Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For April 29.

I Should Have Stayed Dead.

At the Java Cafe, Mia tries apologizing to Will again. He’s not interested. She tells him not to trust Chad and plods off. Madeline sits with her son and watches. She doesn’t think he should be working with Mia and offers to up his allowance. He wanders off and Mia walks up to Madeline with some lilacs. She invites her to go to Grace’s grave with her. Madeline turns her down, which unleashes an argument. They go outside to talk privately. Chad and Will watch through the window. Mia argues that Chad owes her another chance and storms off when Madeline isn’t willing to help. Back inside, Will and Chad try to do their homework but it’s not going well. Will refuses to ask Mia for help. Mia returns. She walks by and begins flirting with the new guy who works there. After she gets him to kiss her, she slaps him. Chad and Will assume she did it for their benefit. “I did it for Chad’s. I don’t care what you think about anything,” she tells Will.

Baker rushes up to Hope on the pier and begins blathering to her. She’s clueless about who he is. He runs off when a cop appears and tells her about EJ’s account being cleared out. She orders him to dig around and then wonders who Baker was. Baker goes back to his hotel room and begins packing his stuff. “I should have stayed dead,” he groans.

At the hospital, Nicole is interviewing EJ when he grabs her hand and begins accusing her of being behind his mugging. She thinks he’s off his nut and orders Ari to turn the camera off. Ari refuses. Nicole reminds her who she works for. The insults fly until Nicole trashes the tape in the camera and gives Ari the boot. After Ari sashays out, Nicole probes her ex. He doesn’t have much to say but he has some threats for her anyway. Hope arrives and EJ informs her that he remembers something. Hope kicks Nicole out and questions the victim. They talk over his case. He thinks a woman attacked him.

Ari bumps into Brady in the waiting room and tells him that Nicole was behind the mugging. Bickering erupts. She’s not thrilled that he’s defending Nicole again. She storms off. Nicole comes out and tells Brady what’s happening. She starts to panic about going back to prison. He hugs her as Ari watches form across the room. Brady doesn’t like to see her freak out and repeats that she shouldn’t have come back to town. She wonders if she should leave. After she walks away, Brady turns and sees Ari staring at him. She walks over and tells him that he is a good friend to Nicole. They make out. Meanwhile, Hope corners Nicole at the elevators. She tells her that the attack on EJ was the most personal and begins demanding an alibi.

Rafe is at the station arguing with his contacts about phony Anna when Sami rolls in. She tells him that he’s right that Stefano is up to something. He explains that Stefano told him EJ wants her back in the house because he doesn’t trust her with the children. She doesn’t think he’s being ‘Agent Objective’ about things and makes faces at him. They argue about the real reason EJ wants her at the mansion. He’s sure that Elvis wants her back, not just the kids. She nearly tells him about the kiss she shared with the father of her children and then starts ranting. He suggests that she be honest with herself for her kids’ sake. Sami insists that she doesn’t have feelings for EJ; she’s just worried that Kate will turn her son against her. He gets a call and has to leave for work. Before eh does, he wants to explain something. She’s not interested and leaves. “You can’t tell her because she’ll tell EJ,” he mutters to himself. Sami goes over to the hospital to give EJ a milkshake. He thanks her for saving his life and asks her if she’s made a choice about living with him.

Stefano is at Casa DiMera telling Syd that someone will pay for beating up her daddy. He wanders the house and runs into Kate. She’s staring out the window so he guesses something is wrong. Kate explains that Judge Woods dropped in to threaten her. He makes a call to ‘handle things’. Moments later, Stefano meets Madeline at the pier. He says that she made a very big mistake in threatening his wife. “If you ever mention the past, you’ll be the one to suffer,” she says. Back at the house, Kate flips out when she sees blood all over her hands. The blood vanishes as Will arrives. She tells him he shouldn’t be spending time with Chad. He wonders why.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Nicole tells Hope that Elvis is attempting to frame her.

“Samantha is about the only person I can trust,” EJ tells Stefano.

“You’re falling for him all over again,” Caroline tells Sami.

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  1. From Precious

    I’m glad this MIA character is gone….she was a terrible actress and the “teen scene” is all filler BS anyways.
    I wonder how long it will be before Rafe clues in Sami, (and she GETS IT)?????? In the mean time, the EJAMI’S are having a field day with their so-called “romance”….NOT…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN for long folks!!!
    I can’t wait for Bo to come back and learn Hope’s the mugger..maybe she tries to mug him, and that’s how she gets caught up with????

  2. From Lou

    Brady is so stupid to keep falling for Nicole, and Sammy is just as stupid re: EJ…why don’t the writers change the storylines it’s the same old thing over and over agian, and the Hope thing, what the same old storyline there also, she is turning into another Marlana…..BORING

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