The Young and The Restless Spoilers For April 30 – May 3!

Someone unexpected arrives in Genoa City, as a woman sets her sights on a current resident…

Over a conversation with Sara, who Phyllis believes is her BFF Lauren, Phyllis calls her out for overreacting. Sara isn’t in the mood for Phyllis’ advice, grabs her by the wheelchair and admits she’s sick of Phyllis always sticking up for him! Is this ‘him’ Michael and will Sara take Phyllis out before Daisy has the chance?

It looks as though that just might happen. After Phyllis lets Sara know that Daniel is on his way over she privately calls Daisy and asks her to intercept Daniel and plans to kill Phyllis herself! Daisy manages to drug Daniel then kisses him. Meanwhile, Amber witnesses Kevin holding onto a kid by the shirt at the coffeehouse and is shocked to see it’s Little D! Will Daisy permanently lock Daniel into her web? Or will Little D’s presence be the end of Daniel’s marriage to Amber? Daniel doesn’t get a chance to see Little D… Why? Because he’s drugged and naked with Daisy in bed when Amber brings the boy home to meet him!

Ryder begins to come unglued at the thought of Sara and Daisy killing Michael and Phyllis. He tries to let Lauren and Jana out of the cage but finds his keys missing. Kevin isn’t giving up on his search for Jana and asks Katherine and Murphy to hit the Ouija board with him for answers!

The suspect list in Adam’s murder keeps growing. There’s already been three arrests in the case and we’re about to see another suspect thrown into the mix. Chance can’t shake the idea that someone helped aid in his escape. When ‘Emily’ is summoned to the police station she becomes very nervous during an interrogation. Will she be the next one to join Nick and Victor in the slammer? And what will Jack say when Ashley wonders if his wife could really be Patty?

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  1. From Ann Stalls

    Enough with the doubles and the locking up of people in weird places. Not believable….

  2. From missy

    let micheal & lauren bk to normal & bring them bk to ea other. no more funny bizzness fm daisy & ryder, bring more romances bk in genoa city bring a new love for ashley like chance & ashley, different couple just a thought.bring neil & drucilla, bk togethre. thanks to help & lily’s dad macolm, to help out w/ his daughter illness bring jack & phyllis bk together nick bk w/ sharon.

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