Days of Our Lives Comings And Goings For May.

Here is the latest on the comings and goings in Salem this month.

Charlene Amoia plays Nurse on June 3.

Nurse Lesley will be played by Yvette Freeman on June 8.

Marie will be portrayed by Marie Cheatham on June 10.

Terrell Ransom Jr. tells is back as Theo on June 9, 25, July 7, 23, 28 and 29.

Taylor Spreitler will make her last appearance as Mia on Tuesday June 22.

Peter Reckell will be back as Bo Brady on May 20.

Jamie Lyn Bauer returns as Laura Horton on June 14.

Patsy Pease returns as Kimberly on June 23.

Carlos Cacamara will be appearing as Dr. Carrillo on May 18.

Soap Opera Digest has reported that John Martin will be the recast of Bill Horton.

Charles Shaughnessy began shooting in March but the show is keeping quiet on when he will be appearing onscreen.

Joel Stoffer will play Charlie on May 4.

Taylor Sprietler (Mia McCormick) was let go from the cast and will soon vanish from Salem.

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Devereaux) is already taping for her return. You can see her on June 9.

Arleen Sorkin returns to the role of Calliope on May 5.

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  25 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    since they are bringing back jennifer will they alo bring back jack??..
    sure wish steve, kayla, marlena and john would also come back..
    can’t wait til bo returns..

  2. From howmaur

    What’s happening with Days of Frances Reid’s memorial serice? Didn’t she die three months ago?

  3. From Arlene

    They are working on the memorial for Frances Reid. That’s why Melissa is coming back and many others, for the memorial. They aren’t saying that Melissa is coming back for any length of time.

  4. From Kathy in Canada

    I recently met Jack Ashford after going to see Mamma Mia in Toronto (he’s playing Bill – one of the potential fathers), and my impression is that he didn’t get asked back. He said he’d go back if they called him.

  5. From Kathy in Canada

    whoops – Matt Ashford (aka Jack)

  6. From Texas gal

    Im with dc’s comment. The show for too long has been focused on only a couple of main characters. the expansion will be great! I still want Marlena and John to come back. Hey, new concept: Let John come back and do to Stefano what he did to him. Why is it the bad guys never get bit in the a**?

  7. From janice h

    please don’t take away Vivian. she is a great villain. it’s time to stop making Stefano a nice guy. please. i like Victor soft and hard hearted but not Stefano. where is the German doctor that use to be his “side kick”. they were great together.

    the story need more zip to it. Hope Hope is not believeable as a a “bad gal”.

  8. From janice hatch

    Vivian is great as a villianess. Hope is not believeable as one. how about bring back the actor who played the German doctor to join Stefano. they were a good “bad” team.

    Victor is good as a bad or good guy. nice to see his softer side.

  9. From dc

    yea, can’t wait to see bo on the 20th. he was surely missed by this fan..

  10. From nr

    I love EJ with Sami. I wish they’d get rid of Rafe. I don’t want him with Sami. Kill him off. Him and his self-righteous and boring sisters Arianna and Gaby. They do need to bring in more characters. Days is getting boring.

  11. From Linda

    I miss Bart. He was funny. I love the baby, everytime EJ holds her she puts out her lip and wants to cry. I laugh every time!! I did enjoy the “family” card game.

  12. From Rae

    If you noticed on today’s episode, Maggie told Mia that Alice wasn’t well. I bet this is all gonna lead up to the Memorial Service, for the Memorial Service has already been tapped. Now I knew Jennifer was coming back a long time ago for the Memorial Service, along with some other people (Carrie, Lucas, etc). But this is making it seem like Jennifer is coming back for longer than the memorial service.

  13. From Sheila

    I think Rafe and Hope would make a great couple. Since Bo can’t keep it in his pants Hope should move on with someone that would be true and he is the one that could do her right.Rafe is strong handsome and SMART.

  14. From Wendy

    Can’t wait to see Jenn and Carrie! It’s been way too long. Wish they were bringing Jack and Austin back too.

  15. From Nancy

    Hope belongs with Bo!!! When is Bo going to see that he loves Hope! Carly does not belong with BO!

  16. From Rebecca

    I am so glad Days is bringing back members of the Horton family, after all the show originated around them! I have been watching Days since 1965 & have quit watching for short periods of time because of the letting go of cast members & off the wall storylines! I am so looking forward to seeing the Hortons again & hope to see them permanently on the show!!

  17. From Justin

    The doctor that was paired up with Stefano is Dr. Rolf and he was killed off a few years ago. Remember Mimi & Rex rolling him around on roller skates dead? I doubt they’d bring him back but you never know in the world of Salem, right? :P

  18. From kathy b

    Would someone please give Chloe something to do? Between her and Stephanie, I don’t know who is dumber. Not buying the Hope storyline. LOVING the spark between Victor and Maggie. Glad that Shane is back so I hope they don’t blow it and give him a lame storyline.

  19. From madisonville gal

    If your child told you they had a “Secret Box” under the bed would’t you go look with her? Especially since he child is so traumaized by everything going on around her. Oh, that’s right, this is Salem~~~~

  20. From rave458

    Please bring back austin with carrie. I am a major fan.

  21. From Claire

    If austin comes back to DOOL. Please make his character less dorky. And for God sakes please let austin and carrie story line not be tied in with sami, lucas, mike. It will be the same boring story all over again. On second thought it would be better if austin stays away. Maybe carrie could do another husband/lover swap while she’s back in salem – SLUT.

  22. From tinky

    So days , you are finally getting it right by bringing back the old cast,They are what this show is about, KEEP THEM and you will gain back viewers that left with them . Keep the Hortons /Bradys families in the front line, You need too not make the salem police so dumb all the time ,they NEVER get the bad guy and that is a disgrace to the police society in real life, Roman ,Abe & Bo need too show some knowledge once in awhile. So bring Days back too us …..Tinky

  23. From Linda

    Carley&Daniel,Marlena&John,Shane&Kim,Kayla&Patch now those were the days when DOOL was a GREAT show we older folks need our fix of grown-up TV.

  24. From Derek

    Can I just say how much I enjoyed Jennifer being back in Salem. Sure wish she’d come back. Such a wonderful actress.

  25. From billy joe smith

    my thing is why do days always have a woman having a baby is always someone else’s baby or changed it to make it look like someone else’s, can’t they have a baby by the real father and know who’s it is.think about all the babies thats been born on days,either they been switch or the dna been changed.and also it has been said that jennifer is coming back and looking for her teenage daughter abby, will i got news for you,if you remember when abby left the show a god while back she was 18 then,and that was like a couple of years ago,and i was hoping for ej and sammi.they need to let go of rafe just like they let is sister go.thank you smth.

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