Days of Our Lives Video Promo: He Wants You.

Not exactly Agent Objective.

Sami and Rafe bicker about EJ’s intentions, especially where it concerns her.

Check out this sneak peek into Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From justafan

    sami isn’t that stupid she has been around the block she doesn’t want to admit she wants ej too wait until nicole hears this she won’t be able to help her self getting revenge and brady stay away from her. if chloe becomes pregnant with phillips child i will scream.

  2. From missy

    hope sami does move in, that will something for the family.

  3. From Dolly

    Writers, let sami and ej have some good life together. Let other couples have the troubles for awhile.

  4. From Kino

    I hope Sami sees that Rafe is right about Elvis because he knows that he’s up to no good. If she can’t see it, then she doesn’t deserve a good man like him.

    Sure Elvis may dote on Johnny and Sydney, but he treats them as his property, not children. He’s a Dimera and will never change. Who knows maybe Nicole will cheat him out of Sami and get her revenge on him.

    The only couple I would like to see get back together is Bo and Hope.

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