Days of Our Lives Thoughts For The Week Of April 26.

Matt’s Musings.

Dr. Dick returned to Salem to discover that it had barely changed at all. Why he would go back there when he could have just as easily gone anywhere else in the world is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he should have gone to Hawaii so his shirts wouldn’t make him stick out so badly… He was instantly trapped into a weird business relationship with Hope; maybe his garish fashion sense reminded her of Babs. The doctor showed he’s still a pillar of compassion and stopped her from killing Elvis at Salem’s local corpse depot – the pier. They ran off with his cash and cards, leaving him to the mercy of fair Samanther. As she pushed his brain back into his skull, his lips sprang to attention and he licked her lips. She got confused. That didn’t abate as the week went on. Rafe tried to talk to her but realized he couldn’t actually tell her anything. Strangely enough, that went as well as things go when he tells her everything on his mind. He tipped her off that EJ wants more than the buns she burned in her oven – he wants to try baking another cake. Sami wasn’t in the mood for baking lessons from anyone and told Elvis that they wouldn’t be playing house as long as it meant she had to live with his dear old dad. Elvis tried to talk to her on her level. Then Caroline asked Sami why she never talks to her mom anymore. Sami said it was because Marlena is reasonable and that’s not the kind of talk she can take. Carline did her best, but even saints have their limits.

Nicole continued to rove her way around Salem with her totally untrustworthy dogsbody Arianna on her back. They wound up at the hospital and tried questioning EJ. Sensing a chance for easy revenge, he decided to pin his attack on her. Nicole flipped out. Brady tried to comfort her by suggesting she leave town. Before she could, Hope grabbed her and, following Elvis’ advice, took her down to the station for questioning. Nicole gagged on the idea of EJ sending her back to prison. To get out of it, she went to see his dad and asked Stefano for his help. Hope was too busy to notice. She was back to sailing around town with her alternative and tracked down Baker again.

Across town, Philip and Chloe shrank into a well of self-loathing skankiness as they realized that their beloveds were not doing the dirty on them. To make things worse, both Daniel and Mel piled the pity onto them and blamed themselves for their domestic strife. Chloe and Philip gagged on the guilt, but could still keep their mouths open enough to talk loudly about bumping uglies. Nathan just happened to hear Chloe singing about it. The intern didn’t catch on that her illicit affair was with Philip. She begged him to keep his mouth shut. He turned to Steph to keep it busy. Chloe fretted all over town. Just watching her try to think her problem through was enough to make Philip look drunk. Once again, even his hair was starting to look drunk. Mel interpreted this as a sign that he was profoundly sensitive.

Will and Chad commiserated about being ex-Miaphiles while the one and only Mia moped around with lilacs and tried to make them jealous. They lurched around town trying to do poetry homework and failed. Chad’s mom warned him to stay away from the DiMeras. She even warned Kate to stay away from her son. When Stefano heard that one, he nearly had a conniption. He ordered the judge to stay away and she warned him that he’d be the one to pay. Meanwhile, Kate suddenly had a hallucination. Although it might have been caused by the latest body scrub that ‘Hearth and Home’ was producing, it was more likely that the blood she saw covering her hands was a not so subtle hint of what Kate did in her deep, dark, dastardly, desperate, dirty, delinquent past.

And now… onto the spoilers. If you don’t want to know, and don’t want to blame me for ruining next week’s titillating adventures in Salem, please turn away now and enjoy a weekend of frolicking. More wedding plans fill the heads of Salemites next week. Calliope arrives in town and Viv kicks the plans for her nuptials into overdrive. Unfortunately for her, Victor seems a little distracted… by Maggie. Slightly odd romances percolate around the rest of town. Elvis tries convincing Roman that he’s not out to ruin his daughter’s life. For her part, Samantha tries to remind the Englishman about their little mouth to mouth on the pier. While she wonders if he’s really changed, Will is busy wondering how his grandma Kate has changed after he discovers a photo of her and Madeline. This is destined to lead to some uncomfortable questions, but could they be as uncomfortable as the ones Stephanie has for Philip? She can’t help but notice that her former bed mate is not acting like himself and begins to dig.

Lines of the week:

Dr. Baker: Nicole — a TV reporter. That’s like Paris Hilton being a life coach

Julie: I don’t know. Kids are like little sponges. They sop up whatever is around them.
Hope: Are you saying I am the problem?

Bernie: It’s hard to play poker when you don’t have any hands.

Dr. Baker: And I thought you were crazy, Nicole. You’re a poster child for mental health compared to the detective from Pluto.

Sami: (to Rafe) I’m sure you’ve said everything you have to say to me twice.

Stefano: (to EJ) Of course you have a headache. You just spent time with Samantha.

EJ: (to Stefano) Could you please look like you are dying?

Caroline: (to Sami) I realize moving into the DiMera mansion would get you all together, but when they say ‘it takes a village’ they don’t mean the Village of the Damned.

Sami: If EJ weren’t around, I don’t think I’d be sane.

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  1. From Dee

    I enjoy Matt’s writings more than watching the show! He nails it! Thank you!

  2. From genie

    Does DOOL have more funny lines than any other soap!! Thanks for running them by us again.

  3. From bettyg

    Me, too! Keep up the good work, just don’t bite that tongue you’ve got so deep in your cheek!

  4. From Mary C

    I agree with the other posts. Matt’s Musings are Hilarious – way better than the actual show.

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