Days of Our Lives Spoilers For April 29-30.

Threats follow threats.

Elvis gets comfortable in the hospital and accuses Nicole of being the one who attacked him. She thinks he’s whacked. “It’s just a matter of time, Nicole. I’ll get you,” he promises. His threats make her marginally distraught, but that’s upset enough for Brady to comfort her. Ari watches and cringes. Soon after, Stefano has some cringing of his own to do. Elvis tells him that, “Samantha is about the only person I can trust.” Stefano gags, but Nicole later approaches him with something else to chew on. She asks him to help her out of her latest mess with his son. He might already have his hands full though. Kate tells her husband that they have a problem and her name is Madeline. After she fills him in about Madeline, he runs into the woman in person and warns her not to threaten his family.

Sami and Rafe continue the unending debate about the nature of Elvis’ intentions and Stefano’s plans. The special agent warns her that EJ isn’t just after the children, he wants more than that. She insists that she has to do what’s right for the children, but, if Rafe can’t convince her of what that is, maybe Caroline can. She returns to give Sami some sage advice and a knock in the head. “You’re falling for him… all over again,” she worries.

After being snubbed and treated like she has the plague, Mia uses the latest poor soul to be employed at the Java Café to suck face with while Chad and Will watch. The spectacle hardly manages to make them jealous. Meanwhile, fearing another disaster, Chloe does some investigating. As she snoops, Nathan and Melanie clear the air about whatever remaining misunderstandings they have.

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  1. From dc

    it was priceless to see ej’s face when he found out nicole would be interviewing him.. and ej telling her that he knew who mugged him and accusing her. i wonder if he will let her know the other person is dr baker.
    i hate it that sami is becoming gullable again as far as ej is concerned.. she is really disappointing me with her actions towards him, especially around rafe.. and the excuse of their children is getting a little old..
    i’ll be glad when mia is gone. chad and will both deserve someone who will treat them better.
    i still can’t figure out this thing between kate and madeline. it couldn’t be just the trial..
    and please whatever you do don’t put nicole with brady. i like him better with arianna..

  2. From Dolly

    Sami and EJ have always had feelings for each other, just other people have gotten in the way. OK, they have been dumb too. THey have the history, just let them work it all out, there will be lots of bumps along the way because of both of their families.

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