Days of Our Lives Comings And Goings For April.

Here is the latest on the comings and goings in Salem this month.

Mary Beth Evans
returned as Kayla Brady and taped a few episodes. She will be seen again beginning on June 17.

Soap Opera Digest
has reported that soap vet John Martin will be recast as Bill Horton. No word on his air date yet.

Debora Can Valkenburgh will appear as Rae on April 30.

Charlie will be portrayed by Joel Stoffer on May 4.

Taylor Sprietler
is leaving behind the role of Mia in a few weeks.

Bernie will be played by Michael Bailey Smith on April 28.

Walter Cox plays Dr. Spaceman on April 28.

Eli will be played by Gary Clayton on April 29.

Jamison Jones will play Kip on April 30.

Melissa Reeves
(Jennifer Devereaux) has begun taping for her return to Salem.

Robert Costanzo appears as a motel clerk on April 22.

Nurse Greg will be played by Henri Franklin on April 21.

Dr. Yang is going to be played by Stan Abe on April 21.

Janice Ann Johnson
will appear as Mrs. Martin on April 16.

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  27 responses so far...

  1. From Joyce

    It would be so cool if EJ accidentally dropped the DVD at Sami’s and when she got home without the children and sat there steamed so would spot it. Out of curiosity she watches it and the jig is up for EJ. She calls her dad and when EJ brings the children home, dad, FBI dude and the police are there waiting for him. Wow! now that’s a sweet story line.

  2. From dc

    sweet, joyce..
    but ya know, he is a diera and they will probably drag this out for awhile. i don’t think stefano will give his son up to the fbi or the police.. he does not like sami either and does not want to see ej with her, at any cost..

  3. From DeeTampa

    Guys I forgot who daughter is Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Devereaux) I remember she merried crazy Jack but not much else. Maybe she is coming back for the funeral.

  4. From Cheryl

    Jennifer is the daughter of Bill and Laura Horton.

    Now that Will is moving into the Dimera House of Horrors, maybe he will find the DVD. That would be great!!!

  5. From Laura

    Okay, is anyone else glad to see Taylor Sprietler go? She is a lovely young lady, but she strikes me as one of the most emotionless and stilted actresses I have seen in a long time. I admit I didn’t care for the new Will at first, either, but he really impressed me when he blew up at Sami (which has been coming to her for a long, LONG time!) Taylor, however, has never impressed me. Maybe the character of Mia would be better with a different actress, although I don’t know that there are any new and interesting storylines for her now that her part in the Sydney storyline is pretty much done. Just a thought.

  6. From Precious

    With Will living at the Dimera’s, maybe he will over-hear Stefano and EJ in conversation about the whole kidnapping and the deal they made between the two of them. It would serve Stefano and EJ right to get what’s coming to them BOTH for all the hell they’ve caused in Salem, especially to the Brady family.

  7. From Karens

    Anyone else think that with these extra doctors, DA, Justin and Abe getting hit on the head and Hope having headaches, that it is going to turn out that Hope has some kind of brain tumor causing Hope to attack these guys and the doctors are there to help fix things because Daniel can’t and she won’t let Carly touch her? Maybe Jennifer is coming back to help Hope through all of this.

  8. From dc

    laura, i was never impressed with the role of mia (actress either)..
    now, they need to get rid of kinsey too..
    i wonder why jennifer is coming back. maybe they will bring back jack too. she may be coming back for mrs horton funeral, who knows.
    something is definitely going on with hope.
    and who is this person attacking all the people, almost like he or she does not like authority figures..

  9. From Casey

    Hearing that Jennifer is coming back gives me hope that Jack will be back someday soon. He’s funny and sweet and one of my favorites.
    Mia needed to leave, her character had no reason to be there after she found out about Grace. I thought they would use that as an excuse to let her leave Salem.

  10. From Tiffany

    Did I miss the funeral of Alice??? I thought they said it would be March, but April is almost over and still no vets back yet?!

  11. From Deb

    If Kinsey if the girl working at the pub,then she has to be one of the worste, stupidest, dumbest characters ever!! what’s with that!

  12. From Cindy

    Come on. Hope hides drugs under the bed for anyone to find? I don’t think so. Seems like they’ve been giving little hints about Hope. She’s having headaches, can’t sleep, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is taking pills to sleep that make her unaware of crimes SHE is committing.

  13. From Mary

    Jennifer is taping scenes for Alice’s funeral. A lot of the vets are coming back, but won’t be staying for long! :( As for Hope-something is going on there, and hopefully after Peter Reckell’s little break, Bo will be the one to find out and help her! She probably is the one attacking everyone. They always love to make a beloved character go crazy on Days and start hurting people-like Marlena a few years ago. There will be some weird explanation.

  14. From Tammy

    Funeral for Alice is going to be in May. Also I think Ciara found the wallets that the mugger (possibly Hope/Gina) stole from the victims. If I recall right Gina stole high price art work for Stefano in the past. Maybe the change in Hope explains why her attitude changed over the last year toward Bo.

  15. From April M.

    So is Mia being written off or recasted?

  16. From busterTheCat

    No….where is everybody? Annie, Wrangler??? I go on vacation and everything is different. Please help!

  17. From db

    Sorry to see the actor playing Mia go; she’s got talent and she can move on. The writers decided Mia should become mean and manipulative all empathy for Mia is gone & you can’t stand her. Unlike, I love-to-hate Kate! When Kate is this way you love it,expect it. Kinsey is the dead weight…should have ditched her.

  18. From Patti

    Finally, Jennifer is returning. So glad she is coming back. Like a lot of you, hope Jack returns also. I think Hope is returning as Gina because of all the stress. Also, the night she told Ciara that “maybe Justin will be her new daddy,” her hair and makeup was different and she looked more like Gina. DOL needs more action.

  19. From Holly

    Believe it or not, hope is starting to dress and is slowly acting like princess gina. And quiet possibly since she has a chip in her spine still from when ralph implanted it, not to mention that bo has one too from when he was a mime. It might bring back bo and hope or possible John. Granted it would be nice to see Princess gretta come back into the picture. And I would love to see philip be with chloe, one their the same age and two they did love each other in high school.

  20. From Paula

    #15 Patti: where did you hear that Jennifer is coming back?? How exciting that is…and yes..hopefully with Jack. That would be so refreshing to see them!

  21. From Ronn

    A lot of the old cast will be returning (Jennifer, Shawn, Kimberly, John, Bill, Doug, Julie…and others) for Alices funeral in June. Its only for one day for most of them. But maybe the PTB will see the great actors and potential and the fact the fans love them and bring them back for more often.

  22. From mollie

    ok iv missed a few shows…ummm when did Alice pass away…I hope they get Ej and Sami back together, they are good for each other, and put Rafe with crazy Nichole….

  23. From Joyce

    I sure don’t want to see Gina come back,Hope just needs to straighten her self up & get her head on straight & get back with Bo,so Victor & Maggie can get together,I thank it would be wonderful Dan & Chole & Philip & Mel & Victor & Maggie,Bill Horton can’t come back because of Kate remember Lucas belongs to Bill,Please don’t bring Gina back

  24. From CARLY

    Do you have to be a brain surgeon to know that Chole will end up pregnant with Phillips baby??? She and Danny-boy will break up and he will hook up with Carly…Phil will be given the boot by Melanie..Mel would hook up with young Doc Horton as he gives Stephanie the boot and Steph and Phillip would re-unite…it’s sooo simple!!

  25. From Jeannie

    Carly #23 That would be simple, except that Steph quit taking her birth control and will probably be pregnant with Nathan’s baby…

  26. From Joey

    Jennifer will be back starting June 6th…Soap Opera Digest’s article about her return said she would be sticking around for awhile.
    SO excited about the recast of Bill Horton!!!! Can’t wait to see him with Jen, Mike, Lucas, & Laura.
    They need to recast Tommy Horton Jr. and his daughter Sandy(I’m sure she’s had kids by now too…hmmm…new Hortons…)

  27. From Jessica

    #22: Frances Reid (Alice Horton) passed away in early February…the 1st or 2nd I believe.

    Its going to be awesome to see the vets back…lets just hope they’ll stick around awhile!

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