Days of Our Lives Poll: Victor’s Best Bride.

Victor has been married many times, and he got a reminder of that at his latest wedding ceremony, but he’s never been lucky in love.

Come to think of it, he hasn’t been lucky with much else as far as women go either, aside from the fact that none of his wives actually managed to kill him. Which woman has been the best fit for Salem’s grumpiest man?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the choice you would have made listed above? Why not tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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  1. From angie

    I think Kate was the best wife to Victor because she really loved him and he really loved her. His other marriages were just shams! Its too bad that their marriage didn’t last! (no matter whose fault it was)

  2. From angie

    I think Kate was the best wife for Victor because she really loved him and he really loved her (in the beginning anyways lol). It was the only marriage he had that was not a sham!

  3. From bettyg

    Kate was definitely the best wife Victor has had to date. They both share a total lack of morals and a fierce love of family. But I don’t know why they split up in the first place. Can anybody fill me in? I was watching when Viv did the embryo switch.

  4. From Doris JJ

    I don’t remember what happened the first time but the second go around Kate cheated with some gangster. And if I’m not mistaken it was in Italy on something like that, they were on a couch and Philip saw them. Victor found out and it was over.

  5. From dinky

    Kate was a good match. However, Nicole was a pretty good “trophy” wife for Victor. does anyone remember when nicole got him to dye his hair? It was pretty funny. I like the Maggie idea. Just don’t make her a replacement for caroline his long time love. Maggie and Victor need to build a romance all their own.

  6. From Casey

    I never understood Victor and Caroline together. Just doesn’t fit at all, however Maggie seems like the perfect one for him. So far it’s been fun seeing them together.

  7. From dinky

    It is amusing that two older vetarans is the best chance for a romantic super couple that Days has. Don’t mess it up. Maggie and Victor all the way!

  8. From bettyg

    I agree, Dinky! They definitely have my interest!

  9. From Debbie

    I LOVE Victor lately. I have always liked his character but his one liners are so awesome. He deserves to be happy now that he is so funny. Maggie would be a cute match. It was so funny when he was telling her he hated her for sending him home to Vivian. Bo should be ashamed of himself for making his dad marry her. Can’t stand Bo and Carly together. I just fast forward through those parts. But enough of complaining aboutthose two, just yah Victor for making his role so funny!

  10. From Kristine

    Maggie is the only one for Victor – keep going with that storyline! I also never got him & Caroline…just didn’t make sense.

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