General Hospital Spoilers For April 28-29.

Dante makes his choice.

Getting increasingly desperate, Claire bends the law when she tips Johnny off about Lisa being the one and only ‘not guilty’ holdout on the jury. The young gangster pays a special visit to her room at the Metro Court. The next day, she gives a passionate speech to the other jurors in a final bid to sway their votes. Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin get into yet another ethical argument about the proper course of action to take after they spot Michael in the park.

Also getting more desperate, Carly gets close to the end of her rope and her pleas for help turn into threats as she attempts to get her son’s location out of Olivia. It’s unlikely that she’ll be helpful, but Dante may be re-evaluating his decision again after Claire warns him that there could be serious repercussions if Sonny goes free.

Across town, Jason repeats his words of warning to his boss that faith placed in Dante is faith misplaced. As the father worries, Kristina begs her mother not to reveal where her brother is to Mac. Alexis does it anyway. Michael goes on the run again and meets up with Kristina, Molly and Morgan at the boat house. In spite of everything, he’s optimistic that Dante won’t betray him. As they hope, Dante marches into the courtroom to make a shocking declaration.

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