Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For April 2.

It Breaks My Heart.

Victor is at home calling his men to update him on the Alamain property. Viv stumbles in, pours him a drink and explains that she broke their news to Philip. He begins ranting at her and forbids her to have anything to do with the rest of his family. She stifles a gasp when he tells her there might not even be a wedding. “Don’t say that! It breaks my heart,” she yelps, leaping in his lap. He pushes her off and runs away.

Philip and Mel are at the Java Cafe. She’s impressed by how sane he is today. He’s keeping himself calm about Victor and Viv’s upcoming nuptials. He can’t understand why his father would voluntarily do this. As he wonders aloud, Kate overhears and turns pale. She refuses to accept this. He doesn’t understand why she’s bitching when this is her fault. Mel pouts. Philip grimaces. Kate shakes her head. Mel leaves and Philip suggests that his mother not fall into Vivian’s trap of overreacting. Viv walks in. “Let the games begin,” Philip declares. Kate saunters over to Viv and they begin sniping. Kate says that Victor will never actually marry her. They notice Philip escaped.

Mel goes home to talk to Maggie. Victor arrives. He’s looking for Maggie. The redhead sends Mel away. She assumes he’s there to manipulate things with Philip and refuses to get involved. Maggie is amazed that Philip has turned out as well as he has considering his parents are nuts. Victor says he has no choice about whether he marries a murderer or not. When Victor goes home, he tells Viv that they will be getting married after all. She wants to talk about color schemes. He doesn’t care. He just wants this to be short. Viv vows to devote herself to making him happy. “Oh God! What have I done?” Victor worries. Meanwhile, Mel returns to Java and finds Philip standing outside. She drags him off to a hotel so they can have some alone time. They have sex and talk about how much they love each other.

At the station, Rafe interrogates Bennie, who tries calling his lawyer but has no luck. As Rafe continues questioning him, Sami goes home with Sydney and tells the baby that she will be following her advice about Rafe. Will wanders in and notices the bruises on his mother’s face. She explains that it was Nicole. He moans about how unbelievable everything is and she assures him that Rafe will make Anna pay. After she tells him how optimistic she’s feeling, Rafe shows up. Will bundles up Syd and takes her to the park. As soon as he’s gone, Sami and Rafe suck face. They fall on the couch and a squeaky toy ruins the mood. He decides he should leave. She tells him she wants them to be together. He doesn’t know what’s changed all of a sudden. She says nothing has. Rafe’s confused. Sami says they need to think less and they can get through this too. That’s not his idea of love. Love doesn’t take breaks and keep secrets. He walks out.

In the pub, Nicole interrogates EJ about what Anna has on him. He giggles so she’s sure it must be something big. Elvis reminds her of how powerful his family is and threatens her. “You are scared and now I have to figure out why,” she says. He lunges at her throat and threatens her again until Kenzie comes over and asks for her autograph again. She argues with EJ until she remembers who he is and runs away. EJ tells Nicole that there is no punishment bad enough for what she did to Sami. She’s shocked he cares. After telling him that the happiness and love they have is dead, she orders him to stay away from her or she will go to Rafe with her suspicions about him.

Anna is doing yoga with Ricardo. She laughs as she tells him she is finally home free. Elvis calls her in a panic to say that Bennie has been arrested. She giggles and hangs up. While Elvis makes a call to have Bennie ‘taken care of’, Anna gets a shock when Stefano shows up with a murderous look on his face. Back in Salem, Will takes Syd down to the pier. Nicole appears. She asks if she can say goodbye. Kneeling down, she apologizes to Syd for everything and tells her she’s not her mama. Syd looks depressed.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

“Who are you and what have you done to EJ DiMera?” Sami asks EJ.

Nicole thinks no one will ever see Anna again.

“I want the truth!” Stefano demands from Anna.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    i wonder what is gonna happen to anna and will she tell stefano about what ej did??..
    and sami stand up to ej and don’t be so gullable..
    i would love to see sami back with rafe.
    nicole is gonna make ari’s life miserable concerning brady, maybe to the point of stopping the wedding..

  2. From Missy

    let ej & anna, be free. let brady & arianna, finally wed. bring rafe & nicole, together. soon ?

  3. From If you are going to ask us

    I think Baby Sydney should get the Daytime Emmy (or whatever the award is) for best young actress………She is a cutie and a half!

  4. From janiebell

    Nichol cannot stop Ari and Brady from marring unless Ari alows this to be.

    Oh please, do not put Rafe and Nichol together, this would be a major mastake. Rafe is to good for Nichol. Nichol doesnot deserve Rafe. No, Rafe and Nichol donot belong together.

  5. From Kino


    Oh yes, please snap out of it Sami. Rafe sees Elvis playing her as a fool and only refused to stay inside the penthouse because of him. I can’t wait until I see the look on Sami’s face when he exposes her ex-husband for the fraud. I bet she’ll hate Elvis even more when she learn that he kept Sydney away from her and smack him around for it. She should kick him out of her mother’s penthouse and lock him up in jail.

    If Nicole tries to stop the wedding, I think Arianna should be a lot stronger than that and get in a fist fight with her, like Sami did.


    I agree with you about Sydney, she’s very cute.


    It will be a big mistake in putting Rafe and Nicole together.

  6. From deb

    Haven’t watched in awhile. Where are John and Marlana?

  7. From stephanie

    I just wish that Philip would wash his hair and EJ and Rafe would shave now and then…

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