Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 3-7.

Old rivalries and new secrets.

Things get a little too close for comfort as several Salemites continue to feel the squeeze. After his attempt at benevolence puts Brady in an impossible position, he throws Nicole out after she pushes him too far. While he’s doing damage control on his relationship, Vivian could be making things even worse when she warns Ari to be careful of Nicole. Meanwhile, Viv could have problems of her own to worry about. Even if Calliope is back in town for her wedding, someone else could get in the way. Maggie ends up falling into Victor’s arms.

And speaking of falling into people’s arms… Sami reminds Elvis all about the kiss which he insists that he doesn’t remember. Will she be giving him some kind of reminder? He may already be too busy finagling his way into the relationship on other fronts. The DiMera has to take some time out of his busy schedule changing nappies and causing mayhem to assure an unforgiving Roman that his intentions toward his daughter are honorable.

While most of the town seems to be having trouble keeping their relationships on course, the same remains true for Philip and Melanie. Even if he has his new wife convinced or confused about their relationship, Stephanie realizes that something is actually seriously wrong with her former beau. Pretty soon there could be some serious trouble for his mother as well. Will discovers an old photo of Kate and Madeline and begins asking questions about their relationship.

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  1. From Joyce

    I thank Sami acts like a raven idot,she is an unfit mother,just look at all of the guys she has been in bed with & has four kids by two different men & still acts like a screaming idot,Kate & Madeline were hookers,I would like to see Maggie & Victor get together they would make a very good couple,I don’t want Dan & Mel to find out about Philip & Chole,the four of them make a real good foursome & could be a great family,& I’m so disapointed in Hope that I would just like to see her leave the show,I don’t thank they should let her off just because Bo is out of her life,I used to thank they were a great couple but things have gone to far

  2. From Brenda

    I am so excited about the new stories. Yeah for the drama Perhaps the stories will flow now instead of stall and we see so many flash-backs. Although that has always been Day’s forte. I would love to see some of Marlana’s love scenes with most of her lovers. LOL. My husband loved Day’s when Shannon Tweed was on and she was in water. WOW I digress, the stories are getting action packed and perhaps there will be no more teen summers.

  3. From Allie

    I’m happy to hear that Missy Reeves (Jenifer) is coming back to Days real soon! I wonder if Matthew Ashford (Jack) will be back too..Anyone know?

  4. From renee

    I wonder if they will bring Marlene and John back also. And what about Shawn and Belle I bet the kid is grown up. Because they grow up so quick.

  5. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I think that Victor & Maggie would make a very interesting & good looking couple. His is wickedly evil and she’s the bell of the ball. I hope the writers go that way with them. Nice pairing! I think Madeline & Kate were call girls together back in the days of Stefano being their pimp. I really hope that Chad does not end up being ANOTHER one of Kate’s children. She already has four, how many more does she need? Can’t wait for Jennifer to come back! I wish they would bring Eve back. Now, she was a good trouble maker. Sami is just annoying me nowadays. So many kids, never with any of them. Why?

  6. From Taylor

    Kate actually has 6 kids. Billie, Austin, Lucas, Phillip and then the “alien” twins (with Roman), Rex and Cassie. So what’s one more! :) Anytime the storyline gets dry, they just add in another child-switch story.

  7. From Tina

    actually Kate has 6 she had the twins with Roman. Rex and Cassie?

  8. From kristen

    i love sami and ej together!!!!!!!!they have such great chemistry!what a super couple!I love days!!!

  9. From cindy

    is jennifer coming back for sure, or is this wishful thinking? love her and jack!!! and if they brought back belle and shawn, i’d be so giddy i wouldn’t know what to do with myself.they have been showing sami with johnny more lately, and allie is with lucus. they have never really shown the kids with the parents (any of them) that much since kids can’t be on the screen that much. that’s why one time you see them and they are like 2 or 3, then the next time they’re in school…haha. i think kate has even more kids because the twins rex and cassie were hers weren’t they? how many would that make- i think about six!!!there could even be more.

  10. From Maw

    Hey I’m I wrong or does Kate have 6 kids?

  11. From LIna

    Maybe Chad is really Zack, Bo and Hopes son that died years ago. Perhaps Stefano had him all along being raised by Madeleine.

  12. From Tess

    Sami is so sickening it’s pathetic to watch her. I hope she looses both Rafe and stupid Elvis. Actually I have a feeling that Elvis has the hots for Arianna. And it looks like Arianna is starting to like EJ. Hmm!!! Now wouldn’t that be something. I don’t think Rafe would be too pleased though. Who the heck are jennifer and Jack? And please find Rafe a good woman!

  13. From cindy

    tess, jack and jennifer were one of the “super couples” of several years ago. they worked for the salem newspaper and moved to i think england probably about 7 or 8 yrs ago. oddly enough bo’s daughter chelsea was introduced into the show as their daughter’s best friend (before bo even knew chelsea existed). they were both on the show for many, many years. melissa or one of the other brilliant memorys on this site can probably tell you more!!

  14. From cindy

    p.s. jennifer is a horton, bill horton’s daughter i believe. and i agree about rafe. i really like him, this show has always tried to mix in the really good characters with integrity with the evil ones, kind of balance it out, and rafe deserves someone nice like ?? who’s left that is really nice?? we seem to be running out of good-natured women. also, just remembered jack and jen’s daughter’s name is abigail. couldn’t remember it earlier.

  15. From Kandi

    I have been watching Days since Hope was a little girl. Days is the best!!! I absolutly LOVE that EJ and Sami are getting close again! As for Arianna and EJ…NOOO WAY there is no one better suited for EJ than Sami!!!!

  16. From Linda

    Stephine realizes somethingis wrong with her former beau????
    That leaves it open really big, hasn’t she been with most men in Salem?

  17. From R

    All I have to say about the Chloe & Phillip infidelity is – stale. Neither one would be unfaithful, even with a few drinks. Hope is trying to get back into Bo’s heart by going crazy (after all he did fall for Carly). Sami … just a bunch on nonsense.

  18. From terry

    kristen……. Sami and EJ was never a supercouple, and besides as far as sami goes I really don’t care 4 her anymore. and I love the new hope, keeps her busy trying 2 solve a crime she commited.

  19. From Sassafrass

    Does anyone know the dates yet on which Alices funeral will be aired?

  20. From Melissa

    Tess Jennifer is bill & laura hortons daughter (you’ll also meet them they’re returning also) this makes her Hope’s cousin! They are close! Jack is Adrianne & Steve(Patch) long lost brother! Jack was a prolific character & was responsible for many comic relieve! I haven’t heard Jack is returning(the actor mathew asford & peter reckell r still best friends in real life) here somemore trivia lawence alamain mistaken jennifer for Carly & jennifer was married to lawence! Jennifer was also married to Stefino’s addopted son Peter also! But her heart belonged to Jack! They indeed move to London in 2006 with their daughter abby

  21. From cindy

    melissa, you’re great. reading your entries is like pushing a very,very long rewind button. your just a cornucopia of info. love reading you. thanks can’t believe they’ve only been gone since 2006. seems much longer. is jennifer coming back for any length of time or just for alice’s memorial, like so many of our other favs?

  22. From Sophia

    they need to have Sami settle down once and for all and with who I DON’T CARE.

    Kate has 6 kids
    Lucas and
    What is one more. At least this one wouldn’t be all posessive and whinney.

    I love that Hope has gotten some edge and maybe they will carry it out long enough (it will go to long) to get a GREAT explination

    as for all the teens…. let them just sit in the background

  23. From carolem2

    NOT liking this story line of Hope ‘going bad’…………..any comments as to why she has ‘snapped’?

  24. From Dolly

    Love hearing all the old stories. It is Sami and EJ’s time! They already have the family. Send the Hernandez Family to some other Soap.

  25. From Sunshine

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE EJ and Sami. Lets keep them together.

  26. From Peg

    Why is Sami so stupid..please don’t let her fall for EJ’s lies.
    Get Viv out of there, she is sickening.
    Glad Jennifer is coming back..whose life will she get into?
    Leave Mel and Phil alone, they are so cute together.
    I love Ari
    As far as Hope goes, she isn’t even aware of what she is doing..remember when she was Princess Gina…maybe all that is back..
    And please break up Bo and Carly, I can’t stand her…

  27. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever

    I can’t wait for Sami to open her eyes see the true Dimera standing in front of her. I hope when all of EJ’s crap comes to light, she will be done with him 4EVER. Sami needs to wake up. EJ will never be right for her. He is evil through and through.

    Love Hope! Can’t wait for bo to come back and try to figure out what is going on with Hope. I’m at least glad that Carly and Bo are NOT on my screen right now. They are just gross.

    I can’t believe that Chloe cheated yet again. She used to be so good in the old days. I hate how they have made he sleep around so much. I’m wondering if Days plans to separate Phil & Melanie so Melanie & Nathan can be together; Chloe & Phillip; Dan & Carly; with Stephanie being the villian.

    I think Jennifer’s return is short lived…only to come to Alice’s funeral. I would love to see her stay and Jack come back. Right now Hope could use Jenn’s friendship.

  28. From Ellen

    Ok already – how many times has Hope lost her mind. Maybe a neurologist would be helpful. Victor and Maggie would be great together any maybe make Caroline jealous. Isn’t this show great!

  29. From bored fan

    If these writers had any sense of what Days is suppposed to be about, Sami would never be with a DiMera! She needs to find about all his illegal doings & move on. I hate what they have done to Bo/Hope. Seems like no couple can be happy in Salem. They need a Tom/Alice couple that they can look up to & wish they could be like them. I also enjoyed the comedy of Jack/Jennifer. Wish they’d come back together & stay. If they’d get rid of the teens, Chad & family, the Hernandez family, & all these extras they’ve added recently, they could save enough money in salaries to bring back some of the more popular characters.

  30. From Niteowl

    EJ is exactly the man Sami needs! And Sami is the woman EJ needs! They both have these survival instincts that causes them to do crazy things when they are threatened or fear that they may lose someone they love, especially where the children are concerned. They both like to resort to revenge when they get hurt. If they are together, maybe they can keep each other in check, at least others like Rafe might be safe. For a soap, this is a great storyline! A Brady and a DiMera, together and loving each other is pretty interesting, and they already have the children!! I think we will have some hilarious situations with Sami moving into the DiMera mansion! Between Stefano and Kate, Sami will have to wear combat gear to survive. I hope the little ones get into all of Kate’s goofy clothes, jewelry, etc. and I can just see little Johnny using Stefano’s imported cigars as submarines in the bathtub.

  31. From BopeSuperCouple

    I just read an interview with James Scoot (EJ) at

    Even in the interview, it was noted that EJ raped Sami. I see the chemistry the 2 actors have, but I have never seen real love between these two. I think Sami has been in lust with him, but never love. And for EJ, it definitely is not love….it is obsession. She is a posession to him. If he can’t have her, he will destroy any relationship she has or will have…just look at what he did to Lucas & Sami. Lucas shot EJ to prevent that monster from marrying Sami. EJ will always be a Dimera..just like someone else said. He will not change. I don’t believe he can…it would not be good for the show. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Sami with Rafe…I find him boring. Sami either needs to be on her own for a while or bring Lucas back. I will always believe that Lucas is her soulmate. She still calls Lucas FIRST when she needs someone.

    I, too, would love to have Jack & Jenn come back. Jack added much needed comedy to the show. Plus Hope needs her cousin right about now. I’m surprised Billie hasn’t shown up yet since Bo is not with Hope. That would be too funny seeing Carly and Billy compete….yet both still lose in the end to Hope. We all know that Bo will come back to protect Hope and help her deal with whatever issues she is going through. He will help her go through withdrawals from the sleeping pills. I’m just curious to see where that leaves Carly. Will she stay in Salem? If so, will she go after Daniel next? I really do not want Melanie to give Carly a chance. I LOVE it when Melanie yells at Carly….and that’s saying something since Melanie is not one of my favorite characters.

  32. From MsBoulder-CO

    Melissa Reeves, et al are only coming back to do the tribute to Frances Reid when they have the funeral for Alice Horton. I haven’t read she’s returning permanently unless something else has changed. This is for the May sweeps.

    Did I miss something back in the old days when Viv and Calliope were on? I didn’t know they formed a bond that Calliope would be coming to the wedding, if it goes on. I would like to see Victor and Maggie hooked up. With Mickey always out of sight it would be nice to see an older couple having a romance.

    Sad to see Hope is the mugger. Guess she took on the cop who kidnapped Ciarra’s personality in a way and is another cop gone bad.

    Ok, put Sami and EJ together cause we know it’s happening. I think we’re going to find out Kate may have killed someone and Madeline knows about it as well as Stefano.

    Melanie, quite whining……. I liked your character when you became friends with Ari, was going to school and falling for Nathan.

  33. From Holly

    I am young and have been watch this show for 11yrs. And yes Kate does have the twins with roman. Also it would seem that Hope is slipping into Princess Gina’s charactor because that is how she acted when princess gina was on. Which if so would open up a hugh storyline concerning Stephano, since he wanted gina and her to do stealing and stuff. Jack and Jen also left after the birth of their son, and I would hope that their marraige never failed. Because I was very disappointed with brady and chloe, because brady was very smart and would never have done drugs or left chloe, being that he fought for her hard when it was chloe and philip. I could so see phil and chloe end up pg. that would be prefect for victor. And sami and ej seem to be doing alright with their chemisty. Granted if the writters brought back more of the old charators then they could open up a book of storylines. A great twist for nicole would be her going after brady and have eric (sami’s twin) return as he was the true love of her life. But i believe eric is with princess gerretta in europe.

  34. From bored fan

    I think Sami needs to land on her own two feet right now. She needs a job! Seems as though the writers think that the ladies on the show aren’t \complete\ without a man to lean on. I for one would rather see couples go through storylines other than infidelity and lying to each other. A sickness is good for drama even though it isn’t exciting enough for some people. I’d also like to see the old Stephano back. As far as Vivian and Calliope bond, I really don’t recall that either. I remember her and Eugene leaving way before Viv even appeared, although Calliope did return for a very short stint.

  35. From lace

    I love it all drama drama only on tv not in my life lol.
    ok I love sami and ej together.
    phil and mel. bo and hope. daniel and chloe. stephanie needs someone new because nathan always will want mel and that is not fair to her.I also love the story line with hope.I wish they had stuff more believable can sleeping pills really do that? I guess on tv this was my very first time posting

  36. From Tess

    To those fans who want to see Sami back with Elvis and you can correst me if I’m wrong but didn’t the bastard EJ just kidnap their child for many months and throw the baby’s bloody clothes into the Salem river so the mother would think her baby was dead? And you would say that this is a basis for a good wonderful and meaningful relationship. I must be from another planet because this has been the most dispicable thing I have ever seen on this show. But you will probably get your wish because it looks like the writers are going to write them back into the sack. Yukky! Yup, and just in time for Rafe to unravel the truth and tell Sami that EJ is the person responsible for all the heartache she went through during the past 6 months. But she deserves what she gets because she is just too stupid to see through the creep EJ

  37. From justafan

    maggie and victor i can’t see it he needs someone completely nuts like viv his one liners kill me phillip already has a kid he doesn’t care for he doesn’t need one with chloe but i can see it coming. rafe belongs with someone he is such a great guy i like the hernedez family on the show

  38. From Janiebell

    I don’t get what they are doing to Hope. Hope pops a pill and gets with Dr. Baker and “knock out men”. Not at all like Hope. Then today Doc Backer saw Hope on the Pear and spoke to Hope. Hope acted as though she didnot know Doc Backer. What is going on with Hope?

    What is the story between/behind Stefano, Kate and Madline, {Chad’s mom? I seem to be missing a large hunck of some goings on here.

  39. From cindy

    janiebell, as some others have posted, several years ago hope had an alter ego (actually i think she was brainwashed by stefano while kidnapped) she “became” gina, who was pretty much the opposite of hope. she wore a lot of make up,disliked men, etc. it took bo a long time to straighten her out, which is probably where there going with this. it looks like the writers are turning her back into gina which even though it’s already been done, should make a very good story line especially for those of us that want hope and bo back together.

  40. From lucsmum

    Maggie and Victor? UGh.
    I thought Kate was the former prostitute and yet Chloe’s zip outfit last week-oo icky!
    Kate is still looking like a bit of a slapper in her higgledy piggledy clothes and silly hair.
    Agree with some that she and Kate were hookers together yet why the threats from Maddie to Stephano? Interesting. LOVED the kiss between EJ and Sami and I bet he does remember it eventually and finally gets around to telling her of his feelings and vice cersa

  41. From Melissa

    I don’t remember calliope & vivian being friends either! Maybe when they were off the show! They are both into metaphysics if that’s what you can call it!! As for Hope I’m not seeing a princess Gina simarlarity! Just a dissocialtive third personality! One thing P Gins smoked I haven’t sees that yet! & when Hope was brainwashed the difference was Hope wanted John & hated Salem ( she called it provincial) & Bo got on her nerves! ( Do not get thins mixed up with the real Princess Gina who came back to Salem after imprisoning Hope) Unless the real P Gina was still alive & changed placed with Hope???? I just thought about that as I’m typing! If that’s the case no one is safe!!!

  42. From cindy

    if hope is turning into gina,maybe the reason we haven’t seen all of gina’s personality is because hope is like half way between the two. i’d love to see her reaction to bo, julie,doug or someone else prominant in her life while she was in per prin gina mode. one big difference also was when she was gina we never “saw” the transformation, she just appeared one day as gina….if i remember correctly. i forgot about the time when the real princess gina was there, but i do remember hope going after john when she was gina. we think she’s acting strange now, that was really weird!!!

  43. From judy

    #25 Tess I so agree with you how could any woman want to be with a man who if you don’t want to call it rape ( I do )at least call it a no other choice sex act how do you give someone the option to either have sex with you or let the father of your child die before your eyes remember Will was her only child at the time and Sami and Lucas had finally admited that they really loved each other and wanted to get married and spend their lives together as a family I just don’t get it

  44. From Melissa

    Cindy Hope wanted to know what she was doing during her four missing years Stefino told her not to so when Hope investigated her brainwashing came back! So that’s what they told her! I’m only spinning but being the mugger Hope will have to b institutionalized! they DOOL have done this bfore Andre/Tony comes to mind! But they also did this with Marlena & it was something wrong with her thing! I don’t know I really don’t want Hope to b crazy

  45. From cindy

    so melissa, do you think hope is going to have a medical condition rather than a split personality? i see what you mean about hope either ending up in jail or a mental hospital if she’s the mugger, but since they have already shown her hitting ej and robbing him (obviously not aware of who she was) they will have to come up with some reason behind her actions. yes, i remember when they wanted to explain tony’s behavior all of a sudden his was his not-so-nice cousin (i think) andre, and we find out tony’s stuck on some island somewhere. it’s sure possible that the real gina is back and hope is kidnapped somewhere, that would explain a lot. on the other hand, like you said it may not have anything to do with gina, and hope is just loosing it! i can’t imagine the writers destroying hopes character completely (they’ve already done enough damage) so i’m in agreement with you…i don’t want hope to be crazy either, and hopefully they won’t go that far… it’ll be very interesting to see what developes. at least we have something really good to hold our attention and sink our teeth into. refresh my memory. how did they explain marlena’s murdering all the salemites back when? i know i’ll remeber as soon as you tell me, but it’s slipped my mind! thanks

  46. From renee

    Holly#23 I don’t remember Princess Gerretta. So will someone remind me who she was. And does anyone know when they are go to do the special on Alice. I was just thinking if Hope is turning into the Princess will they bring back John back.

  47. From cindy

    that would be sooooo great if they brought back john black, but doubt the budget would allow it. partly because marlena would have to come back also, because the fans would revolt if they were to split up. i think greta was related to the allimains (have no idea how to spell it) but not sure.

  48. From Melissa

    Cindy I am hoping for a evil twin myself! Your right enough damage has been done to Hope! If I remember right all the murdered victims were on a island ( the Dimara’s own alot of islands) called “melaswen” new Salem spelled backwards ( since all victims beside Cassie r still on the show ) I also remember Princess Gina having a daughter who was involved with eric Marlena’s son & assinated at her coronation! She could b alive (she was a look-alike for Hope as well she was the girl who stood in the cage over a vault of acid) mmmmmm let’s see

  49. From Melissa

    Renee the tribute to Alice is in June!!! Do you not remember Princess Gina or her daughter Greta? Or both? I’ll b happy to fill u in?

  50. From maria

    loved ej falling into sami arms then the kiss. give ej and sami a chance

  51. From Niteowl

    #21 BopeSuperCouple, I am clear on the fact that you dislike EJ and will never see any possibility of him having any love for anyone, but I think your interpretation of his feelings are a little biased by your own hatred of the character. I also note that he is always referred to as a rapist (which both Sami & him are, no argument there), however, you seem to love Jack, who is also a rapist (raped Kayla, by brutal force). He was also a conniver and manipulator and his father was a ruthless politician and murderer. But guess what, I love Jack myself! He fell in love and married Jennifer who changed him, so he was given a chance. However, he is still a rapist if we are going to label these soap characters. We need to at least be fair, if we do it to one, we need to do it to all.

  52. From bored fan

    Here Here Tess! Thank you! Could any of you fall in love with the father of your child who kidnapped her and made you think she was dead? And yes, Sami has done many awful things too. Especially what she did to Lucas, saying that Lucas hit Will when he was drunk. Hmm! Maybe Sami & EJ actually deserve each other after all! The writers’ll play it out until Sami really does fall in love/lust with EJ and then Rafe will find out the truth about EJ.

  53. From renee

    Melissa#38 I do remember Gina but I don’t remember the daughter much.And who was her dad because I really don’t remember that was John. And how did her and Eric get together.

  54. From bored fan

    Also, Maggie & Victor???? Didn’t she just bury the love of her life? How can they just jump these people into another relationship so soon? What happened to her illness? Maggie would never fall for someone that quickly. Especially the likes of Victor!!

  55. From Niteowl

    #41 bored I think a mother might understand why a father did what EJ did, if she herself let him believe that his little baby girl died without him ever getting to even hold her (little Grace) and instead of the real father having that privilege, it was given to her lover. EJ experienced the same death/loss pain that he dealt
    to Sami in his revenge game. Was no one watching the episode when EJ went to the morgue to visit little Grace? James Scott portrayed EJ’s pain so well in that episode that I cried along with him. No excuse for what he did to Sami, but he went a little crazy after that, which is exactly how Sami reacts when she has been hurt.

  56. From Debbie

    All that I can say is what the hell is wrong with Sami. EJ always has a plan to get her in bed yet again and she is too stupid to see that. She deserved to lose Rafe and hopefully she sees through EJ and ends up all alone. She says she is only thinking of her kids, but truth be told I don’t think she ever thinks of them only herself.

  57. From Doris JJ

    I’m not for Victor and Maggie being a couple, friends okay because Maggie can help him become human, but not lovers.

    I think Calliope does weddings and that is what she is helping Viv do. Also another site said that Anna and Calliope are teaming up but don’t know what they will be doing.

    I was not a fan of Jack and a lot had to do with his past and some had to do with his silliness. When he came on I needed to take a pill because he was very obnoxious to me. I could have been the only one but was never a fan of Jack. I like Frankie and Jennifer together more.

    I don’t like EJ for all his evil doings. I also agree that Sami needs to take care of her and her kids without a man. EJ is unstable to me and I don’t think he loves Sami, he just wants to possess her. Stephano started the whole revenge thing for EJ to romance Sami and marry her so Stephano could end his revenge against the Brady’s and the death of his father. Remember he blamed Colleen and wanted John to kill her. I still say what EJ did with kidnapping his child and the bloody clothes is far worse then what Sami has done. Also, I think little Johnnie is a brat with his screaming at his mother. This comes from the great fatha that allows his child to do what he wants when he wants and expects the same from his motha. Maybe Sydney has some hope if she stays away from the Dimeras.

  58. From Niteowl

    #46 Doris JJ tisk, tisk, it seems that you have no use for any of the soap characters or the story lines thus far. Even a small child wanting his father (especially since the father is EJ) seems to be upsetting you! All of a sudden he is a brat! I suppose if Rafe was living with Sami, with all his child raising experiences, Johnnie would be different? Rafe would probably interrogate him and take him into custody? You know all children go through the “terrible twos” & “threes”, etc.

  59. From Doris JJ

    Just went to the other DOOL site and coming up this week.

    Hope attackes Brady and Roman and reveals her ultimate goal. Also she leaves a Celtic sign on Brady which is the goddess of girl power. Not sure what that is!

    Brady gives the walking papers to Nicole. Yea!!

    Rafe finds Anna and records her. He asked Calliope to help him get her to confess.

    Nicole and Baker conspire to frame Ari. I guess for the attacks.

    The secret that Madeline knows could change Chads life. Maybe Kate is his mother, hope not she ruins her other kids doesn’t need another person to drive crazy.

    I just hope that Rafe gets proof to take EJ down.

  60. From DaysFan40+Years

    I don’t think “Gina” is back. I think it really is her sleeping pills that she is taking. I’m, too, wondering if she is sleep walking. I have heard of this with Ambien. You do crazy things and say crazy things and NOT remember anything. I, too, was wondering what the Celtic sign has to do with Hope. I’m willing to bet her end game is BO. Hopefully, he will be able to reac her.

    I don’t like Will looking up to Stefano as a mentor. He should know better. After all Stefano and EJ have done to Will’s parents, he should stay far away from the Dimeras. Stefano and EJ were to blame for Lucas & Sami divorcing…remember the Dimera vendetta causing Sami to “marry” EJ against her will?

    I hope Rafe or Theo lets the cat out of the bag about EJ. It is time for him to PAY for his evil doing. Sami has always paid for her sins….the truth always came out. When is EJ’s turn?

  61. From renee

    I just got done watching today and what was with Kate having blood on her hands. I thought they might have been call girls for Stefano but I think they may be more.

  62. From Holly

    *Renee, As to your question on gretta. It was Billi who went to the Byu to find her dead daughter and found swamp girl, (gretta) and she was brought back all disfigured (her face) to which John paid for surgery. And it was thought she was john and ginas daughter. Which ended up not being. Then it was found out she was the daughter of gina and helped to figure out the real gina, who i believe was locked away. gretta did have something with austin breifly but then hooked up with eric as she left town once the true gina was found. As for Hope if any of you lifers remember, she still has the chip implanted in her brain that ralph did. John has removed his at church. Also some might remember Ralph messing with Bo, about the same time he was the mime.
    Now if we want to bring back crazies lets all bring back, Susan (Ej”s) mom. If anyone remebers she was crazy and at the end of her last appearance, was rocking baby elvis and thinking she was married to john. Which at the time Sami was much older and shawn was about 8yrs old. So Ej is technically much younger then sami….lol I just love how these actors grown up so damn fast… same with abby (jack and jens daughter)

  63. From bored fan

    #44 Niteowl- I agree, that’s why I ended up stating that they probably do deserve each other. No sane person would want either one of them.

  64. From From Canada

    22.From MsBoulder-CO
    Mickie is dead!!! Not out of sight.
    I didn’t like Jack he was too goofy just like Was it Bonnie? Adrienne’s actress played her. When she married Mickie that was too corny. I like Jennifer with Frankie too! I hope John and Marlena come home too! Sammy needs them!

  65. From From Canada

    Lol If you bring back Susan you have to bring back Kristin. LOL and her 2-3 other characters she played in the end.

  66. From Kim

    Doris JJ, I totally agree with you! Johnny sure was acting like a brat! He definitely was screaming at his mother and expecting to get what he wanted…just like his daddy! Poor kid. And Stupid Sami was acting like the lame ass mother that she is by not disciplining him…she needs to learn that mommy is the boss, not little boys. Maybe she is just letting him get away with it so she can justify to herself about moving into the mansion…with rapist EJ, and murdering pyschos grandma and grandpa!! How utterly sick.

  67. From cindy

    renee, looks like your right, kate and chad’s mom were more than hookers for stefano. i mean they probably were that but more!! perhaps involved in a murder or a cover up of one. obviously, stefano was involved since madeline basically threatened him with his undoing if “the truth came out”. i’m not at all surprised sami is moving into the mansion, although it makes no sense to me. of course with her rationalizing it today she’s trying to convince herself it’s ok, when she knows it’s not….she just can’t help herself, she’s attracted to him even though she knows he’s not good for her. … the gretta, gina thing is pretty confusing for me. i guess i keep mixing up s/l’s involving them. i remember parts of one then parts of another. i know one was held captive in a tower or something, but then i know hope was also. oh really doesn’t matter. i’m just real happy to see the writers coming up with something interesting. i bet your right melissa. hope either has a twin doing her dirty work or the headaches are a sign of a medical problem like a tumor which would probably get her off the hook criminally speaking. also, i remember the “murder” victims being on the island, but couldn’t remember how marlena’s actions were explained..i mean why she did it. it was marlena right? after all, they can twist any character they want into whatever they want then come up with some crazy explanation for us the fans.

  68. From Janiebell

    Thanks Cindy. Yes, I remember the princess Gina, storyline and I had hoped to never see Hope go through anything like that again. Can’t Bo and Hope remember their love for each other and let that bring Bo and Hope back together? Why should we, viewers go through story lines of long ago, yet again? Just have Bo, Hope and Ceira out on “a family type outing” and remember the love theyshaired and the way things use to be, fall into each other’s arms and go on from there.

    What is the Stefano, Kate and Madline story?

  69. From wanda

    love ej sami story please find someone else for rafe or get rid of him victor and maggie would be great together

  70. From cindy

    never fear janiebell i’m absolutely sure hope and bo will find their way back to each other…they’re just gonna make us (the fans) go crazy first!!!they have always been my favorite couple, along with john and marlena. i know some people think they’re boring but i guess normal, loving couples are. i guess that’s why the writers have to continuously stir things up between them.

  71. From Holly

    Something I would really see is Victor and carolyn brady together. I mean there was such a small thing happen back at the begining of Dool’s but we heard some of it due to the santo and collen story line. It would make for new tensions amongst the bradys and kiracus’s family.
    And if shawn jr and bell come back, it would be great to see their daughter grown up and the return of mimmi and phillips son taylor show up.
    the writters have so many storylines to work with, that can create pain, missery and rarely happiness.

  72. From renee

    I agree I wish they would back Shawn, Belle and their daughter back. And It would even be good if they would bring Austin back that would get Sami and Nicole because didn’t they both have something for him.

  73. From Melissa

    Holly u have it half right! Victor & Caryline had an affair & concieved Bo! There’s been moments but I agree Carylone is the love of Victor’s life I thought they should b together!

  74. From Mary

    I miss the days of Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Austin…before EJ existed! In fact, I think Will should actually be OLDER than EJ, shouldn’t he??

    #18 Boandfancyface forever (and others)- mention how Hope could use Jenn’s friendship…but back in the day Jennifer and Carly were best friends and school mates. I hope that Jennifer is UNBIASED, doesn’t judge, and doesn’t jump on the “carly is a homewrecker” bandwagon…like Max when he returned. Jennifer is smarter than that.

    #21- Bopesupercouple- LUMI forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorites will always be Sami/Lucas, Carrie Austin, Jenn/Jack, and Carly and BO :)

  75. From YAY FOR EJAMI...Rafe, go away

    They say the super slut of Salem, Stephanie will try to get knocked up by Nathan. I so hope this doesn’t happen; it’s the worst thing a woman can do. Why can’t people in Salem catch diseases??? But no they always end up pregnant. That’s an SL I could get into,something real life. Herpes or something like that. It would be fun trying to trace it back to people. Like say, if Stephanie gave something to Phillip in the past which he passed to Melanie and to Chloe. Oh yeah, busted.

  76. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever

    Mary, we agree on a lot of things, but I hope that if Jennifer comes back, she will be on Hope’s side and not Carly’s. It was the same way when Billie was there. Jenn was friends with Billie, but she did take Hope’s side. I think Jenn believes no matter what Bo belongs with Hope. I don’t think Jenn will be mean about it though. She’s not like that.

  77. From Doris JJ

    Niteowl – Because I said I didn’t like Jack, EJ or Stephano doesn’t mean I don’t like everyone! How do you get that from what I said? Maybe you can see a pattern that I don’t like evil people or people that hurt others for no reason but their own gain or satisfaction. We have enough evil in the real world, that is why I watch this soap so I can go to crazy make believe world for an hour.

    If Johnnie acted like that and Rafe was his father I would say the same thing, he is a brat. The way he screamed and acted was not the right way for a child to act. I raised 2 kids and they never acted that way. I have 3 grandkids and they do not act that way. I have a 2 year old granddaughter and she doesn’t act that way. When they do something wrong, they have a time out spot until they see what they did wrong. And no not all kids go into the terrible 2′s or 3′s. Anyway it is just my observation of his character on the show.

    Kim – thank you for agreeing. I was surprised by Sami’s lact of reaction.

    Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) did an interview with TV Guide about his return to DOOL. I was surprised to read he was in the sitcom The Nanny. I didn’t watch it so that was pretty neat to read. He will start June 3 for a 10-episode stint in a plot where his character will be in prison for trying to kill the president of some “miltary junta country” what ever that means. He will meet Rafe when he is put in the same cell. It seems that Shane is no longer with the ISA and is now an assassin. He will make a brief appearance in Salem for the funeral of Alice. Not sure some of the other old characters can come back because most or on other soaps.

    Wonder if Kate and Madelaine saw a murder or helped someone clean one up and that is why she saw blood on her hands.

  78. From nancy

    I bet Chloe will end up pregnant by Phillip

  79. From Leah

    Dear Peg, so Ej has lied…. agreed but my dear Sami has told plenty of lies herself so I don’t get your point. Both are as bad as each other that’s why I like them together. So much fun, mischief, mysteries, chemistry, sparks and passion. Ejami are simply two of a kind. They share so many of the same desires and dreams. Let them be together and raise their kids as a family.
    Like the look of the new scenes of Ejami in the Dimera house together. Ej half dressed, Sami wet in her bikini remind me of when they met for the very first time. Also reminded me of a clip on youtube – Ejami Hot in Here by Nelly. It’s classic Ejami!
    Ejami are a little older and hopefully wiser but the spark, chemistry, passion and attraction is still there. Ejami and Ejami family all the way!

  80. From Janiebell

    Hope has been through so much, Hope lost her son Zack, saw Bo and Billie together, learned that Chelsea was Bo and Billie’s child, been locked away while Princess Gena took over Hope.s life, saw Bo and Carly kissing and heard Bo tell Carly he loves Carly. How nuch more does Hope have to go through before she gets something good happen to her? All of this does explane why Hope is so skinny, “she worres to much,” and stress and strain will either cause one to lose or gain weight.
    So great to see Caroline back today. Victor and Caroline would make a grand couple.

  81. From mountaingirl

    Hope is shown taking a sleeping pill. A few years ago there were stories about the sleeping pills, ambien & Lunesta, causing people to do things they did not remember – such as driving, eating, making love etc. Maybe this is where the story line is headed with Hope.

  82. From tbrtn

    Kate has 6 kids. Austin, Billie, Cassie, Rex, Lucas, Philip.

  83. From Houston

    I think Choloe will end up PG with Phillip’s child…. Nathan won’t be able to stay quite for long! And, it looks like Phillip is about to confess to Stephanie!!! She’ll try with all her might to keep it quite, because of the risk of Phillip’s marriage breaking up and then losing Nathan…. They don’t belong together anyway, it seems so “forced”!!

  84. From renee

    It was great to see Caroline back on the show today I agree. But as far as chloe I don’t think it will stay a secret long. Because how those two are acting is very strange if she don’t become pregant.

  85. From Niteowl

    #62 Doris JJ A soap opera is not a good escape from the evils of the real world, because all of them zero in on that for a storyline. I guess I wonder why the evil & etc. in the make believe world can entertain us enough to want to watch it, if we are looking to escape from it. I think we need to watch reruns of Leave It To Beaver instead. I also have grandchildren, but in all honesty they are not always little angels. They range in ages of 2 to 6. Somedays they can really be a handful!

  86. From Diane


  87. From Niteowl

    Caroline’s admonishment of Sami was understandable, but Sami did bring out a good point about forgiveness issues. I am wondering why the Bradys were able to forgive Lucas and Kate for setting up Sami with Franco’s murder. Sami was strapped to the execution table and was in the process of getting a lethal injection while her mother,father, grandparents and friends watched. Sami and her family went through untold pain and anquish before Lucas finally came forth and accepted responsibilty for the murder. Yet, Caroline loved Lucas in Sami’s life, and Roman was able to forgive Kate, even to the point of marrying her. Sure EJ serving custody papers on the day of Graces’s funeral was vindictive, but he was already going into his revenge mode for Sami’s lies to him. Caroline seems to think the custody incident was worse, I guess. Custody issues were what prompted Lucas to do what he did, because once again Sami created lies to get Will away from him.

  88. From Doris JJ

    Niteowl – when I started watching DOOL I was 21 and newly married. It was a chance to escape from work, paying bills and not enough time. Besides, I loved the romance that went on more so then what they do today with all the bed hopping. I didn’t get to watch every day but there wasn’t the evil that goes on now since the Dimera’s started in the series. It is the only soap I watch and except for the Dimera family, it is my escape for an hour every day. Maybe it doesn’t make sence to you but it doesn’t have to. It is my escape!

    As for the grandkids, if your grandchild screams at you like Johnnie did to his mother, then in my opinion you have a problem. My kids are not angels but they do not talk to me or anyone else that way. That is all I’m saying, that way of talking to an adult is unacceptable to everyone I know. And again in my opinion the show should not have allowed that small child to do that on TV.

    You love Ejami and I don’t. It doesn’t make you right and me wrong, just different opinions.

  89. From jmsgrama

    GET RID OF KATE!!! Vivian is great and I like Maggie and Victor..wish Mia wasnt leaving. Love her. Sami is so wonderful. I am not thriiled with Rafe he is ok. I wish that Kate and Hopeless would go far far far away never to return. They are as enjoyable as a rootcanal.

  90. From Lilly

    EJ & Sami…the “Super Couple”!
    WOW, how can that be?
    Let’s see, oh EJ RAPPED Sami & KIDNAPPED her daughter & continues to hide it from her, among many other things & you people think they are a SUPER COUPLE? What is wrong with you!!?? JUST WARPED!!

  91. From kristen


  92. From Paula

    #71 DorisJJ: I couldn’t agree more! Neither me or my sister were EVER allowed to talk that way to my parents. Not that we didn’t test the waters at times; because we did, but we certainly didn’t get away with it. Not only was Johnny verbally out of line with his mother, but he also hit her across the face…and neither time did she do anything about it. Talk about sending the wrong message! And I’ve never tolerated anything less from my own kids either. My kids are 17 and 28, and to this day, they use respect when they talk to me.
    I also agree with you about the “escape” thing. I’ve been saying that same thing for years about the soaps. DOOL is the only one I’ve watch since they cancelled Another World, but for one hour a day, that’s my escape from my own day to day life. Not that my life is so bad, but let’s face it, soap life takes you out of reality and into a whole other world of fantasy.
    I saw in the spoilers that Nathan is having a problem keeping Chloe’s secret. I have a feeling if she turns up pregnant, he’s going to feel some sort of moral obligation to make sure Danial knows it may not be his.
    Can’t wait to see Calliopy. Too bad Gene won’t be with her. They were so funny together! Looking foward to seeing Shane again too.
    I noticed I have a different attitude toward Carley now that Bo isn’t around. I guess I just hate her with Bo. I actually like her now that she’s not hang’en with him. I’m sure I’ll hate her again as soon as Bo comes back and we have to deal with another sex scene between them. As far as I’m ocncerned, Hope is the only one he belongs with!

  93. From Niteowl

    #71 Doris JJ I have watched DOOL since the early 80′s of and on. The DiMera family came on the scene in 1982. But we had plenty of evil that went on even without Stefano’s involvement There was the Riverfront Knifer, The Salem Strangler, the raping of Sami by Alan Harris, the raping of Kayla by Jack, raping of Austin by Sami, the fruitcake Ernesto Toscano, people were kidnapped or disappeared at the drop of a hat, these are just a few, for there are too many to mention. The one that takes the cake for EVIL was when Satan himself came to Salem in 1995! I think things have gotten a little tamer in the past two years or so. I would imagine that the reason Sami didn’t react to Johnny’s staged tantrum (lets not forget that thats all it was–not real folks)was because had the writers written in any kind of disciplinary action on her part, she probably would have received more criticism than she bargained for. At least I’m sure that’s what the writers had in mind. The little boy that plays Johnny was grinning the whole time while he was supposed to be angry and in a tantrum. I noticed Allison Sweeney had a hard time remaining serious. Also, I don’t remember seeing him do this tantrum bit before, so its not like he is always a brat. As far as worrying about examples to others, are we talking about to other children because children should not be watching a soap opera anyway. Most of us adults pretty much know how to handle our children and if you don’t, than woe be it unto you! We do not need a soap opera to set examples for us on child rearing.

  94. From Melissa

    I THINK I FIGURED HOPE OUT! If Hope still has a chip in her head then when the boxes fell on her when she tried to stop vivian w Carly ( during Mel & Phillips wedding bfore Carly shot her) it might of activated some strange chemicals or whatever to Hope’s brain ! Causing some psyco behavior! Does anyone remember when John tried to take the chip out during mother of the year hosted by Lexie & the pressure brought back Hope’s alternative personality! This would make sence since Hope’s been acting on/off crazy since!

  95. From Melissa

    &paula I agree it’s not that Carly in unlikeable I even liked her bfore but not w Bo! I was hoping( no pun attended) the Bope would b the new Tom & Alice old & married w comedy of errors! ( remember when Alice helped Bo & Hope renite after her marriage to Larry hilarious!!!!)

  96. From Regina

    I think the point with Sami and Johnny was just to prove that Sami can’t handle 3 kids under the age of 5 all by herself; and to give her a good enough reason to move in with EJ. And why would it make a difference to Nathan what Chloe does? If he knew it was Phillip she slept with that would make sense cause he’d go running to Melanie with the info; but since he doesn’t know it was Phillip, why should he even care! And it was definitely NOT Stephani’s business when she opened a closed door and walked in on a private conversation between Nathan and Chloe; and just walked right up to them and asked “What’s going on?” Uh…Steph; you work in a hospital…Nathan’s a doctor…ever hear the phrase “none of your business”!!!
    I was also kind of disappointed to read on another spoiler site that Mia’s character is leaving the show. She wasn’t all that great an actor; but I do kinda like the mean side of her character. I thought the storyline between all the teenagers was maybe going to get kind of interesting.

  97. From Sammikins

    the whole attraction of Sami and Ej together is because they are close to two of a kind. Sami has done some dastardly deeds in her day, but she gets a certain amount of sympathy because she has some good characteristics and is always battling the “bad” side of herself. Ej is the same way…bad/evil but really wants to change…sometimes. Because they understand and “get” each other is why there are so many ejami fans…that and there great chemistry:) I mean really, don’t we all just want someone who loves us and accepts the good and the bad?

  98. From Clear

    If Hope is found out, how will she ever be able to be on the Salem PD any more with mental issues and chemical dependency? If it were real life, I’d say she has self-destructed, but who knows on Days. Caroline told Sami how ridiculous her thinking is, but it made no difference. She needs to discipline Johnny when he gives her grief instead of giving in to him. Also, writers, please don’t let Sami wear that severe hairstyle anymore. It looks too flat! Sami’s character, or Alison needs to learn how to walk with some grace instead of rattle trapping through a room without picking her feet up too! It’s terrible to see this beautiful woman slap, frump clump through a room. It detracts from whatever emotion she is trying to convey too–or are the writers purposely asking her to look graceless and inelegant? The storyline they are writing for her certainly makes her look illogical and stupid!

    Nicole was looking quite fetching and I loved seeing the sparks fly between her and Stefpano.

    There has to be more to the Kate/Maddy thing than old buddies or another baby secret because of the Lady Macbeth scene with the blood on the hands that Kate did. Maddy must know where the skeletons are buried, or in which closet. If Kate’s lips get any fuller looking will they pop!

    By the way, all the ladies usually have subtle lipstick colors, or tasteful makeup usually, but Rafe’s mouth always looks pinker than anyone! Nasty! Leave it off, Rafe!

  99. From Regina

    Correction on my part. I don’t know that the whole character of Mia is being done away with; I just read that the actress who’s playing Mia is leaving the show. Maybe they’re just recasting the role. I always thought in the beginning of her storyline that Mia would turn out to be Rafe and Emily’s daughter. I figured Sami would find out that Grace wasn’t her daughter; but Rafe’s granddaughter. But I was wrong on that one.

  100. From Clear

    Maybe you aren’t wrong. It’s an interesting idea, and the writers may write it in!

  101. From Doris JJ

    Okay Niteowl I give! I started watcing in 1965 and no I don’t remember a lot of evil back then. This is not the first time that Johnnie has acted up, he has done it in other scenes. I do know it is a soap (not real) but it doesn’t mean I have to like what happened. Just my opinion!

  102. From Paula

    Niteowl- it’s not about letting young children watch the soaps, but there are young mothers who are home watching it; no less young children who are around when “mom” is watching it. As DorisJJ said, it’s just my opinion as yours is yours. Yes, I also am well aware that it’s just a soap. No one is saying she had to slap the crap out of him, but some sort of verbal recognition that he did something wrong would have been the way to go.

  103. From lucsmum

    Johnny and his tantrum-someone? was correct. If Sami/Alison has smacked his bottom say, then she and the studio would have had ALOT of criticism. The whole point of that scene was to highlight the fact that Sami can’t handle the kids without the help of EJ (afterall 2 of them are his)and to set up the move to the mansion. Surely Casa DiMera has a guest cottage that they could set up home in?

  104. From Clear

    What about the Chair of Contemplation, or the Corner of Woe instead of the butt smacking? LOL! Sami should have some inventive ideas for child discipline considering her conniving machinations in the past.

  105. From cindy

    of course sami should have given johnny a time out or something, but like regina and others said the writers were setting up the move to the dimira mansion. if sami had been able to handle johnny with no problem, she wouldn’t of had as good a reason to move. and regina, i also noticed the actor who plays johnny did have trouble keeping a straight face. it was kinda of funny in a way seeing his and allison’s reaction. liked the interaction between stefano and nicole. good to see those two at it again. wonder if rafe will end up bringing anna back to town. would like to see sami finally find out the truth. bet that would be a great reaction. can’t wait to see how she reacts to ej when she finds out, cuz we all know she will sooner or later. boy, will the sparks ever fly then!

  106. From justin's mom

    I’m hoping that melanie and nathan get back together again, i really liked them together..I used to like stephanie alot when she used to date max, now i’m kinda disgusted with her..she’s trying so hard to keep mel and nathan apart!! Karma can be a real you know what!!

  107. From justin's mom

    Oh yeah Phillip and Melanie’s marriage is a big seems to me the only reason why phillip married melanie to prove a point to nathan he gets what he wants!! But the truth is nathan and melanie love’s just a matter of time!! Phillip and stephanie will be alone.

  108. From Janiebell

    Never hurts to “spank”, a child when they “misbehave”, and Johnny screaming at his mother/Sami was very disrespectable amd yes, Johnny was misbehaving and deserved a spanking, or at least “a time out”. I have sent my daughter to school with stripes, from a hickrey, on her legs before and if need be I would nettle her legs again, except now my daiughter is grown and living and taking care of her grandmother. So I don’t have to worry about that. I could just give my son, “a talking to”, and that worked when he was a child.

    I don’t remember Hope having a chip in her head, or the mother of the year award. What happened that caused Hope to have the chip in Hope’s head? Yes, I guess that could be what happened to cause Hope to be involved in so many “knock outs”. I just forgot all about Hope ever having a plate in her head.

  109. From lucsmum

    Janiebell-love the sarcasm. Seriously though I do not condone spanking but anything that Sami would have done is merely to set up the whole EJ situation. By the way, OH MY GAGA loving the preview of EJAMI for next week. So good I could squeal.
    Re the survey at the beginning of this blog: Madeline threatened Stephano as well. Perhaps he had an associate who killed a hooker, friend of Maddie and Kate, who they then killed and let Maddie raise Chad. Hence the father’s ‘trouble’ with Chad? Just a thought

  110. From Joey

    So excited to see Shane Donovan back….can’t wait. I read about Anna running into Calliope in South America with Rafe hot on her trail & getting put in jail with another familiar face. Didn’t think it would be Shane though. Interesting storyline for him.

    The person who did the chip implants was Dr. Rolfe, not Ralph!

    Why does everyone spell character names wrong on here?

    Can’t wait to see Jennifer return in June. I hope they do a good job explaining why Jack and the kids aren’t there.

    Anyone else interested in seeing if they recast Tommy Horton Jr.? We need to see that side of the Horton family with Sandy and create her kids.
    It would be nice to Julie’s son David & grandson Scotty. I know Marie is coming back but Nick’s parents Jessica & Josh could show up too.
    So excited about Bill & Laura…recasting a character for just a funeral? Hmmm…think Bill may stick around.

  111. From Tisha

    I think Victor and Maggie would be a good couple! also i think Sammi is a bull headed blond that doesn’t realize that EJ is playing her hard! I love Sammi and Rafe together! they have soo much chemestry and treats her like gold! and as for Hope i think shes taking it a little too far with hitting guys over the head to rob them.. doesn’t really make sense..

  112. From Melissa

    Janiebelle! We’ve talked about the chip in Hopes brain for some time! & I looked it up she should still have a chip in her brain!!!!!!!

  113. From Michelle

    It would be interesting to see Calliope back in Salem. I think Hope will finally be caught and put in a hospital for treatment of her alter-ego and then Brady will get their daughter. I hope this does not mean that Hope will be written off. I would rather see Carly go and Viv as well. Stephanie is too much of a busy body trying to cause trouble. Daniel will eventually find out about Chole and Phillip. I can not wait to see the story line between Madeline and Kate should be really good. EJ should not get back with Sami.

  114. From MsBoulder-CO

    #64-Canada. I know Micky is dead. Sentence should have read with Micky out of sight and now dead, Maggie deserves a romance.

  115. From Doris JJ

    I don’t know if Rafe interviews Anna before he is thrown in jail or after but he secretly tapes her. Don’t know how much she tells him but that was the spoiler on the other site.

    I don’t like this story line with Hope and knocking people over the head. We should know this week who her ultimate target is. Wonder if it is Victor or Stephano or maybe Bo when he comes back.

  116. From barbie

    I like the new storylines, Hope’s alter-ego, Kate and Madeline’s connection, Phillip sleeping with Chloe and trying to keep it secret. I think these storylines are better than the stale babyswitch which went on way too long and Carly and Bo- I hope this brings Bo back together with Hope and Carly moves on with someone else. Stephanie is still my least favorite and I wish they’d write her off- she serves no purpose except to annoy. I’m up in the air about EJ and Sami, I like her and Rafe together but she may have already blown it with him and I can’t imagine him forgiving her after she finds out what EJ did, I’m liking the new Will, he seems more fiesty than the old one and more like Sami.

  117. From Trasha

    Hey everybody….DOOL is a soap opera. Their lines are written for them. They are not real people! It is an entertaining story. It disturbs me to see people write that they hate someone or what a lousy mother because she is not with her children….the reason that she is not with the children is because they were not written in the scene….Just enjoy the story and see it for what it is……a soap opera.

  118. From patti

    i like mel and nathan…steph and phillip would be okay together…they are both the same speed. brady and nicole would be much more fun than brady and ari…and ej and sami are cool together…if she can forgive EJ for the past we should too.. I like Viv stirring stuff up..but it would be nice to see jen and marlena back too as well as john.

  119. From mesha

    Put Brady with Nicole- EJ with Sami-Caroline/Victor- Dr Baker with Vivian-Bring Jennifer back and put her with Rafe Or keep her with Jack–Get rid of bo and hope, carly, stephanie, mia, chloe, get the hos off the show

  120. From cindy

    okay everyone… hope IS aware of her actions, knows shes a detective for salem pd. that really took me by surprise, cuz i was just sure she was totally unaware of what she was doing!!! this is getting very interesting since every other time i’m aware of she didn’t know of her “other” personality. any other thoughts on this?

  121. From Clear

    I see now why poor Rafe has to get put into jail when he hunts down Anna. It will be to neutralize him while EJ does his dirty work to try to pull the wool over Sami’s eyes. Even if he’s successful, it will not last. I hope Rafe comes back and sinks EJ’s ship with the truth about what he did and proof of it.

    I’m still hoping when Dr. Baker gets his back up against the wall, that he will try to get something out of Nicole and EJ by telling them that Nicole’s baby lived. That would probably increase her victim appeal for Brady too, but poor Arianna is still in there fighting. Brady at long last has finally told Nicole in no uncertain terms to leave him alone–now, if he would just stick to it!

    Kino, where are you. I miss your posts recently.

  122. From Leah

    Youtube EJAMI…. HOT IN HERE BY NELLY! Ejami just have the “IT” factor, others may not like it but the screen can’t deny it. They sizzle every time they are together. Loving or hating each other it’s just there.As I said earlier attraction is attraction, chemistry is chemistry and these two actors have it with each other.
    As for dear Rafe…. come on writers give him more to play with and us. Rafe’s character has been so one dimensional….. it’s been all about Sami, Sami, Sami. Give us more, I’m not interested in him being Sami’s lap dog! Bring his character to life….. add another woman to his mix (maybe Emily), let us find out about his past, his secrets. I figured out the reason he annoys me is we really know nothing about him apart from him being Sami’s sidekick. If they make him more interesting I might like him more. So get your thinking caps on writers and earn your money. All Sami and nothing more make Rafe a bore!

  123. From Janiebell

    I missed Days today and will miss tomorrow as well. Hope nothing interesting happens.
    I think it is to soon sfter Mickey’s death, for Maggie to get involved with anyone. I donot think that the minute one looses their husband/wife the one still living should rush into the arms of another. I still belive in the one year rule. Where the one left dresses in black for 1 year, no dates or anything. Then the day after the first anneversary, come out in beat red top to toe. Either get on with that life alone or start dating again and maybe remarry if that is the choice. However, being alone doesnot have to mean being lonely. One can have a great life asa single. One year for rill, would be about 6 months in soaps. So, about June put Maggie with Roman. Victor and Caroline could be a couple by then.

  124. From Olive

    So what exactly is with drunk-hair Phil?? He is so silly and deserves whatever fallout comes. Oh, and so does Chloe…she’s so ridiculously paranoid. She and Phil deserve each other.

    And speaking of paranoia…can you say Stephanie??? Can’t we just have one paranoid freak on this show??

  125. From cindy

    i so agree with you olive…i used to like chloe, but they’re making her look like a paranoid idiot! i don’t know how she jumped to the conclusion carly set her up, when carly was in surgery. plus carly is saying nothing but nice things about chloe to melanie (but of course chloe doesn’t know that). speaking of melanie, i really like how they portrayed her today. she seems to be growing up rapidly, and seems quite mature all of sudden. i’m starting to grow fond of this new mwlanie! and what’s with hope crying on doc bakers shoulder….thought she was going to really come undone there for a minute. she acted so needy. must be part of the master plan!!! can’t wait to see how hope’s new s/l plays out.

  126. From renee

    #123Cindy I thought what is going on when Hope started to cry. Maybe she was not aware of what she was doing there for a minute. But then she come back to her crazy way of talking to Dr Baker. I wonder how she picks her guys because EJ and Brady she is not treating them like she did the others. She was going to kill EJ there for a minute and no telling what she is going to do to Brady.I also feel sorry for Nathan because Stephanie will end up pregant and Nathan will not leave her side after that.

  127. From Niteowl

    #110 Joey, noticed the mispelling of character names myself. Stefano is always mispelled as Stephano.

  128. From Doris JJ

    Some of us try really hard to remember the correct spelling, but when in doubt get as close as you can.

    Hope had me when she started crying but them she snapped back and you knew she was playing with Dr. Baker. The real Hope has no idea about the evil night time Hope so does that mean that the evil one is the dominant one and controlling the day time Hope? Bo is suppose to be back this week, I think, and it will be intersting to see if he notices a change in her. Also wonder the name of the person that is her main target and what she will do to him?

    I wish Phillip would cut his hair, it looks greasy and the part in the middle is awful looking.

    I agree that Maggie should be alone but in soap time a month in real life is like a year on a soap. Does anyone remember when Marlena went on her honeymoon with John and when they came back Bel was a teenager but when they left she was like 7 or 8.

  129. From renee

    I wonder if Hope will try to hit Bo over the head and that will be when he catches her.

  130. From Niteowl

    #127 renee, You have a good question there! I’ll bet she will really whack him if she gets a chance.(Ha). I’m wondering if she was referring to John or Bo when she did her tearful reminiscence of her ex-partner. If the Gina personality is resurfacing, she would have been referring to John because they were a hot item together.

  131. From Dorothy I

    I strongly feel that the scenes with Hope and Dr Baker need to come to an end

    I hope that Chole is pregant

    I also want Mel & Nanthan together

  132. From Melissa

    Niteowl that’s right John was her partner! Here here! & they worked for Stefino! He could be the ultimate target hey niteowl did u see my blog on how when Hope was knocked by Vivians sidekick trying to help Carly that could of activated her chip? Cuz I did some homework & John tried to get the chip out but when he disturbed the chip Princess Gina came back full-throttle do u remember any of this? Plus the medication could react with the chip as I believe the chip is still implanted in her neck!!!

  133. From renee

    Dorothy#129 I agree with you I am tired of seeing Dr Baker and Hope together that one needs to come to an end. What was the deal with her marking Brady on his chest like that. And what does that symbol stand for. I can’t wait to see tomorrow with want the preview showed for tomorrow. Didn’t we all love the scene when Gabi put mustard in Nicole drink. Ha ha

  134. From nancy

    Please find a woman for Roman

  135. From renee

    #132Nancy I agree they need to find Roman a woman. Somebody made the comment about Maggie and her.

  136. From cindy

    Doris, i thought it was strange Hope seemed to remember she was a cop when talking to doc baker, so that must be the dominant personality taking over the real Hope. It doesn’t appear that Hope knows what she is doing at night. also, why would she attack Brady? What has he ever done to her? I can’t recall anything. If she was referring to John and he was the ultimate target, could that mean he’s coming back? Has anyone heard? If so,poor John…..they are always messing with that poor man!!! But would love to see him and marlena back. Also Doris, i remember many times not seeing the kids (especially belle and brady) for months and months, then all of a sudden they would appear and be YEARS older!!I guess that’s why these grandmothers on the soaps always look so good…they all skip many many years of aging.hehehe

  137. From renee

    I wonder if she will remember seeing that symbol before.

  138. From Janiebell

    I agree Nancy. Roman is to great and to goodlookingto be alone, but can’t Roman stay single a little longer and then get together with Maggie? They have simler backgrounds/sort of, and the Bradys all know and love Maggie already, so there shouldnot be any room for disaprovil from the family. Maggie might want to stay close with the Hortons after she and Roman marry. This also shouldnot be a problem, sence the Bradys and Hortons are and always have been close. How does Maggie Horton Brady sound? I love that name. Or she could be Maggie H. Brady, or simpley Maggie Brady. I like Maggie Horton Brady best, but no matter what name Maggie uses, I just want Roman and Maggie together.

  139. From cindy

    janiebell and nancy, like your idea about roman and maggie. i agree they make a good match with similar backbrounds and both good people. might not be enough controversy though.. other than maggie’s illness might not not have a s/l there. i do like victor and his sarcasm, but not with maggie or caroline for that matter. they are both so different from him and although i know this sometimes makes for a good pairing, i feel the differences are too great, and things would seem awkward. even though i’m not a fan of vivian as a whole, she does match up with victor wonderfully…love the banter between them.

  140. From Niteowl

    #130 Melissa, I can’t remember whether John removed the chip from Hope’s neck for sure, but like you, I don’t think he did. If not, I agree that the medication she is taking could be causing her to go back to her Gina personality. Whether there are any plans to bring John back should the story go this way, remains to be seen. Sure would be nice to see John again!

  141. From cindy

    just finished seeing today’s episode, and things are really getting good!!! did anyone else notice when Hope was talking to dr. baker, she didn’t know who Brady was? i wonder if she didn’t know any of the victims, and she is just randomly picking out wealthy important men by accident. also, bet that money clip will be dr. baker’s undoing!!!

  142. From Melissa

    Niteowl no it doesn’t matter if they bring John back but I agree with u John was Gina’s partner if it’s the Gina persona or Gina herself her partner was John! Do you see were I’m going! Do u agree the boxes falling on her had anything to do with her behavior? That’s kinds were it started! Plus Hope was helping Carly so that would give her symphathy! Plus Hope has nobody in her life, accept Ciara so nobody has noticed her strange behavior but her daughter!

  143. From daisy

    When does Melanie attend Nursing school? Where is her instructor?
    Why do Salem police oofficers interegate suspects/wittnesses in front of the hospital staff/patients?
    That area Hope and Baker are assaulting men in is so popular, how come they aren’t ever caught?

    Why don’t the police have a police setup to catch this mugger? Salem seems to be a good size city, yet must only have four or five police officers.

    Who is responsible for Ciarra? She seems to have no nanny, and Mom works( day and night!)
    Stephanie is dumping the”pill” use, but in this day and age shouldn’t Natahan be using a condom? They better write that in, as the PILL doesn’t protect against STDS. A little public health lecture!!!!

  144. From Amy

    Seems as though Chad could be Kate’s son that she gave up to Madeline for adoption, etc… hide from whomever the father really is. But, I am not sure how that could be….being that Phillip is older than Chad….Then is Cassie and Rex older than Phillip? Seems as though Kate leaves town and spits out a kid! Confusing!

  145. From lucsmum

    Here goes
    Roman with Nicole’s mum
    Maggie temporarily with Victor
    Sami and EJ
    Give Rafe somebody even crazier than Sami-remember Eugene and Calliope? She really bothered the straight laced scientist but gradually grew on him
    Stephano or somebody to tell Will that he needs to give EJ and his mum some respect as they all live there OR he can go live at the Brady pub!
    Liked the interpaly with Kate and Sami. I think she was really trying to tell Sami thatshe needs to let will grow up and to do so herself. Kate kind?

  146. From Niteowl

    #143 lucsmum, Roman and Nicole’s mon would make a great couple! Did they not have a little romance going on at one time? Can’t remember for sure. But that poor lady could use a good man and some love in her life! Also, they have a lot in common, Roman has Sami to deal with and she has Nicole.

  147. From lucsmum

    #144 Niteowl-yes I do think there is some sort of history there as evidenced during the Sydnapping. Maybe it goes back to when Nicole was first in town and briefly dated Sami’s twin Eric and the whole porn background came out? Roman and Maggie? NO.
    Hey, just had a thought! If the truth comes out about the Sydnapping, didn’t Sami also kidnap Belle and let everyone think SHE was dead? SO…both EJ and Sami have had questionable non consenting sex with someone and kidnapped a baby! huh!Apologies for any typos

  148. From shirley

    Bring back Doc. just about everone needs her soothing ways in therapy. Wish she was my Doc.

  149. From Clear

    People should not get upset at typos, misspellings, or other problems as long as the idea is clear. It’s hard enough typing in this little box with limited space!

    I hate it when I run out of space, and my whole sentence runs below the box out of sight! Oh well!

    Hope’s alter ego seems to know everything and is in control in her subconscious mind during the night hours. When Baker asked her name, she didn’t give a different one. I’ll look forward to seeing who she bonks on the head next, he,he! Victor maybe, or how about Stefano?

  150. From Niteowl

    #145 lucsmum, You got it right! Sami has done all the things you noted, just like EJ. Birds of a feather usually stick together, so we shall see if Sami will stick to EJ once his revenge game is revealed. This will be very interesing to watch when it happens. I guess a lot of the outcome will depend on the courage of the writers. Do they let the bad guy (EJ) get absolution or does the good guy (Rafe) win out. They usually play it safe and boring. I hope they let their imaginations fly this time.

  151. From Doris JJ

    The branding or tattoo on Brady is a symbal in Celtic for Girl Power.

    I think Roman dated Nicoles mom briefly when she was working at this diner. I think it was the time that Kate lost everything and had to work there too. Not sure but I do remember them going out a few times.

    I think Hope is having a split personality from the break-up with Bo, the death of Mickey and other things. Since she has become weak and not handling things her mind developed this other personality to take over. I just wonder if when Hope goes to see Brady and the brand on his chest will she connect that with the dream she had the night before when she saw someone branding a body, not sure if she could tell it was Brady.

    Just read where Sami, Carly, Victor and Stefano will get nominations for day time Emmy. Sami will be nominated for the mom mourning over Grace. I think Hope deserved one when Zack was killed. She did an awesome job and very believable. First nominations for Sami and Carly.

  152. From lucsmum

    Firstly how did Hope manage to “brand” Brady without him waking up? He wasn’t dead just knocked out!
    Secondly I thought I read somewhere that Roman is the next to get knocked out?!
    #150 Niteowl-I hope as well that the writers take a risk but it could be doubtful! I’ll say it again-the only way EJ might get Sami and absolution is if he suffers some damage from Hope kicks and needs surgery which lead to selective amnesia.James Scott should get a nomination for his grief in the morgue.
    Never liked Marlena or John. BUT thought he was hilarious after Stefano messed him up and his delivery was so deadpan.

  153. From wildwoman

    Why are they getting rid of MIA??? She needs to become really nasty and sleep with everyone!! Just think of all the stupid children she could produce?? Plus she is gonna be a lawyer and fool around with Chad’s father!! hee hee hee Mia! you go girllll=get rid of Steph, Arianna and Gabi…keep MIA

  154. From Janiebell

    Please no more “love children”. There have been to many who learn they were the result of “one night stands”, or a fling, or afair and given up to be raised bysomeone else. Please, no more love childre n. Have Madlin and Kate be lomg lost enimeys, co-hookers, sisters or whatever, but no more love children. Chad is Chad, let him rilly be who he always was and is, Chad Woods, son of DA. Woods and Madelin Peterson Woods.

    Victor with Caroline. About June Roman with Maggie.

  155. From renee

    It was good to see Calliope again she has not change at all. I thought she had lost her mind at the end. I never thought she would be talking to Rafe. I wonder if Hope really believe her daughter or not. It didn’t show the glass today I was surprised they didn’t.

  156. From justafan

    hope needs to get off those sleeping pills i wonder if she will start eating on them hahaha they are known for that too. i love evil hope what pretty eyes she has can’t see her with the doc nicole needs to be with ej leave brady with ari

  157. From cindy

    are you kidding me? Kate knocking Sami on her past mistakes!!! she’s the queen of mean, hateful deeds. she talks to stefano about Sami not changing. if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, to quote an old saying. renee, i noticed how strange Calliope was acting also. i mean she was always a little out there, but she seemed almost like she was physically ill. guess we know why now. wonder what rafe has on her to force her to betray a friend. maybe that IRS thing was for real and she is working out a deal. love the Hope/alter ego s/l. know it’s been done before, but it’s sure made things more interesting!

  158. From Niteowl

    James Scott should get a nonimation for his mourning of Grace in the morgue! I could actually feel his pain and cried with him! The loss he had to deal with at the time was so overwhelming and he as an actor brought it home!

  159. From renee

    I even cried also when she was about go. When Sami was with her I could almost not watch it. I think when stuff happen we forget it is only a show.

  160. From renee

    We all need to wait until they do the special on Alice. I think we all we cry because I always like seeing her on the show. We don’t need to forget her donuts.

  161. From Holly

    Alright, been reading everyones comments and a few pointers.
    Cassi and Rex are the same age as phil, bell, shawn granted her having her eggs put in marlena was when mar was locked up, so technically they should be older. As i believe shawn was 8yrs and bell 5yrs at that time.
    And yes I agree with most of you abot stephanie. those who’ve been watching for a long time would remember the first stephy (red haired and firery) Now thats the stephany I liked the race car driver with aditude.
    And as for Hope, if you see she puts the bright lipstick on, that was ginas thing and also carring the silver compact, gina and yes the man hater comments. So it would be perfect for bo to come back and have her try to mug him as he also was with gina, well got to know her. And it would be sweet if john came back as he is still trying to figure out the old john the one who loved marlanea. They left to help him find the old john since he found out he was santo and collens son, so therefore a dimera.
    speaking of couples with chemistry, ej and sami have great chemistry, but if those who remember great chem, it was when roman was married to kate. Believe it or not but that couple was simular to ej and sami, as roman was able to bring out kates softer side. I liked them when they were married.
    Just some food for thought.

  162. From lucsmum

    Call me crazy but I do think Kate was trying to be nice to Sami for just 1 minute. Then she had to open her mouth about Sami already having 3 kids! I’m starting to think Kate is actually a man in drag what with the bad wardrobe, bizarre hair and plumped up lips. And yeah she wasn’t too bad when she was married to Roman.
    Keep Chad and Kinzie (great the other day in the pub), get rid of Gabi (still say she reminds me of a 12 yr old) and put Nicole with Brady

  163. From Niteowl

    Personally I would like to see the whole Hernandez family leave Salem. They came out of nowhere and are presented as these wonderful outstanding citizens who in such a short time have everyone loving them and confiding in them as if they were family. Truth is, we don’t know much about them. Maybe thats why all of them are so boring! The least the writers could do is give them a background. They started to do so with Rafe but then dropped the ball and of course Arianne’s drug dealings were smoothed over to make her look good. Writers please, you can do better than this!

  164. From lucsmum

    #163 You know I kind of like the idea of the whole H. family gone however Arianna is the one that I can at least semi tolerate. What about her with Sami’s twin Eric or Carly’s son Nicholas who should be coming to town soon if the writers have any kahonies! It would be someone else for Vivian to manipulate.

  165. From Doris JJ

    Sorry but I like the boring Hernandez family. Ari sold drugs when she was younger and went to jail for that. Roman brought her to Salen to catch the drug ring leader. Since EJ is now the leader they have kind of dropped that story as well.

    I would think it would be a very boring show if they get rid of Carly, Stephanie, Kate, the whole Hernandez family and others that are mentioned. Since they dropped so many characters, we see the same people over and over and the stories are lacking. They do need to bring some back because the show needs other people to interact and have better stories. If ratings have gone up why can’t they bring back some people like Marlena and John.

  166. From Janiebell

    I will be glad when the truth of Kate /Stefano/Madelin Peterson Woods, is brought tolight and we all know ecerything about the 3, and that is said, done and forgot about. Madilen told Kate not to call her Mattie, one name is as good/bad as other name.

    I also will be glad when at last Sami knows the truth about whathappened with the Sydnapping.

  167. From lucsmum

    OOOOOOHHHHHH! Loved today’s show. OK Loved EJ and Sami. Just grab her and kiss her already-CHEMISTRY!!!!!! It was so cute to see him tease her and for them to be getting along.
    I’m intrigued by the Kate storyline but cannot say that it is really grabbing my interest.
    I always thought that Melanie and Brady would have been great together. I like Carly, just not with BO. Gabi-yuck. Rafe-as thick as two planks. Ari-OKPhilip needs to get that haircut and give Chloe some non porn star clothes-that was Nicole’s job. Liked the inintro ductionof the homeless lady-cthat could open up some really good stories and plots. The ambien idea is goo but how about some more social issues like teen drug abuse (to tie in with EJ) domestic violence, alcoholism and many more

  168. From Niteowl

    Here’s an idea–Will gets hooked on drugs, and that hits home with EJ because of his Samantha. Maybe he will think twice about his and papa’s drug business. He might start to realize that his children could get hurt doing drugs one day. If it becomes personal, maybe just maybe he will change his life around.

  169. From Niteowl

    Doris JJ Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Victor the drug king the cops were after first, and after Victor found out about Arianna’s undercover work for Roman, he shrewdly unloaded it on EJ?

  170. From Megan

    I can not get enough of Sami and EJ. I love it I just with they would hook up already.

  171. From Holly

    #169 u are correct but it was unloaded to john black dimera first, who was dealing illegal freight as well

  172. From Niteowl

    Thanks, Holly! I had forgotten about John’s part in that!

  173. From lucsmum

    #168 Niteowl-Oh gosh Will on drugs? That would more than likely be the end of ANY chance for EJ and Sami. I have to believe that they will be together.
    I remember John and the illegal freight but not the drugs? Only remember EJ buying the business from Victor some time last year when he thought that Brady was onto him. Please don’t let Maggie falling into Victor’s arms be the start of something . My guess that is being set up for him to comfort her when we begin to find out about anyone else having trouble linking onto next week’s spoilers?

  174. From lucsmum

    just had to share-it’s late ate night, can’t sleep and was thinking about how funny days can be sometimes. check out FUNNY NuJOHN MOMENTS on youtube. His quip about Sami and EJ was a classic.

  175. From Tazzersss

    is it possible that Chad is Stefano Madeline’s son cause y would she be so worried if he goes to there house an stuff

  176. From Niteowl

    lucsmum, Yes your probably right about Will on drugs and the relationship between EJ & Sami, it probably would split them up but I want EJ to see the light and get out of the drug stuff and I don’t think Sami and him have much of a chance as long as he is carrying on his daddy’s dirty business. I think if he did this, even if Sami left him, she would be back because of the thing that goes on between them is always there. But then again if EJ cleaned up he probably wouldn’t be so interesting and dangerous. (Ha)! Thats just me always wanting someone bad to see the light and turn to the good. However, not boring good, just a bit bad and a little conniving on the side! I would venture to say that I have a long wait before EJ becomes a saint. But if he is to be with Sami, as a saint, he would never survive!

  177. From Niteowl

    P.S. Yes, I had trouble linking into next week spoilers. Also, I’m not sure if John’s illegal freight was drug related or not but even the DiMera’s and Kiriaki’s deal in other stuff besides drugs. I believe a while back they were dealing in stolen diamonds? I know that Stefano dabbled in stolen art works a few years back. As a matter of fact, he had Gina and John stealing it for him.

  178. From Denise

    My hope is that Samie and EJ get together. I rather see her with EJ than Rafe. Rafe is a nice guy but I think Sami is better with EJ. Heck, if Sami does not want EJ, I will take him! :-) EJ is the best looking man I have ever laid eyes on!

  179. From lucsmum

    #176 Denise-older married lady that I am, I hear ya on the EJ/James Scott front!!!My husband’s English and it was partially the accent that did me in.
    EJ and Sami need to get together. They get each other like no one else does. Niteowl-I also agree, EJ needs to reform but not become a saint. Maybe he and Sami could have hijinks together. Someone needs to give Will a GIANT talking to or a smack up side the head. Let his mum have a life and appreciate that she is human. Little putz

  180. From Lily- NYC

    Yeah, Days does stall a bit. So much so that I generally only watch once a week. However, Sammy and EJ have me tuning in every day. They are great together. EJ is hot and is one af the few soap actors that can actually act.

    EJ and Sammy are what Bo and Hope used to be. have been watching this soap for years with my Mom. Bo and Hope were amazing back in the day, but now they uber llame. Bo moving on with Carly was the best thing that could have happened, but trying to breathe life into Hope’s character with this split personality thing is borderline pathetic.

  181. From di

    For sure EJ & Sami need to be together….dumb & dumber! If Sami is so stupid take a Rapist & kidnapper back than she deserves him & Rafe deserves much better!

  182. From Doris JJ

    Rafe might be thick as planks but he is smarter than anyone on the Salem PD.

    178 di – agree with you. Sami has never been smart about men and what Will said was pretty much correct especially the part about he has no where else to go since Lucas is out of town and Caroline always has Sydney and Johnnie.

  183. From Niteowl

    179 Doris, I’m sorry but I don’t see too much smart coming out of Rafe. As a matter of fact, I think he is a perfect partner for Roman & others. The “dumb and dumber.” He attacks everything like Barney Fife on Mayberry/Andy Griffith Show. He also seems to be harboring a personal vendetta, is it because he can’t accept failure? But to all Rafe fans, cheer up, because I’m sure the writers will give Rafe his moment of triumph! However, if he wins out with Sami, he will soon find that he should have wished for something else! Sami and EJ are destined to be together. It might be an off and on thing right now but it will become permanent one day.

  184. From Niteowl

    P.S. I’m an old married lady also, and I think EJ sizzles! He is like someone who stepped out of a Jane Austen classic! Love the British accent and the amazing good looks that go with it!!!

  185. From lucsmum

    #178 Di-let’s not forget as I stated earlier on, Sami is also a rapist and kidnapper.
    #179 Doris JJ-yes Will was right about her man radar in general and true he has nowhere else to go. Sami is still his mum and does deserve some respect.
    #181 Niteowl-there is a great youtube re EJ and his grey suit. Very yummy

  186. From lucsmum

    Come to think of it, EJ did tell Will to give his mum some respect. Kudos. Wonder what Stefano meant when he said that he would deal/speak with Will re Sami.
    Loved the pool and massage scenes. OK it was gratuitous but hey it made my afternoon. Can’t decide if my hot flash is early menopause or jsut my reaction to James Scott. OLO

  187. From lev erne


  188. From lucsmum

    #184 Let new Will go back to living with Carrie and Austin!! I always thought that it should have been Will who shot EJ and that Lusercas would say he did to protect him.
    Yes Will is being completely rude and disrespectful to Sami-but he does make a point about some of her choices. Don’t get me wrong, I want EJ and Sami together but I doubt if she will forgive him. They have amazing chemistry. Could not get it with Nicole.

  189. From Kim

    I loved Will taking yet another strip off Sami, she sooo deserved it. No one else is telling her like it is. Sure, they disapprove of what she is doing, but Will is the only one raking her over the coals. She keeps saying that she is moving into the mansion for her kids. What an absolute crock!! She has let Will move in with criminals, and now she is joining him on the incredibly lame excuse that it is best for the kids…who it is best for is Sami and that itch she’s got between her legs that she wants EJ to scratch…can’t wait for Rafe to get back and tell Sami that it was her darling EJ (who has changed! NOT!!) that was behind all her pain and heart ache. Can’t wait.

  190. From Kim

    Niteowl, nothing is ever permanant on a soap opera.

    And Rafe is not dumb. He doesn’t attack like Barney Fife, lol, and he is not harboring any personnel vendettas. A felony has been committed, and IT’S HIS JOB to go after criminals (like EJ!!). Remember? FBI Guy? I understand that you like EJ or James Scott, or whatever, and judging by your comments about Rafe, you seem to be intimidated by him, for yourself and EJ. Ha!

  191. From Niteowl

    Kim, why would Barney Fife itimidate me? (Ha) Sorry, Rafe could have had Anna followed when she popped up in Salem. He always had suspicions about EJ too, and did nothing! He even brought Anna in for questioning and couldn’t get anything out of her. He mishandled that Bennie guy (or whatever his name was), completely from the start. He so quickly let him know he was an FBI agent. He could have possibly gotten more out of him had he not been so obvious. Also, would the FBI let him stay on a case this long that he has a personal interest in? Wouldn’t there be other cases for him to solve. Of course, your right this is a soap opera. Sorry, but he does have a personal vendettta, he wants to satisfy his own need to solve the case, because he wants to be Sami’s hero again. Even his sisters made the comment that he could be Sami’s hero again. That’s the big thing with him and thats why he won’t let someone else take over the case. Your also wrong about me wanting EJ to go unpunished for his revenge game. I want him to come clean and face the consequences, because then Sami will either hate him or forgive him. Whatever happens, I am still pulling for EJ to turn his life around and not be as bad as Stefano. There were couples who were close to permanent before, Alice & Tom, Caroline & Shawn, Mickey and Maggie and Marlena & John. Sometimes they were off and on but always back to each other. But you are right too, I should have said possibly permanent. Oh by the way, I judge by some of your comments that EJ must intimdate you in some way since you seem to be kinda worried about Rafe and Sami getting together? Remember—EJ loves and accepts Sami for who she is, good and bad, but Rafe seems to have a problem with her behavior. Also, EJ is the father of two of her children. Thats grounds for worry, Kim. The intimdated Niteowl is signing off for today. Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies!

  192. From Kim

    Niteowl, any sane, reasonable person would have a problem with Sami’s behavior! lol….And you’re, wrong about Safe for me. I like Rafe (soo hot!), can’t stand Sniveling Sami, don’t want EJami because rape is not romance. Rafe can and will (hopefully) find someone better than Sami.

  193. From Niteowl

    Good Kim, I think now we understand each others opinions! So be it! Hope Rafe finds him a real sweetie and the two rapist Sami & EJ can raise their family.

  194. From lucsmum

    #189 &190
    Kim and Niteowl:
    BOTH kidnappers and questionable non consenting sex persons: EJ and Sami!!
    Rafe has maybe 2 facial expressions at most and I personally think, and yes it is my opionion, the guy can’t act his way out of a paper bag! And is he allowed to work for te SPD and the FBI?
    I’ll like who I like and you like who you like.

  195. From Niteowl

    Yeah, lucsmum, I think your right about Rafe’s facial expressions, he ain’t got much. Except for those pink lips of his that a blogger keeps bringing up (Ha) he doesn’t have much to lean on that could be considered notable. His acting is also lacking. I think he can operate in one gear only.

  196. From Niteowl

    #184 lev erne, You are so right about Will’s lack of respect for his mother. I’m wondering why little Johnnie was so chastised for his three-year old behavior and was seen as a subject for punishment from all the Safe fans yet there is no outcry from them so far, that I have seen, regarding Will’s outburst. Like I said before they didn’t like Johnny wanting his daddy–EJ. Thats what the problem really was.

  197. From Missy

    let them not be hookers but love them to become sisters they need a family to be more fun to become sisters.

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