General Hospital Spoilers For May 3-7.

The trial ends… and Lulu and Dante finally have sex.

Michael is lead into the courtroom while everyone panics. Olivia worries that Sonny and Jason will kill her son. Spinelli also tries to keep Stone Cold from killing the cop. Morgan confronts Dante for his betrayal and Carly explodes at Lulu for hers. In the courtroom, the judge listens to Michael’s testimony and then places him in jail for the week to await his sentence. His mother and father visit him to weep. Michael promises to prove how tough he is to his father.

Jason mopes about the situation and Robin comforts him, much to Patrick’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante finally make love. Their bliss is short lived. She returns to work to battle with Maxie and he returns to defending himself to his father. Both father and son return to court to beg for mercy for Michael before the court finally makes its ruling.

Helena continues doing her best to make things bad between Nikolas and Lucky. Nikolas is miffed when the cop orders him to keep Helena away. Helena fuels his paranoia by hinting that Lucky and Liz could still get back together and cut him out of the baby’s life. Even Elizabeth seems convinced that she has a future with Lucky.

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  2. From Mike Merle

    He whacked a woman. What is wrong with you people? The whole mob storyline is so overplayed. Time for them all to be put in prison.

  3. From Missy

    not for micheal he needs to let go let sonny bk in. let jax adopt them both or bring aj bk micheal’s real father also be bk as his own dad thanks,

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