Days of Our Lives Thoughts For The Week of March 29-April 2.

Matt’s Musings.

Daniel was busy trying to have a family moment with Mel at the pub, Salem’s family fun zone. He may not have raised her, but his blood is flowing through her and he’s had his hands in her guts so they’re already more than intimate. Carly arrived to rain on their parade. Mel flounced off and the doctor ran after her and slipped, cracking open his cranium. His brain slid across Salem, attempting to escape from his inevitable reunion with Chloe. They chased it down and shoved it back in his head just as the diva arrived at the hospital, fresh from a fright session with Victor, to spass all over Carly for sucking up Daniel’s life. Mel defended her mom. Carly got sentimental about the past they never had. Mel pouted until her lips almost fell off. Carly tried but she was even less successful. She didn’t have to mimic her daughter too much though since the blood which is now boiling on Dr. Dan’s brain is causing him to have double vision. Now his world is as repetitive as the dialogue. Mel was still seeing double too. She couldn’t shake her feelings for the two men she loves. Nate drifted around town like a lost puppy. Philly stood around wondering if he should bother being jealous. Hearing that Viv was marrying his father quickly stunted any chance at domestic peace that he was hoping for though.

Hope proved that being hopeful seems to ruin other people’s hopes for happiness. Justin gave her a tongue lashing to compensate for their lack of other tongue type contacts. He wasn’t happy that she dragged Adrienne back into town. Adrienne wasn’t happy about it either, but she missed Salem, one of the few places in America that could almost make her seem high class. She proceeded to dart around town looking down her schnoz at various citizens, mostly Carly, and to rub their noses in their sordidness.

Nicole was in Santo Domingo raining on Ari and Brady’s plans of eloping. She didn’t have to do much though since nature was doing all of the work for her. A hurricane chased the awkward threesome off of the island and back to Salem. She returned to her treasured old haunt, the wharf where so many people have lost their innocence, so many sailors their shirts and so many others their tempers. She immediately ran into Sami for some ‘blonde on blonde’ action (which just happened to be one of Misty Circle’s biggest titles). They pummeled each other while longshoremen recorded it for their YouTube channels. They were then dragged away and left uncharged. Nicole looked for something to drink and it seemed like her prison stay brought back most of the perkiness which a life with Elvis had squeezed out of her. Before she could track down Pookie, however, she had to go and see Elvis to goad him about Anna and then made her way back to the pier where she ran into Syd for a heartfelt moment.

Rafe continued to reject Sami’s mopey attempts to recalibrate their relationship. The moping worked on EJ though. He suddenly realized that Sami was the woman trapped in a cake in his schoolboy’s heart. While Elvis was busy palpitating and delighting EJamis everywhere, Rafe was trying to put together the pieces missing from the kidnapping caper. After questioning Nicole, he tracked down Bennie, the one thug EJ’s hired who was almost as competent as Anna. Bennie was carted in and Rafe turned his attention back to Sami. She decided she didn’t want a break from him after all. He decided that his cliches about love are even clunkier than hers and walked out on her attempted reconciliation. Elvis was too busy going into a panic to pant after her. Meanwhile, Anna’s escape turned out not to be an escape at all. Stefan managed to catch her while she was having a massage and promised her pain she’s never known.

You know the drill… now comes the spoilers. If you haven’t been too exhausted by contemplating the brain injured love monkeys of Salem, you may want to read on. If you don’t want to imagine what’s coming up, however, please avoid the following. If you’re not an EJami, you may want to avoid it as well… Elvis continues to realize that he loves Sami. Thinking in Salem is always a slow process so he has to talk it over syllable by syllable with his sister. While he worries about how he has tortured the love of his loins, Stefano threatens to torture Anna. She quickly gives in and gabs, sending Stefano into a rage and starting an all out father-son war. Families continue to fall apart around town. Chloe fears she is losing Daniel and Philip isn’t creative enough to completely occlude the truth. Mel continues to fall into the mesh of her weird family ties. And Brady and Ari start to work out how their relationship is actually supposed to function.

Lines of the week:

EJ: She hides my daughter and then tells me she’s dead and then I find out I love her. I don’t just love her, I love her!

Chloe: It’s a gift from Daniel. A person who loves a person gives gifts.

Chloe: Are you actually rooting for us?”
Victor: Finally she gets the picture. Yes. I’d rather have you than a psychopathic murderess.

Kenzie: I can’t believe it. I actually met the Salem baby snatcher. Will you sign my shirt?

Kenzie: I thought “The Sopranos” was nothing but ethnic stereotyping.

Daniel: I think you should get to know your mom.
Mel: Why? So she can improve her aim?

Nicole: The truth is Anna and I were sisters-in-laws in a horrible family and we suffered together. That’s what I mean by ‘partners’.

Bennie: I like those pretty names… Lolita… Doreen… Margarita… What was your lady’s name?

Philip: Not while Mary Poppin’ Pills still lives there.

Rafe: It seems you’ve been hung out to dry and in the unfortunate situation of having me as a best friend.

Philip: (to Kate) I know this is futile, but I’m going to talk to you as if you are a rational adult.

Rafe: I don’t know if we have the same idea of what love means. Love means you don’t have to take breaks. Love means you don’t have to keep secrets.

Victor: (to Viv) You do look like a very old twelve.

Sami: (to Rafe) Maybe we need to think less.

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  1. From dc

    hated to see daniel make his fall and the seeing doub le could jeopardize his doctor status..
    melanie needs to get on with her life with philip and don’t encourage nathan..

  2. From bettyg

    Does anybody out there get the feeling something could be coming down with Victor and Maggie? Their scene today seemed almost magical to me. What do youz guys think?

  3. From Precious

    I don’t like the idea of Victor and Maggie combo..I would rather have him with Caroline, but ONLY after he has Vivian put away in a mental facility.

  4. From twinny

    I don’t think anything is going to happen between Maggie and Victor or between Maggie and anybody for a while, but I do think Maggie is good for Philip in an adult/motherly kind of way.

  5. From Vivian

    Anyone know when Leann Hunley’s (Anna) contract is over? After the ending scene on Friday…may be the first time Stefano dirties is own hands LOL

  6. From Jolie

    I like the idea of Victor and Maggie, something new. Who knows where you could take that and what other relationships would pop out because of it. I am glad Stephano will finally get the scoop on EJ. Let’s move this thing along. EJ will be eating out of his hand and soon. He might think he can stand up to Daddy Dearest but Stephano has a long dark past. EJ is an upstart. He may torture Sami but that is kid’s play and she deserves much of it. Rafe, wake up for heaven’s sake. Doesn’t the FBI have other cases to work on?? What happened to the drug problem? Oh yes, they arrested it. I wish Carly, Hope and Adrianne would all get together with some tequila shots and throw some punches. They are all a bit tiresome. And what was Julie doing in Victor’s haunts like she lives there??? This is a stretch at times.

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