The Young and The Restless: Heather Stevens’ New Look!

Eden Riegel slips into the role…

Soap Opera Fan Blog brought you casting news that former All My Children actress Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca) would be taking over the role of Heather Stevens, and now we have the first look of Eden as Heather, previously played by Vail Bloom.

Heather may have a different hair color and look altogether, but do you think this recast will serve the character better?

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  1. From Yolanda

    Vail Bloom bored me to tears in the role. I wanna see what Eden will bring to the table.

  2. From monty bowen

    I do not think she can carry out the character liked Vail Bloom did. Probably i will change my mind when i see her on the screen as Heather.

  3. From monty bowen

    I liked the other actor better

  4. From Y&R fan

    So sad!Should have just dropped the role for now. Bring her back in another 10 years. Bad recast!!!!

  5. From Y&R fan

    Bad recast. Perhaps they should have considered sending the character away to return in another 10 years.

  6. From Y&R fan

    I like Vail Bloom better for the role. She’s hotter too!

  7. From Y&R Fan

    Stupid move in replacing Heather. I like the old one better.

  8. From fan

    I thought Vail Bloom was annoying but after this one started I miss Vail totally. She seems to do a much better job. There was no reason to recast here.

  9. From Kris

    Terrible recast! Just do away with the character if you’re going to keep this actress!! She seems like a little high school girl instead of a prosecuting attorney.

  10. From Lisa - a new fan of Y&R

    I started watching the show last year and I love it. I do not like Eden Riegal in Heather’s role. I agree that the character of Heather needed a better story line, but they should have kept Vail Bloom.

  11. From Kelley

    They need to recast again – the new Heather comes across as very insecure and desperate, not fitting for an attourney – total opposite of Vail who exuded confidence.

  12. From Amanda

    I do not like the new Heather at all! She has no sex appeal or personality. A very plain, boring lady, who does not know how to portray the character of an Assistant District Attorney. A terrible re-cast!

  13. From amanda

    I do not like the new Heather at all! She has no sex appeal or personality. She is a very plain, boring lady, who does not know how to portray the character of an Assistant District Attorney. A terrible re-cast!

  14. From debby

    The other actress was so much better and much prettier. Please get her back. This one brings nothing to this role

  15. From Joan Burgess

    I do not care for this new heather _______, at least for the part of heather. want to see vail come back. why do you change people when you have a great one to start with? just like the other Adam was awesome, can’t stomach this new adam. Vail is such a great da. she’s tough. beautiful, love her sultry tone of voice. this new heather___ no spunk at all. don’t like how yr leaning towards her ruining chloes’ relationship. story line that chance has to stay there 24-7 is he can’t even spend his time on the phone with chloe, or have chloe come over there and hang out.

    Edited for actor bashing. SOF Admin

  16. From Rose

    This makes me so mad that they recast Heather. Who the heck is doing the casting? How could they think that this new Heather could take over. It’s like she’s a totally new character! Not the Heather we all love to hate some times. And Heather would never act the way this one does, with the whole chase Chase thing. Uhg!!

  17. From Deb

    The new Heather is sooo boring! She moves and acts like a stick figure! She isn’t even appearing to try to steal Chance, even though it seems that is what the writer’s are trying to portray. Booooo on the new heather.

  18. From Deb

    Yes, she is sooo boring. Ahhhhh. Don’t make me hate my favorite soap opera?!!

  19. From Blake

    This girl is no good-what the hell!!!!

  20. From Red

    OMG!! If the writers clearly see that everyone is extremely disappointed in the New Heather then why not remove her immediately.. I hate her voice, NOOOOOO sex appeal period, and how dumb is it for Chance to spend 24hrs with her…. Someone else can do the job as well.. this story line is so very predictable… Heather is NOOO competition for Chloe!!!

  21. From Krysty

    Can’t stand the new Heather at alL I gave her a chance, and yep, I can barely stomach watching her. Sometimes I will mute it when she comes on, which is a shame because Chance is very hot to watch, but really can’t stand this new Heather!

  22. From Rich Burriesci

    The new Heather Stevens jaw resembles a praying mantis and so different from the blonde actress Vail Bloom in looks, personality and disposition. Eden is absolutely annoying enough to turn the TV to another channel. If you can’t get Vail back please consider killing off the Heather character for the sake of Y&R loyal fans. Thank you

  23. From Hi Hater

    The new Heather is mousy and annoying. The role needs to be re-cast. The new Heather does not seem to be mature enough to play this role. Sorry, but she has got to go! I’ve been watching the show for a little better than 20 years and I now change the channel when she is on the screen.

  24. From stella

    The new Heather is really hard to watch. I never liked the character of Heather in the past, but that just proves that Vail did a terrific job in her acting. Now I just hate the new actress because she can’t act. She doesn’t have the confidence and poise that Vail had to pull off this character.

  25. From 20yearfan

    The new Heather is awful. She shows little or no emotion. The original Heather fit the role to a tee.

  26. From Paula

    I cannot stand the new Heather. She is such a lousy actress and I find her voice so annoying. The other Heather was much more likable. Get rid of this lousy re-cast; I really hate her with Chance too!

  27. From yrfan

    The new Heather stinks the old Heather was wayyy better. Could she have brought this role to anymore of a boring hault? I think they should have killed this mousey actress off in Chance’s place.

  28. From Lorri

    I dont like the new Heather either. She is not a very good actress and I think Y&R could have done so much better. As for what was wrote in the script,Chance sleeping with Heather SHAME ON THE Writers. Slap yourselves shamfully for that one!!!! BAD CALL

  29. From Kamie

    I agree. I wish Vail Bloom was still in the role. The new Heather’s voice is too annoying. Each time she is on the screen I cringe that’s how annoying her voice is to me.

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