The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For March 22 – 26!

The DNA results came in, ‘Emily’ vowed to help Adam, and Jana screamed after someone ordered her into the crate…

Phyllis suffered a leg injury from the accident, and finding out she’d removed Faith’s plague, Nick worried about her feeling she had to handle things alone – Daniel blamed Nick for Phyllis’ insecurities! As to not upset Tucker, Kay refused Victor’s offer to give back Jabot, and Ashley confided her troubles to Tucker. ‘Emily’ irked Jack when she claimed all his attention had been going to Ashley lately then Patty had a private fit when she overheard Jack confide his anger to Phyllis, who she vowed to pay back!

When Chance heard Heather had been at the cabin, Billy said Adam arrived on his own for the intervention. Jill questioned Adam, who spilled his take of what happened. Once the article had been released, everyone was furious with Jill, and Billy warned she’d be fired next time she went against him. While Ashley’s family was there for her when DNA proved Faith was Nick and Sharon’s, who took the baby home, Billy took time out to passionately kiss Vikki!

After escaping, Cane went to Billy, told him about Lily’s cancer and begged for help. Lily admitted to her family that she lied about her results, and Billy alerted her to Cane’s hideout. Neil arrived with officials, who took Cane away at gunpoint. However, Cane was granted stay in the country, as long as Lily had cancer.

Patty, as Emily, promised Adam, who didn’t let on that he thought Emily was Patty, everything would work out then informed Jack and Billy that she was going to help Adam! Later, even though Paul informed the real ‘Emily’ she was officially off of Patty’s case, Patty injected Emily with a drug – to make her appear crazy in court! Though Emily begged Paul to believe she wasn’t Patty, and even called out to Jack in court, the judge denied Paul’s request to have Patty released in his care.

Michael found the photos of Lauren and Paul kissing and confronted them. Realizing she’d been drugged, Michael believed Lauren and they suspected Daisy had been slipping her the ecstasy. However, when Lauren confronted Daisy, she denied it and claimed Ryder could be behind it all. Gloria set Kevin up on a blind date, who he scared away with talk of Jana. Meanwhile, Jana tried to escape, but Ryder caught her and put her back in the cage. Though Jana convinced Ryder to let her go, a woman with dark hair, who caused Jana to scream, ordered her into the crate! On a happier note, Chance took Chloe away on a trip and asked her to marry him!

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    let’s find out what really happen to ashley’s baby, I, thnk she is’nt dead after all. just bandoned somewhere knowing,adam. def.

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