Days of Our Lives Video Promo: You Think You’re The Reason He’s Changed?

“I didn’t just have two kids with some guy I hate.”

Since Sami’s judgment appears to be impaired, Caroline takes it upon herself to give her some advice.

Check out this sneak peek at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    well, it appears the talk with caroline didn’t do any good. sami (as stupid and gullable as she is) still thinks the best of ej.. what a shame.. i’m really disappointed in you sami. get some backbone!! take the blinders off too!!

  2. From missy

    I, thnk all of this will go the right way w/ ej & sami. love for ej to win this battle over stefano. bring him down & kate as well

  3. From dc

    ej will never bring stefano down. that will only come when stefano is dead.. stefano is gonna always rule ej’s life and now that he has the kidnapping thing on him ej better watch his step.. and now with nicole in town, they better both watch what they are doing.. being a reporter now she is gonna find something on both of them, i betcha.

  4. From Becky

    I agree with you dc–Nicole will find out what sleazy EJ did and will blackmail him. Sami’s character is almost unwatchable anymore. She is so annoying and stupid that I don’t like watching her scenes anymore. I cannot stand pompous EJ, and never could. What is with him constantly blinking his eyes in so many of his scenes? It is very irritating. Rafe is great–I hope they find someone new on the show as a love interest for him–Sami is not worth his time. All that Rafe has done for her and still she falls for EJ’s crap again and again. She is a complete dimwit. And here we go again with the same old Sami and EJ stuff–so BORING. C

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