Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 27 & 28.

Weddings and departures.

Maggie keeps trying to end the wedding to end all weddings as she begs Victor to run away with her and leave Viv in the lurch. Although he’s certainly touched, he’s not quite convinced and decides to go along with the nuptials anyway. He refuses to explain to anyone exactly why he’s going through with this, which leaves his family wondering and the snarky remarks oozing from every mouth that can open.

Witnessing the beginnings of such a potentially miserable marriage leaves Philip struggling with his guilt over canoodling with Chloe behind Mel’s back. Making things worse, Daniel announces to all and sundry that he and the diva are getting hitched and soon. She’s less enthusiastic and has trouble swallowing it. Carly gags on the whole situation. “You’re trying to ruin my life and Daniel’s,” Chloe accuses her so they strike a deal.

Across town, another romance seems to be on the verge of collapse. Stephanie learns that Nathan might leave Salem. “See, I don’t want to give up Johns Hopkins just to be with you,” he explains rather frankly. But is it too late for him to make an easy escape? Meanwhile, EJ decides to rub things in Nicole’s face and offers to be Arianna’s lawyer. Maybe he should talk to Ciara since she is still arguing with her mother about her weird ‘treasure box’. And out in the land of nod, Rafe is startled when he finds out that a familiar face is his roommate.

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