Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For April 30.

Are You Totally Out Of Your Mind?

At the hospital, Sami tells EJ they should have an honest conversation. Moving in with Stefano makes her want to running screaming, she explains, but that’s not exactly a ‘no’ to his invitation. She wonders why they can’t have their own place instead of living with Stefano. He claims it’s because his father is ill. When she leaves to think it over, Stefano watches her and groans. He wanders into his son’s room. Elvis tells him this would be easier if he and Kate hadn’t ruined Sami’s life. EJ says that Nicole tried to bash his head in and it’s sore. Stefano is amazed that a blow to the head didn’t knock some sense into him. Elvis begs his father to back up his story that he’s dying, but even he thinks Sami would be crazy to move in with him.

Sami meets with Caroline at the pub. Sami unloads about her problems and how she can’t talk to anyone about them because they always point out that they’re mostly her fault. Gradually, she explains that she’s been asked to move into Casa DiMera. “Are you totally out of your mind?” Caroline asks. Sami reminds her that Will lives there. Caroline assumes that Sami is falling for EJ again. Sami says he can be wonderful sometimes… but she doesn’t forget all of the nasty things he does. She’s sure that EJ has changed and become caring. Caroline’s skeptical, but Sami thinks they all need to be more forgiving. Sami returns to the hospital to see EJ. Syd’s there too. Sami agrees to move in with him. He promises that she won’t regret it.

Hope brings Nicole down to the station to question her. Nicole thinks this is personal for Hope and accuses her of enjoying torturing her. Hope snipes at her for being a baby thief. She probes about the man EJ claims to have remembered. Nicole continues to insist she’s innocent and keeps poking holes in Hope’s case. After the detective leaves, Nicole realizes she needs help and where she can get it. Nicole heads straight to Casa DiMera to see Stefano and asks for help. “People in Hell want ice water,” he quips. She tells him to stop EJ’s lies about her and threatens to run stories about Elvis. He kicks her out.

Daniel invites Carly to his place for a drink. She thinks that’s a bad idea because Chloe might get the wrong idea. Melanie and Philip arrive with a get-well basket. Philip is distracted. Mel notices that a picture of Chloe and Daniel was smashed. Daniel assumes that Chloe just cracked under the pressure. Philip paces and says that he’s just worried about work. Mel tells him to go and asks him to drop her off at the hospital. When they walk out, Mel assumes that Philip just got them out of there because Daniel was so uncomfortable. Back inside, Daniel tells Carly he doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. He says that she is part of his life now. “It’s going to be smooth sailing,” he says.

Hope goes back to the mansion and calls Ciara before going to bed. She pops some pills and rushes off. Meanwhile, Dr. Baker is playing poker with a friend. He tells him that he’s hooked up with a good looking woman but she’s a whack job. Baker says that she has major man issues and he’s leaving town before he finds out what they are. When Baker heads for the door, he finds Hope waiting for him.

Chloe tracks down Nathan at the hospital. He assumes she’s there to see if he’s going to rat her out to Daniel. She tries telling him that he misunderstood but he doesn’t buy that. He worries about how this secret would hurt Daniel and Melanie. The intern says he will keep his mouth shut but she should come clean with Daniel. Stephanie walks in as they bicker about this. Chloe rushes off and Steph and Nate make out. Meanwhile, Chloe paces around and wonder why the nurse lied to her. She asks Maxine where he is. Maxine informs her that he quit and vanished. After making some calls, Chloe tracks down the manager of the motel and goes to confront him. He refuses to talk to her. When she threatens to call Victor, he tells her exactly what happened.

Stephanie wanders into the pub and finds Philip getting drunk alone. She guesses something is wrong. He insists that he’s the ‘bastard’ who screwed things up. Meanwhile, Mel is at the hospital. Maxine’s amazed she showed up on her day off. She bumps into Nate and says they need to talk. Mel told Philip everything that happened and she was amazed by how well he took it. They guess that everything has worked out for the best.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Stephanie tells Adrienne she won’t let anyone get in the way of her happiness.

Chloe tells Philip that someone set her up.

“You and I are just beginning!” Hope tells Dr. Baker.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on April 30th, 2010 |

  5 responses so far...


    I loved the article, read his version every week,

  2. From dc

    well, sami has really lost her mind this time, moving in with ej.
    she has lost it.. and i mean that literally.. if she only knew the real truth behind it all, but she is too stupid and gullable to see what is happening..
    i believe the truth about chloe and philip will come out but i sure hope it does not screw up things for melanie and philip, or daniel and chloe..

  3. From Sheri

    This baby thing has go into overkill mode way to many times. Time to get it out and over with. DOOL always makes the story lines way to long….In fact this time, it’s making Sami look really stupid. Don’t like it this time. Does anyone realize EJ should really be only about Will’s age?

  4. From genie

    Where are your one-liners, Matt….always look forward to them.

  5. From Olive

    I have to believe that this EJ/Sami nonsense is a set up. EJ will once again gain Sami’s trust only to have the truth come out. That guy should be in jail. He’s unredeemable – even in the soap world. I kept hoping that Hope or Doc Baker would off him…

    Mel/Phil – terrible
    Daniel/Chloe – terrible
    Nathan/Steph – beyond terrible

    How about:
    Phil/Steph – or nobody for either
    Bo gets his head out of his butt and goes back to Hope
    EJ – just go away for good
    And I do like Stephano/Kate

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