re-consider.

  8. From Shari

    I think Amber is going to B&B and they are going to pick up the story line and probably add Deacon into the mix too. I am sorry to see her leave, I think she is fabulous, crazy, but fab!

  9. From Zeke G.

    You have a wonderful spirit on the show it will be difficult not to see you any more.

    Stay bright and beautiful

  10. From Pamela

    I loved amber and daniel! I truely hope this isn’t the last we see of her! She is a wonderful actress and her and daniel were my favorite soap couple of all time!!!

  11. From Joan

    It will be a sad day when she leaves Y&R. She is a wonderful actress who added some “spark” to the show. She and Mrs. C have such a great chemistry.

  12. From Teresa

    Don’t Leave Amber. I am your biggest fan. You and Daniel belong together. Please stay.
    Hugs and kisses Teresa 53

  13. From ronnie

    I have been watching Y&R since I was 12 years old. I am now 43. What was Y&R thinking of letting Adrienne go. She is too…good of an actress to let her go to another soap. I know she came from B&B but she needs to stay on Y&R. Her leaving is a major let down on so many levels.

  14. From NIcky B

    I love Adrienne Frantz but when all that stuff went down with Eric Braeden and his salary negotiations she had some comments that were not very favorable towards him. Something told me that wouldn’t bode well for her styaing with Y&R. Well, I wish her the best of luck.

  15. From Deborah

    I think Amber should go back to Bold and Beautiful and stir something up with Deacon Sharp, Hope and little D.

  16. From Alsia

    Love Amber. I hope they can find someone just as spunky and scrappy to take Adrienne”s place. Can’t believe Y&R let her go.

  17. From henrietta lawrence

    adrienne frantz should have here own show she is a great actor god bless

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